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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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PostSubject: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 26, 2013 8:04 am

Jack Carver

A deep breath of cool air filled Carver's lungs as his boots sunk into the thin layer of snow on the long trail ahead. Carver was told he should get into one of the armored tanks in the front, yet he said if they wanted to use his heightened senses and tracking skills that they better leave him outside. So he walked out in the front with some of the tanks and earth benders walking in between them.
The day was dusk, it was going to be dark soon and the sun shined through the dark clouds that were looming over the sky. The air was cool but not freezing like how it would normally be in the water tribe. The summer was still young at this time, and the weather was rather cooperative. Yet it was going to be much colder soon as the night drew closer.
A small convoy wheeled several wagons with a few tanks and earth bending soldiers that followed. Four of the soldier's were Dai Lee who surrounded the wagons in a box formation, while the rest of the soldiers did the same and were in a tight formation.
Two tanks were in front, two tanks were behind the convoy, and four more surrounded it.

It was only a week ago that Carver and the rest of the squad had visited Kye's son. While the others were still enjoying their weekend. Carver took another mission on his own. It was a simple job, he was to help escort the convoy and be on the look out for any suspicious activity ahead.
His heightened senses let him see like the eye's of an eagle, his ears let him pick out sounds like a bat and his smell was like the noise of a bloodhound. He would be able to see past slight fog and see a little more clearly in the event of a blizzard. The mission was to deliver the convoy to the Southern Water Tribe then head back home with a full report of the delivery. Every once in a while Carver had simple jobs like this. The resistance he had ever gotten with these things is just some bandits or mercenary's, it was nothing Carver couldn't handle. Combine that with the Earth military and this was going to be quite the easy mission.

Carver walked normally with a long black coat on with a hood over his head for warmth. Underneath that was his traditional combat gear. He has his bow and arrows around his chest and his special "Karver" knife on the back of his waist.
He was on guard and alert yet was able to relax a little and enjoy the weather.
His favorite environment was the forest or the jungle, it was those kinda places that he grew up in and had the best field advantage. However being an International soldier meant having experience and training in all environments. Carver was no stranger to the tundra.

"Its gonna be dark soon!!" One of the high ranking soldiers yelled from one of the wagons.
"We're going to make camp in the next 30 minutes. Captain how's it looking out there?" He called out to Carver.

Carver kept his eye's on the road ahead rather than look at the man talking. He look a longer look around through just to make sure.
The snow was fresh around the trail, sparkling like a crystal meadow. The snow around them was too fresh however, and would hard to set up camp in that kind of terrain even with Earth bending. However just ahead he saw what looked like more solid snow, good enough to handle the weight of the boots of the men and the wheels of the cargo.

"Looks good sir! 200 yards ahead is some ground we can set camp on" He told the commander as he pointed ahead with his finger.
Having Roth around would be useful right now. It was going to get cold at night, and Roth was a fantastic fire bender.
"Copy that Captain, just two hundred more yards boy's!!"
The convoy proceeded to move forward.

As Carver looked ahead, he noticed an odd movement way off in the distance. His eye's narrowed as he focused on it. It was an odd little...Blue scribble...Of some sort.
It was easy to pass it off as the eye playing tricks on you but Carver could look directly at it.
Maybe he could hear it...No, no not with all the noise of conoy moving and the soldiers talking.

He stopped in his tracks and lifted his right gloved fist up.

"Hold!!!" He roared out to the convoy.
The commander saw Carver's fist and heard him, he also lifted his fist up and yelled the same command. Followed by the men behind for a full stop of the men, tanks and wagons.
They followed protocol and didn't say a word. If the Captain were to call a hold then everyone would stop moving and stay quiet.

Carver walked ahead as the convoy stayed behind.
His vision stayed trained on the blue scribble. The sounds it made were faint but it was indeed something physical. It oddly moved side to side, back and forth. It was like it was hitting two walls on either side of it.
This thing didn't look right, Carver knew almost every animal in the book and had never seen anyone bend something that look so...Mystical. It wasn't right at all.
Yet as he looked at it, suddenly a larger blue orb shot out from the horizon as though it was launched by a catapult. Carver's eye's widened as he saw the new shape enter in his vision. It looked like a blue sun rising up. Yet he could see it was not going straight up, but it was on an arc.

It was coming straight for them.

"Everyone take cover!!!" He barked as he quickly pulled out his bow and slipped an arrow out from his quiver.
The arrow was placed on the wire and he pulled back with a hard tug. The arrow wire tightening and the metal tip was aimed for the ball.
He quickly circled his finger that was touched his bow around in a circle, bending the air to form a flat shield around the metal tip so it would hopefully either push the ball away or disperse it's contents in a wide arc around the convoy.

The soldiers around the convoy all got in a quick formation and bended a massive dome wall to surround the convoy. They themselves saw the blue orb as it was launched.
The arrow Carver shot rammed right into the center of the orb as it was in mid-air, causing the orb to explode in a fiery blaze that lit up the whole tundra.
Looking around the explosion revealed an almost army sized amount of spirits that surrounded the entire convoy.

