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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 A Simple Convoy

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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 03, 2013 11:40 pm

She knew what this was like didn't she? Just the faint air of irritation rather then worry that she seemed to be displaying told him that. She had weapons on her though, he could see it just by looking at her. Others might not be able to notice, however Carver was trained in this sorta thing, not to mention the fact that his eye's could basically see twice the amount of detail that normal eyes could not. He knew where most of them were, however she was likely one of those kind of people that always had a blade somewhere.
Could he take all her weapons away? It was unlikely, and he knew that.

He kept the arrow on her, and let her place her hands against the wall.
The arrow was less then a foot away now. He approached her closely, holding someone up with a bow and arrow at this range wasn't as big a threat. He gently placed the very against the left side of her back, with just a small push it would go through her heart.
He slowly pulled the bow back rather then the arrow, releasing the tension on the wire so that the arrow tip would remain on her back, but he could take the bow away and sling it back over his shoulder.
Now holding just the arrow he then proceeded to pat his hand down her leg.

He knew with her upper clothes gone that it took away anything she might have had in them of on them, so it was really just her pants he had to worry about.
The two most obvious weapons on her were those circular disk looking blades. He had heard the name chakrams once before. While keeping the arrow tip on her back he pulled the first one off her.

"I'm not taking everything" He told her as he threw the chakram behind him close to the wall.
He then proceeded to pull off the second one.
"And I'm not keeping any of these"
On her inner thigh was a knife, from the look of the hilt it was used a lot.
The knife he pulled out from the holster and then threw it with the chakrams.
"I'm just making sure that you'll need me" He remarked before he would pat down the rest of her legs and take what little weapons he could. He knew he didn't get them all, but that wasn't the point.

What he was doing was preventing her from being able to fight these things alone. These spirit creatures would laugh at any tiny weapons she had stored away, and even if she had something with a little more weight, it still wouldn't let her take these things on by herself. For these spirits you needed strong weapons that had power to them. Not little blades and knives. She would need someone to help her, these spirits that knew the tundra and no doubt could find someone trying to hide. Way he saw it, they would have to work together to get out. He was just forcing the teamwork.

"Like or not, if we wanna get outta here, we'll have to work together" He told her before getting fully back up to his feet. He wasn't going search anymore, he didn't want to search anything like underwear, whatever was in there she would keep.
He switched the arrow over to his left hand, still keeping it on her back and pointing towards her heart. The captain grabbing the wrist of her right arm and pulled it towards him while pushing his shoulder into her back.
"This may hurt a little" He remarked.

Now he wasn't trained in Chi-blocking, far from it infact. But he knew this spot on the right arm that was supposed to take bending away from the right hand, it was somewhere on the forearm...
Once he had her on the wall he put his arrow back into the quiver on his back then used his one of the knuckles on his left hand to strike her forearm and hit a point that would interrupt the flow of her bending in her right hand.
It would last for long, but enough so that when the spirits came she would need Carver's help between the three limbs to use for bending and the small weapons.

"Alright..." He mumbled as he stepped back and let her go.
Keeping his eye's on her he walked over to her weapons and picked them up, both chakrams in one hand and the knife slipping into his belt. The rest of the smaller weapons he also slipped into a few of the many straps that were around his body. He then walked over to the window.
"So you wanna tell me what your good for? What you can do?" He asked her as he opened it.
Once opening the window he looked outside. There was a few broken down houses around them but no spirits yet, however he could hear their roars in the distance.

They were still too far away, he would be able to perform the call.
He puckered his lips together and whistled at a high pitched frequency. In a moment she was going to meet Carver's partner.
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 8:27 pm

A Simple Convoy - Page 2 Jasonpost1
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A Simple Convoy - Page 2 Jasonpost4


She felt the soft force of him pressing the arrow into her back, with anymore pressure it would pierce her. The feeling of her hands against the cold soft walls. He pulled the arrow away as he kept the weapon drawn. His warm flesh crawling over her legs, pulling away her weapons. Completely expected of course. He was afraid, of what though? Did he see her as an enemy?