Carver, two tanks and a handful of soldiers were outside the dome as they all saw these.
Carver felt his heart race as he saw all the spirits. They looked like monsters, they hand long arms and big heads with teeth and claws. Carver didn't know much about spirit's but he did know these were angry, violent spirits.

"Tango's everywhere, battle formations now!!!" Carver yelled to the entire convoy.
The commander inside the dome quickly jumped off the wagon and placed his boots on the ground. He had the ability of seismic sense like Toph Bei Fong once did.
He could see all of the spirits and felt fear grip his soul. Yet as a commander he was quick to act.
"Soldiers!! Use the dome as ammo and fire on the tangos, I want soldier's out there fortifying this location. I want the tanks to form up and protect the convoy!!! " He commanded the entire convoy.

Carver and the more seasoned soldiers were well beyond the thoughts of "I can't believe this is happening" they just react like machines and fought hard. While some of the soldiers hesitated due to fear they all did their parts as well.

A wave of several of them charged the dome like a pack of rabid dogs. The earth benders inside bending several peak holes before they began firing strong rocks at the spirits like bullets. They slammed into several spirits and knocked them off their feet, however many of them were able to jump over the initial firing get on top of the dome.
Carver used his air bending to jump into the air and towards the dome. In mid-air he fired off several arrows that were assisted in power and speed by air bending which in turn actually caused the spiritual bodies to explode upon impact with the tip of an arrow.
Carver landed down on the vantage point and could see the vast numbers.
There was so many it was almost like an army and the convoy was dead center in the thick of them.

The earth benders inside and outside started to bend several walls and trenches as others fought the spirits back as best they could.
Some of the more experienced earth bender's inside the dome began to bend the entire ground underneath the dome to raise a hill underneath it and get the dome to higher ground so they would have the advantage in terms of terrain.

Carver however could see that some spirits were already slamming their bodies into the dome and a few even busted through and began slashing wildly at everyone inside.
"There's too many of them!!" One of the soldier's yelled from inside the dome.
"Keep yourselves together and get this dome higher!!" The commander screamed out to the soldiers bending the hill.

On top of the dome Carver shot his arrows to the spirits on the ground and the one's trying to climb up the dome, however it was overwhelming. Some got too close for comfort, a few even within melee range. So far Carver just had to stick to his arrows and fire them off, each one hitting it's mark and killing a spirit. Some arrows he even condensed the air around the tip so it would causes an explosion of powerful air currents to push a them all back like an explosive arrow head.

"Fucker's are persistent..." He mumbled to himself as he continued to shoot arrows.
The spirits were coming in larger numbers, this was beginning to look like a battle that some people would not be coming home from.

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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 26, 2013 4:23 pm

A Simple Convoy Jasonpost1
A Simple Convoy 5326ff1f-cb24-42e2-a375-007ee1c3cfa3_zps80a3d3c9
A Simple Convoy Jasonpost4


The tall silver ornate doors burst open. The council of seven, seated around a oval, deep mahogany table. They were dressed in flowing red robes, and funny little hats. A usual look for a council. Except they on looked a different part of the world. "The Council of Red", or so they called themselves. They had it in their minds that it made them sound mysterious, and the color red had to do with blood. Obviously they never killed anyone themselves. That was the thing, they never killed, but they could so easily order it around.

All at once they glanced over at the rude intrusion. Who would be bothering them at this time of night? But what better time? Saranade, the eldest and most experienced Assassin under The Council. She alone outlasted her years and it was said she would forever be the best. Eh, to her it was all words. She didn't kill for pure enjoyment, or for bragging rights. She was forced into this trade at a young age and it was the only thing she knew how to do. However, that did not mean it was the only thing she wanted to do.

Clearly pissed off about something, the look on her face as she turned the corner to see them set The Council ablaze in their seats. " Ah, My Dear Midnight," One said rising to greet her, Ghael; the Grand master of the Council. He spoke with a simple fake smile on his putrid lying lips. " Its so good of you to come and see us after so long."

Sara just scoffed and placed her hands on her hips, " I got your letter," She said pulling out a white rolled up scroll and then throwing it at them. " I'm not some dog you can summon at your will anymore! I. Am. Retired!" She spat out, putting emphasis on each last syllable. She rolled her eyes and waited for their sputters to cease and finally carry on.

"Ah Yes, But Sarana-"

She roared, " Don't you dare use my real name!" Scowling she walked closer to them, close enough for them all to get real uncomfortable. It was no lie that she could easily behead all of them here and now. "It'd be Poison from your foul mouth." She said with a look of death.

Ghael grimaced and took a deep breath. The Council was getting anxious, seeing how she ran over them like this. " Now Listen Midnight, There is a Convoy heading-" he started saying.

" I told you! I'm Retired! What makes you think you can order me around, I'm not taking your stupid little job!" She barked, then folding her arms over her chest. " Get Berttle, or Farvel to do it." She said referring to the sorriest excuses for Assassins in the Guild.

Ghael was getting mad now. He refused to let this brood talk to him like this. He furrowed his brow and a sinister look spread across his lips, " Oh your going to do it, and after i tell you my terms-" He said ushering to the door to their right. It swung open to reveal a white haired young man struggling against the might of two men," I'm sure you will agree to it with almost a smile on your lips."