Saranade sighed softly as he had finished. She thought they would leave now, before the monster fell upon them completely. But he held her wrist tightly. She grimaced as she watched his movements. This... this was the work of chi blockers. She spent years of her time studying the art and techniques of every bending and fighting style, to interpret them from every other. His seemed unsure, but still a quick and precise movement. One that she envied.

This was special though, and before she could react she felt a painful numb feeling. Her bending power seemed to dissipate from her right arm. She felt the loss of power, and the painful sensation that came along with it. He put a cap on her power. She grimaced. If he saved her, why would he put her life in danger like this? Why take away the ability to defend herself. Honestly she was more cautious about his actions than the monsters that howled outside.

She heard him speak as he looked out the nearby window, she rubbed her arm where he struck. She scowled, like she would tell him her abilities. she had survived rougher times than this with her hands tied behind her back. Her years of experience gained in a flash. Working her job, for as long as she did, you learned that your life valued nothing to the beasts that hunted you down. And she looks at her prey the same way... at least, she used to anyway.....

" I can take care of myself, even like this. Teamwork doesn't come easily to me.... But since you saved me, perhaps i can at least watch your back..." She looked away as he whistled out the window. What, was he stupid?! That sound just resonated off the broken homes and into the ears of those things, if they were tracking us by scent, this man just made it a whole lot easier. Great... she was going to die faster now. She thought as she rolled her eyes.


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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 7:43 pm

The cool air hit Carver's face a little harder than he expected. His eyes narrowed in response. Paying attention to the wind though, and the arctic weather he noticed the winds were picking up a bit. He didn't put much thought into it, but he was going to make sure to keep track of the winds. If there was a blizzard, then they couldn't be outside when it happens. Carver was down a couple layers of dark clothing and the woman had only his coat. They couldn't be inside for too long, and it was unlikely any of these houses had extra clothes or material to make clothes with. If they were gonna move, it would have to be soon.
He turned his head to her for a moment as she spoke.
"You're gonna stay where I can see you." He replied to when she mentioned watching his back.
He didn't trust her, not a woman that this well armed and next to the convoy when the attack happened. He wasn't going to trust an assassin that would have tried to kill him back at that convoy had it not been for those spirits.

Carver whistled once and only once. He knew it was a risk, but he didn't have a choice.
It was only seconds before he spotted his partner in the sky. He held his arm out the window. He heard the sound of wings flapping before his partner landed on his arm.
"Hey buddy" He whispered to him as he scratched his partners head with his fingers.

The claws of the eagle dug slightly into Carver's arm but not enough to hurt him. The eagle looked fairly normal, it was a big one with a white head and brown body with big fluffy feathers. It looked like a fairly normal, cute eagle, however it had long bat ears on it's head. And small fangs in it's mouth as well as red eye's. It was an eagle-bat.
It closed it's eye's in glee as it's head a was scratched. Once he stopped, it opened it's wings and shook it's feathers free of snow.
Carver wasn't going to introduce the woman to him, she didn't need to know who he was. The eagle turned it's head to look a the half dressed woman whom it didn't recognize. It turned it's head to the side slightly as it observed her followed by making a quiet squeak with it's throat.
One side of Carver's mouth rose up into a half smile.
"It ain't what ya think" He commented lightly.
"Listen, I need you to take these" He told it while shaking the two chakrams down to his hand.
The eagle-bat looked down at them, bending down and lightly tapped the blades with it's beak.
"Take them somewhere safe and stay close to em, and stay warm alright? The winds picking up" He informed it before lifting the chakrams up slightly.
The eagle-bat looked Carver's in the eye's for a moment before looking back down at the chakrams. It lifted one foot up and wrapped it's talons around the two weapons.
It's opened it's wings and flapped them slightly as it made slightly louder call out in protest.
The wings grazed Carver's head slightly and he shook his head with a look of irritation.
"Come on it ain't that heavy." He remarked before letting the eagle take the weight of the chakrams in it's claws.
He lifted his arm up slightly to motion it to fly off his arm. It jumped out of the window and opened it's wings, gliding in the wind and rising up into the sky before looping back around to the window.
Carver pulled out the woman's dagger that she had in her in thigh before.
"Take this to" He called out to it before throwing the dagger towards it.
The eagle caught the hilt of the dagger in it's mouth before flying off into the sky.