Saranade gasped, It was Haydn. Her pupil. But how? She just left him at her mansion hidden in the Light Nation. They knew? Sara furrowed her brow, " Impossible! This- This is some trick your playing! Some illusion!" She screamed. Ghael just laughed maniacally and Saranade felt her head fall. She had no choice.


She breathed softly as she felt her weight collapse in the snow under her. She was dressed in a full white leather suit. Similar to the black one she wore originally. Her hair was tucked inside a white hood and her face was covered by a white mask. Nearly impossible to spot out she sat inside snow drifts and did everything to conceal herself. Not like she tried that hard, she had full confidence in her abilities and an Assassin.

Her mind ran back to last night, as Ghael laughed while he held Haydn in chains. She cursed him, and she cursed herself for letting some pupil get between her. She never collapsed like that, why was this one different.

Saranade watched the convoy move through the snow, she followed behind it carefully, doing her best to stay out of radar. There was something different about this Convoy. It wasn't like other she had ambushed. This one was being led by someone who actually knew what he was doing. Curses! Sara wondered what was so important within this convoy for The Council to want it depleted.

Suddenly an order was given out to hold. Sara watched intently. She scanned the horizon, she saw nothing at first and then it appeared, a blue haze, which quickly formed into a ball that was being hurled towards them, and initially her. Sara gasped and pulled her forearm up to her face as if she had an imaginary shield she was holding.

A weary shadow climbed from under her and up her arm to form a circle and dome itself, a shield. And just in the nic of time as a solider caused the ball to explode and scatter. She looked out from her shield to catch a glimpse of him. Him, he was the leader that kept this thing going. She furrowed her eyebrows as she began seeing what he did. Spirits began to form around them, around her. It was all happening so fast. Sara leapt up and sprinted forward, watching as the convoy formed a dome over itself. Shit!

She stood just at the bottom of the slope from the rising hill. She glanced up at the solider at the top of the dome. This was getting nasty and fast. Saranade gasped as she spun around to see herself entirely surrounded. One spirit sprung for her slashing sideways, she jumped up and tucked her knees in to get on top of its head. Looking from there, the Spirits were packing in she could walk across the top of them, and that is what she did. Placing a foot gingerly on the top of each spirit as she moved to the middle of the crowd.

Sara pulled her Chakrams from her belt, and ignited them with her firebending. Leaping up, she began to spin, and the few spirits beneath her were engulfed in flame as she cycled back to the Earth. The Assassin knocked the Spirits back, all while catching them ablaze. Her whole cover was blown, and she lost this job, but it was either that, or her life. Sara threw her chakrams, they spun, slicing four of them in front of her. Like a boomerang her weapons came back, but in the meantime she had to rely on her martial arts to hold them back. Kicking them and dodging what she could.


    TAGGED -> Jack Carver
    NOTES ->
    LOCATION -> Southern Water Tribe Tundra
    LYRICS -> What Do Ya Want From Me by Adam Lambert
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 11:40 am

"Keep them back, we can't lose the hill!!!" The commander demanded.
The dome rose higher and higher, becoming a large hill that forced the spirits to climb up. However the jumps they could perform were so high that the hill didn't matter much.
The earthbenders on the wall from the inside continued to bend more rocks towards the spirits like turret fire against soldiers trying to take a hill.
The spirits in their numbers and speed took a lot of blows, yet some were always able to slither their way past the projectiles and make their way to the dome.
While the fire power was massive and destroying the spirits in waves, it was not a pace they could constantly maintain if these spirits just had no end.  
The commander's seismic sense gave him a perfect view of everything that was going on. He could see the spirits were massing around the hill in increasingly huge numbers. This wasn't looking good, he need to get them separated. So far no soldier had died, the commander was a calm and collected thinker and an exceptional strategist. Yet a small convoy could only do so much.
However if the spirits just consisted of the imp like creatures with claws, then they had a chance.

"Listen, we need to funnel these things and force them to bundle together. I want walls with as much ice on em as possible and I want six that surround the dome and stretch to the ground. I want these bastards numbers to count for nothing!!!" He ordered all the men in a loud and explosive voice.
The commander had a voice that was like a trumpet, it echoed throughout the dome despite all of the explosions and struggling.

Earth benders from inside the dome formed up in lined groups of three. Six groups were in total and they waited for the earth benders to lay enough suppressing fire to clear a path in the spirits on the hill so that the groups could open doors in the dome then rush out to form the walls.
As they did this, the commander looked up to the roof of the dome.

"Get the fuck off!!" Carver commanded in a powerful voice as spirit grabbed his arm and attempted to throw him into the swarms.
With his bow in hand he used it to smack the spirit in its large head before bending the air around his fist and slamming a punch in it's gut which caused it to go flying off from the air explosion.
Carver was up there all by himself.
He pulled another arrow out before two spirits jumped for him.
The hunter took a jump back so that when the spirits landed on the ground Carver threw his arrow by hand right in one of the spirits foot.
For the other one he swung his straightened out hand in a cutting motion towards the other one, sending a wide arcing wave of wind as sharp as a razor slicing the spirit in half. He followed this up with a jump kick towards the spirit that was stuck by the arrow, the kick forcing it on the ground Carver stomped his foot on it's chest before reaching for the arrow, pulling it out and stabbing the blue monster in it's face.

"I can't keep this up...Fuckers are gonna overwhelm me..." He thought to himself before placing the arrow his stabbed into the spirit onto the wire of his bow, pulling back, and firing a shot towards a spirit that attempted to make it to the dome, causing the same result of it to explode on impact and put it to pieces.

The commander back in the dome could see the Captain was struggling. Yet he could only spare so many men...
He turned his head to the wagons and saw the four Dai Lee Agents that were guarding the wagons as they should be.
The commander knew sending any one of these grunts up to the roof would be suicide. Carver needed the help of a strong bender that could hold their own.
If the plan with the walls went as it should, the spirits wouldn't even breach the dome more then they already have.
"Dai Lee Agents!" He called out to them.
"Sir!" They all replied in unison as they remained in their fighting stances.
"I want two of you to go to the roof and assist the Captain, I don't care who goes but I want you up there now!" He ordered them.

The Dai Lee Agents were trained to handle almost any situation, however a spirit invasion was brand new to them. Normally they would react to the command in a split second. Yet due to the nature of this conflict, it took them a whole 1.55 seconds to react. For a Dai Lee Agents, this was considered hesitation.
Two of them bended earthen pillar's underneath their feet and sprung up to the roof where they bended the surface to open a hole for them to come up from.

Carver quickly turned his bow and arrow to the two newcomers but quickly turned his aim slightly elsewhere to fire another shot at a spirit once he realize the new arrivals were friendlies.
Normally the Agents would arrive and say
"We've been ordered to assist you sir" However as soon as they came up they were attacked by spirits and forced to react.
They bended earth pillars underneath the spirits that attacked them and shot them straight up in the air.
They attempted to bend some walls for better cover, however the pressure was to high and they weren't able to get the chance.

As they fought, Carver heard an odd whoosh through the air above him. He quickly turned his head towards it and saw another one of those blue explosive orbs from earlier, however this one was much smaller and faster.
"Shit! Get back!" He cried out to the Dai Lee Agents. He didn't have to fire an arrow at the orb. He used air bending to launch himself back and the Dai Lee Agents performed an earth bended dash using the earthen dome ground.
The orb rammed into the top of the dome and caused a large boom that echoed throughout the tundra followed by wide blue light shows of burning blue fire works that peppered the snow ground. The smoke didn't have to recede in order for Carver to see that a large hole was blown into roof of the dome. The part of the roof that was left was where Carver and the Agents were.

The soldiers in the dome ran for cover and the commander even jumped away. Some of the soldiers had good enough reaction time to bend walls to protect themselves, however 4 soldiers were not so lucky. Two were crushed and killed and three were injured by the falling debris.
Carver quickly got to his feet, as did the Agents.
The Agents felt a deep shock as did the rest of the soldiers below. There morale dropped in seeing this, their protective dome was breached.
The only two that maintained their composure was Carver and the Commander.
"We have a breech, seal up that hole now!!" The commander barked to the soldiers.
However he could see that their was only a few soldiers left to do the job. So with a small, irritated sigh the commander rushed for the hole and started attempting to bend the hole to seal it up.

Up top however, Carver could see the spirits were more motivated then ever, almost in the hundreds did they force their way up the hill and jumped for the hole.
The Agents bended two walls in an attempt to block them, however Carver know it wouldn't hold them.

"Sonofabitch!" He cursed before he reached back into his quiver and took four arrows in between his fingers and his thumb.
He bent his knees and took a massive jump in the air, placed his four arrows on the wire and pulled back. He bended, and concentrated as much air as he could manage into the tips without crushing the steel.
He threw a wide, and powerful roundhouse kick first however, sending a large and strong crescent moon shaped air current that blasted back those very same hundreds of spirits that were jumping for the dome in a violent crash and boom.
Once they were pushed back, he spun in the air and before taking aim and then fired all four arrows at once, each one zipped through the air quicker than the eye could see and they sliced right through several spirits while causing huge air bended explosions upon impact that sent them all flying in several directions so that they would be raining from the sky in massive numbers. However Carver was not done yet.
He bended the air around the arrows in mid-air, changed their trajectory and forced them to take a wide turn around, slicing through spirits as they made their ways back to him.

Carver caught all four arrows in his hand just before landed back down on the ground.
The Dai Lee Agents eye's went wide from the huge display of a combination of archery and air bending proficiency that caused a massive gap in the spirit army.
The commander gave out a small half smile at the site himself.

"Men we have an opening, get this hole plugged up and with those walls finished we can take them all out!!" The commander told the men.
"YAAAAAAAH!!!!" The soldiers cried out in celebration as they got to plugging the wall up and pushing the spirits back.

Carver was able to take a small breath, utilizing the precious five seconds he had before the army waves would come crashing back.
He heard the sounds of fighting in distance, away from the dome. He turned his head towards the source and saw...A woman..?
He had to take a step closer and narrow his eye's to get a better look. It wasn't because she was too far away, no she was well within Carver's superb eye sight, he just couldn't believe she was there. Why was the biggest question, and how was the second biggest.
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 6:44 pm

A Simple Convoy Jasonpost1
A Simple Convoy 5326ff1f-cb24-42e2-a375-007ee1c3cfa3_zps80a3d3c9
A Simple Convoy Jasonpost4


The shear size of the Army was overwhelming, the fact that these things didn't die easily made it even worse. Sara panted underneath her white hood. Standing in the shadow of the Dome she looked over to see that the convoy and that solider weren't fairing any better. Sara almost smirked, not many would last long against this forceful of an attack.

Saranade quickly dodged an incoming swipe for her torso by jumping and wrapping her legs around it. Bending back she drug it to the ground and gave it a quick slice with her Ring Blade before spinning and sending both of them off. They cut deep gashes through the Army but it was all for not, as the Spirits kept up the attack.

Sara grimaced and as she caught her weapons as they made their round back, an idea sprung in her head. She clipped her chakrams back to her belt and held her palms together, spreading them apart she formed a condensed fire ball. Around that she bended a dark shadow, it looked almost like it kept the flame condensed, locking it in place. She concentrated, while doing her best to dodge the next incoming spirit. Finally getting pissed off she planted her fire ball right in the middle of it.

Sara brought her arm up and bended another shield from her own shadow, in a split second her newly formed ball exploded, leaving a deep poof of snow, and no spirit. She laughed but was caught off guard as a giant blue orb crashed into the dome. It sent earth and debris her way along as crushing a few individuals within the dome. Sara cursed as the impact caused her to fly backward a bit as a huge chunk of condensed Earth nearly crushed her.

Saranade pulled her mask, showing her face and letting her hair loose behind her. She now stuck out easily against the white snow. She could breathe now and Sara took advantage of it. She pulled her hands up to her chest and lept into the air. Leaving behind a torch, erupting from her hands.

It torched a good dozen spirits before she finally let it fall. Landing in a empty circle she watched as more of those creatures surrounded her. Saranade scowled and sprinted for the one right in front of her. She couldn't keep up this fight much longer, she was not as young as she used to be.

Digging her dagger deep into its " Face " she flipped over it, dragging the blade and cutting the top part of it in half. Saranade slid and landed on her hands, spinning to give a kick to the spirit behind it. It flew back, knocking over easily. Sara quickly took advantage of this and ignited the three spirits all lined up.

Unfortunately she didn't calculate their speed correctly and one dug against her back, pulling her to the ground. Sara gasped and cursed as it pulled her. She pulled her other leg up to kick it and send it back so she could stand. Sara grimaced, it sliced her back up pretty good. She could feel her warm blood spilling on the ground.

That didn't mean she was going to give up, no way. Sara got pissed and condensed her power, She used each shadow she could get hold of and used them to send Dark towers up from the ground. She surrounded herself, blocking off the hoards. Sara climbed to the top of one quickly and used the slight vantage point against them. These bastards had tricks up their sleeves took. Like fucking spiders they climbed. So she decided to set the tower she stood on a balze.

Sara panted as she stood in the flames, each spirit that touched the fire and tower became ignited or exploded themselves from the force of the heat. Yeah she set it a little hot. Blue flames licking each spirit and tickling the tower. She could feel herself getting weaker thought. She probably lost alot more blood than she thought.

Sara gave it one last push. Literally. She condensed the blue flames at the bottom, getting more and more pressurized. Then in one large burst she pushed it out from the pillar she stood on. The flames traveled across the ground and each spirit within 75 yards of the tower, leaving a burnt crispy circle around her. In one last second, Sara smirked and felt herself fall as her concentration left.

The Tower dissipated and Sara fell to the ground, right in the middle of a circle, surrounded by oncoming Spirits. She closed her eyes and it all went black.


    TAGGED -> Jack Carver
    NOTES ->
    LOCATION -> Southern Water Tribe Tundra
    LYRICS -> What Do Ya Want From Me by Adam Lambert
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 10:46 pm

Both a fire bender and a dark bender? She was not native to the water tribe, not with that bending ability and certainly not with those clothes. She was equipped with weapons and had a fighting ability that allowed her to fight a small army by herself.
Carver contemplating firing a few arrows for her, clearing some of the spirits away.
However with that equipment, that bending, and that skill...She had to have been an Assassin, or someone who was fully equipped and just so happened to be passing by.

"Why should I help her?" he thought, she wasn't apart of the mission. The lives of the men were more important then just one random girl.
Yet he remembered what his wife always told him in the past.
"Every life, no matter how small, is important and worthy the effort to save" She had told him before.
The idealistic nature of that saying is what costs the lives of many good people. If she was an Assassin...Well then what would be the point?

Back in the dome, as the hole was almost completely finished, the commander felt very deep and heavy vibrations moving rather quickly towards them.
He looked straight down the path, the path where they were heading down in the first place, and he saw this:

[spolier]A Simple Convoy Shadow-of-the-Colossus-by-ChasingArtwork-jpg_184015[/spoiler]

Heading straight for them. Lugging a massive club and running straight for them in these slow, booming steps that caused the ground to rumble. The thing was almost as tall as a damn building. On it's back there was a bright blue light that was growing bigger and bigger.

The commander's eye's went wide and his jaw almost dropped, now he felt a small ping of fear creep up his spine.

"C-Captain!!" His slightly shuttery voice yelled out to Carver.

Carver could hear the booms and well, and he saw it around the same time the commander did.
"Yeah!?" He replied, his voice still normal unlike the commanders.
"Do you see what I'm seeing...?" He asked the Captain as his voice took a more grim tone.
"Yes sir...I do" He said as he knew that from the looks of that giant of a beast, there was just no way they all had the fire power to take it down.

The commander looked down at the ground for a moment before reaching in his pocket and pulling out a picture of himself with his wife, and his three children. He stared at the picture for a second before asking.
"What do we do..?" He asked Carver as he stared at the picture.
Carver looked down at what remained of the hole in the dome and saw the commanders state. He growled under his breath and grit his teeth at the site of the commander like this. The rest of the men could see the commander like this as well.

Carver turned head to the Dai Lee agents.
"Hold position here and take out any damn monster that tries to get near us" He ordered the Agents before he jumped down the hole and right in front of the commander.
He reached his hand out and grabbed the commander by the front of his shirt and pulled right into Carver's face, staring each other right in the eyes.
"Sir, you nut up, lead this men, and get them home to there families!" He bolded told the commander right in his face.
The commander couldn't believe he was being handled like this, his eye narrowed with rage, yet before he could do anything, Carver threw him back like a toy.

"You work your way to commander rank by pissing yourself whenever things got tough?" He remarked before turning to the rest of the men.
"You're earth benders! Persistent and Enduring right? So fucking Persist and Endure!! He ordered them before using his air bending to jump back through the hole, leaving the men with those harsh words.

Upon jumping back up, Carver could see the titan was closing in and it would be just moments before it would be within melee distance for that club it had. Yet the blue glowing on its back was somehow familiar...

The commander nodded his head.
"Alright..." He whispered to himself.
"I'll be home soon my love..."

The commander narrowed his eye's looked back up and could see the titan coming.
"Men! I want a path cleared all the way down the hill and on the path, all tanks proceed out in a box formation and cover the men going going down!!" He ordered.
Carver gave out a small half smile. However it would soon be wiped away as he would see just what that blue light behind the titan was.

The titan suddenly stopped in it's tracks, it's feet dragging on the ground as it's momentum came to a halt. It then slowly bent down and placed it's tree trunk arms on the ground before the light on it's back suddenly formed into an orb. This one was larger then the two previous ones and Carver could bet that it was strong enough to destroy this dome completely.
He quickly pulled out four arrows in order to pack the tips with air just like he did before.
However it was too late, the orb shot in a loud plasma like boom that caused the icy ground underneath the titans arms and legs to ripple and crack.
Carver shot the arrows, yet they all exploded on the orb and dissipated, like it wasn't even phased by the powerful shots.

He had to...He had to he just had to...

Just a second before the orb made contact with the dome, Carver jumped in a random direction away from the dome. The orb collided with the dome and caused a huge blue explosion of blue flames and earthen rubble....And some human blood...
It sent Carver flying in the air, he was winded for a moment but was able to quickly get his bearings and slow himself down with air bending.
He landed on the snow hard however and rolled across it for a few feet before used to momentum to roll right onto his feet and let his boots drag him to a stop.

He looked straight at the dome...

It was gone, and he heard only a few screams of the men inside as all the smaller spirits converged onto the ruins and slaughtered the men.
"Damn it..." He muttered to himself, clenching his fist in anger.

Several spirits surrounded him however, he didn't have time to mourn.
He got up and began to get some distance by running towards the dome a little just to get distance from the spirits behind him. However he stopped as he suddenly saw a body directly in front of him. Followed by realized that orange and yellow fire embers were around.

It was her...

The woman he saw earlier, the one he was going to just leave for dead. What were the chances of this...
He acted on instinct, and thought that maybe he could save at least one life. He grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her up with on hand and slung her over his shoulder. He focused air to his feet, then took a large jump forward with one leg and took both himself and the woman at least 20 yards forwards before his foot touched the ground, in which case his next foot would send them back forward.
He repeated this and ran as fast as he could in these wide jumps that would hopefully take them somewhere safe.



Only 10 minutes of running had past before Carver found himself in an old, abandoned town that consist of just a few houses on the outskirts of the southern water tribe.
He considered going straight for the southern water tribe. However this woman was bleeding, and the spirits were chasing them. Carver had a quick pace, but he knew they wouldn't be far off.
He stopped and took a few deep breaths. He gently placed her down on the ground for a moment so he could sling his bow back over his shoulder and pick her up with both arms. He took a few running steps towards the nearest house and kicked the door in.
The house was old, with cobwebs and dust everywhere. Yet it was intact, and it was slightly warmer inside. There was an upstairs, he quickly ran upstairs and went into one of the rooms where their was an old, dirty mattress. He had to treat this wound and fast. He had a few supplies on him, enough for her wound at least.
He laid her down on her stomach so he could see the wound on her back. She had three deep cuts on her back and was out cold. The cuts were bleeding. So first thing he did was pull out his knife from the back of his waist and made a quick slice down the clothes she was wearing on her body. Once cut he opened her coat, shirt and the like open to fully reveal her wounds. Then he took out a half full bottle of whiskey he had tucked away in his coat and poured some on his hands to disinfect his hands before he poured it on her back.
The intense sting would probably wake her up. If so he would keep her pinned down by placing his knee on her upper back where their was no wounds and say
"Stay still damn it! I'm treating your wounds!"
If she did not wake up then he would just simply proceed to take his bandage wrapping and begin wrapping it around her body completely. It would take only a minute for him to finish.

Once finished he would simply take a deep breath before taking his coat off and placing it over so she could rest.
Afterwards he would pull his bow off and take out as arrow and place it on the wire, ready to pull back at a moments notice.

He would stay like this, and wait for her to wake up.

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A Simple Convoy Jasonpost1
A Simple Convoy 5326ff1f-cb24-42e2-a375-007ee1c3cfa3_zps80a3d3c9
A Simple Convoy Jasonpost4


Images raced through her mind as she laid unconscious. Back to when she was being trained. The secret organization. The pain she went through; and more importantly, the scar in the middle of her back that she would live with forever. A symbol to haunt her to damnation.

Midnight scaled a building carefully, her wrist hooks pulling at her skin, a little painful but she had dealt with worse pain. Getting to the roof she looked over the edge to see Red not far behind her. Midnight smiled at the man and he nearly slipped as he chuckled under his breath.

Together they were unstoppable, they were the most complimentary team available. And that was all coming to an end soon. She had to look away briefly. Tonight she was going to kill him, the Man she loved. Love is a noose. She could hear her Master say that over and over again. Life is a crucible, and Love is it's punishment.

At first she just blew it off, never understood it. Until yesterday. Master Ken pulling her to the side and informing her of Red's treachery.
" Red isn't what he says he is. A messenger intercepted letters from his hawk. He plans on killing the Eye, and killing you with it. You, me, and everyone here. " He tossed the letters at her. Midnight blinked back tears, she could not cry, not in front of her Master. No... She didn't cry. Not anymore. She glanced at the letters. Addressed to several different Assassin guilds; and all signed by him. Treason. A traitor, and a fake. He ordered her to kill him; and as Midnight, she accepted the job. Bowing her head to her Master.

She walked over to the edge of the roof top. She contemplated just running away with him. To convince him to cease this nonsense. To live, along side of her. But his whole plan was to kill her in the end. What made her so sure he actually loved her. Midnight set her hook into the edge of the roof and flipped off, in the momentum she entered through a open window and rolled.

Coming up, she realized it was empty. No Witnesses, no extra bodies.


Sara felt a burning sensation and wrenched up, or at least tried to. There was a weight against her back keeping her from leaping up. She hissed a bit, and laid her head back down. Her eyes fluttered, and her skin glistened in a slight sweat from a bit of a fever. She didn't know where she was or what was happening. She tried to speak but felt herself slipping again.

Midnight turned to her lover, in tears. He didn't notice, that was till she kicked him in the face. Killing him right off the bat would be too easily. " My Sweet! What are you doing?"He pleaded out to her. Rage infuriated her and her brow furrowed. " Liar!!!" She reached across and struck him. Stepping back she saw as the silver glistened and blood seeped through the wound to cover it. Her tears began to fall more and more. His face, his face would haunt her dreams.

" I- I love you..."He said, his last words.

Midnight sprinted away, she was scared, and hurt. Love is a noose." She ran back to Master Ken, only to find he wasn't in his tent. So she would wait.

She walked around, and saw something on his desk. Papers. Just like the ones Master showed her earlier, except these were written in Master's hand writing. No....He was the Traitor. Red died, she was alone, and it was all her fault.

Sara gasped and woke up. Her eyes were fuzzy and she tried to look around the room. Fairly dizzy it took a second but she managed to put her knees under and sit up. The man, the solider sat their, with his bow. She glanced around. In a house, still in the Tundra. Her breath fogged from her lips slightly.

Saranade lowered her head. " You saved me?" More of a question rather than a statement, she wondered why, and how. what of the fight, the rest of the men?

    TAGGED -> Jack Carver
    NOTES ->
    LOCATION -> Southern Water Tribe Tundra
    LYRICS -> What Do Ya Want From Me by Adam Lambert
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Carver could feel the cold in the cabin, the place was barely any different from the outside. He leaned his back against the wall just right across from the bed where the woman was resting. His long coat over her was like a blanket, and would be a suitable enough replacement for her clothes that he had to cut off her body in order to treat her.
With his bow in his left hand and an arrow on the wire he waited. For now he didn't think about the fact that they could be surrounded at any moment, or that they wouldn't survive in this cold like this for very long. His mind was just on her.

She held her own in the field against all those spirits by herself. This woman was strong and likely an assassin from how she was equipped. Carver could have just saved someone that wants to kill him. He had to deal with her first.

It didn't take long at all for her to take a gasping breath of cool air and open her eyes. The Captain stood against the wall just like he was before when she woke up. He took a few steps towards her yet still was well beyond arms length.

She asked him if he saved her.
The question had yet to have an answer.

"Maybe" He said with a scoff and a slight smile.
He pulled her away from those spirits, but her life was not safe yet.

Carver placed his right hand on the wire of his bow, pointed the tip of the arrow at her, and pulled back. The arrow was fully drawn and ready to fire with a speed almost as quick as a bullet and with the strength of a shotgun, and since this was at point blank range, the result of the arrow going forward wouldn't be pretty.

"Who are you?" He growled silently.

In the back of his mind he thought that he would be a wasted to kill someone that he just bandaged. He wanted to save at least one life right? Maybe...The thought though of picking up this girl and not going back for at least one soldier was something that he would have to live with.
Yet he was prepared to go back home alone, without this woman if she was what he suspected her to be.

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A Simple Convoy Jasonpost1
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A Simple Convoy Jasonpost4


Saranade held the coat close to her. Her top garments were cut and shredded. She could feel a warm sting on her back and a rustle of bandages. Her mind was dazed, so many questions. Like where were they exactly, and what was she doing here. The Last thing she remembered... Sara remembered her wound, she remembered the pain and tearing she felt across her back.

The towers, and the fire. Then the Fall. She looked around again, catching the solider drawing back an arrow. His aim was dead center of her heart. She stared at him. He saved her life, yet still felt like she was a threat. Why not leave her in the Tundra to die like she expected.

" Who are you?" He asked. Simple enough, she was curious as to who he was as well but she didn't think him a threat. She was ready to die. She would expect his coming. Saranade scowled and shook her head.

She gently raised her hand and tousled her hair, feeling a large knot where she had been hit with something. Glancing back over at him she said meagerly, " I think you mean , What am I? Correct?"

Sara clenched her hands. " I don't really think you want to know. I already you have a feeling you suspect what i am and are not happy with it." She stared at the man and his bow. " I take it by where we are, and the fact that its so quiet, the convoy and everyone else was destroyed." She grinned slightly. That was her mission, and she failed. The artifact she had meant to receive was gone forever. If she was to go back, they would kill her, if she didn't, they would kill Haydn. Either way, they would both end up dead.

" If your going to shoot me soldier, shoot. " She said plainly, accepting her fate. She wouldn't be able to help Haydn now. Sara lowered her gaze and her head. " If you must know, i never planned on killing anyone. I'm Retired, my job was to only obtain a special object. Nothing more. " Sara shrugged, almost waiting for the tip of the arrow, but not really frightened.

    TAGGED -> Jack Carver
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    LOCATION -> Southern Water Tribe Tundra
    LYRICS -> What Do Ya Want From Me by Adam Lambert
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The tension of the bow wire being pulled back caused the small sound of the wire tightening up, the bow limbs were leaning back far, the arrow steady like stone, the steel tip looking straight at the woman's chest. Carver's eagle like eye's honed in only on her. His breathing was steady, his hands not even twitching or shaking. His aim was perfect, the shot was perfect, the simple action of just releasing the wire, letting the bow limbs shoot forward and the wire propel the arrow forward would end her life in an instant and Carver had no conflictions to do it. Nothing was stopping him, in fact he could use her body as bait to lure the spirits away. String her body up like a scarecrow to lure the enemy. He had done before on the battlefield. It would be easy and then he could go home and sleep like a baby.

He kept the bow trained on her, just thinking.

In the distance, there was a faint, but noticeable roar of the spirits they had evaded. They were coming...And Carver was going to have to make a decision.

Just kill her he thought, it was the easy thing to do, and no one would blame him for killing an assassin. If anyone had any questions, the story of her trying to invade their convoy would be easy to make as well. She was fully equipped and a strong bender that was by herself and right beside their convoy. A master of stealth that not even Carver could detect. It wouldn't come back to haunt him, and their would be no repercussions. Whoever hired her would be no match for the Earth Nation military either.


His eye's very briefly, almost like a twitch rather then a turn, looked towards his left hand.
The shape of a ring could be faintly seen on his ring finger, just underneath his Kevlar glove...

"Get up..." He said with a sigh of frustration and a slight shake of his head.
"Your a real dumbass ya know that?" He thought to himself.
"Puts your hands up, turn around and place your hands against the wall" He ordered her as he briefly pointed his arrow tip at the wall just beside the bed.

He wasn't going to take her hostage, he was just going to make sure she posed the lowest threat possible to him.
If they were gonna get out of this then they would have to work together. As stupid as he felt for doing this, for even considering to work with someone that might have wanted to kill him.
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Saranade closed her eyes and smiled as he ordered her to get up. He was probably kicking himself in the teeth for this. Secretly she wanted him to end her life. She did not want to be responsible for Haydn's death. Though in the long run, she was the one who said he would be safe. She was such a fool.

Standing up slowly, she quickly zipped up his jacket before raising her arms. She turned slowly as well. Just keeping her mouth shut but the look in her eyes said it all. she had been through this numerous times before. What did he think this was going to do?

She placed her palms against the cold walls. Just going along with what he wanted. " Alright sir, there ya go." She waited to see what he was going to do. Take her weapons? As if. Those belonged to her. Her master forged those by hand. Besides he was going to have to do some deep searching if he wanted to find everything she had on her.

Saranade sighed out loud this time, her breath creating a small fog as it left her lips. This was going to be loads of fun! Ha! Yeah right... She could already feel the headache this was bringing on. Yet in the back of her mind she thought about her pupil. Was he already dead, did word the the convoy had been destroyed already reached the council?
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A Simple Convoy
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