The captain, Carver turned back to face the woman.
"What's your name?" He asked her while motioning hios head upwards to her.

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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 21, 2014 9:34 pm

The Woman let out a hiss between her teeth in process. This mission was starting to turn for the worst, and she almost didn't see herself coming out of it. But she had to remember who she was doing this for. Haydn. Her pupil.

Saranade watched as a large bird appeared through the window and perched itself on the mans arm. She started intently, it wasn't a normal bird. There were traits that resembled it to the dark of the night. A Bat Eagle. She grinned a little as it took notice to her.

But her facial expression changed dramatically as the man placed her weapons in its claw. Her draw dropped and she almost reached out. Those were prized possessions, made by her master Saichi, who now lays dead. She gritted her teeth tight and held back. This man could easily hurt her now in this state.

Saranade glared at the back of the mans head as the eagle flew off with her things. He turned and asked her what her name was. She felt it would be best to answer him, though she didn't want to.

" Saranade Haru. "
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 5:36 pm

Carver took a good look at her now that he dealt with her as much as she could. She would need his help now if things got hairy, yet someone of her skill could still take care of her self. He recalled the area where she found her, many spirits laid dead around her, yet she didn't have enough wear and tear on her to have fought them without bending. From what he saw she was a Dark bender, judging from her armaments and the fact she was alone meant her fighting style had to involve quick and lethal strikes, just to end the fight as quickly as possible.
With her injuries, how much she was disarmed and her lack clothing however meant that while she was safer to be around, she would also need help. A part of him doubted his actions of weakening and disarming her, yet he knew he couldn't trust her. Not yet anyway.

"You can call me Carver" He replied, sounding a bit less hostile. However he took his bow back off his shoulder followed by taking an arrow out of the quiver on his back and placing it on the wire of the bow.
"Well Saranade, we have couple options. One, we could take our chances and high tail it outta here. We're a few miles away from the camp where my convoy was headed. Maybe search the other houses before leaving" He explained before walking back to the window to look around. There wasn't anything near them, however with his ears being extremely sensitive he could hear those spirits running around and making a few screams and roars in the far distance. They weren't close, so they were okay for now.
"Or we can search these houses, see what we can find then hunker down and maybe those things will pass us by. Either way I think a blizzard is coming, so whatever we do it's gotta be done soon" He spoke with a voice of authority and strength.

Turning his head back to face Saranade he figured that fighting these things would likely be the worst case scenario. He didn't have many arrows left, and melee combat with a spirit was never a wise decision.
"You come from somewhere maybe a bit closer? Somewhere we could take shelter in?" He asked her as he was trying to make a decision and weigh there options.

If only things were that easy though. He wished it would be, yet the man with blood running down his forehead and his arms hugging his ribcage he limped through the snow and straight for the house Carver and Saranade were in with shivers and deep breaths.

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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26, 2014 6:38 pm

Sara lowered her eyes, why was he leaving this decision up to her. She walked over to the window where he stood and looked out to the horizon. They were close. They could make it, but they werent the only things out there and not the only thing that was close.

She bit her bottom lip. She felt so unsure for the first time in her life. There was so many spirits out there. If she had both her bending and her weapons it was no small assumption that they could make it out.

" I will not make that choice," She said plainly. She hugged her arm that felt numb without the power of Dark coursing through it. " But i will tell you , that whatever your choice is, You need to know two things..."

Saranade kept her steady gaze out the window, feeling the high pressure setting in, " We are approximately 4 miles from trees and proper shelter from the storm. The blizzard itself will be over this area within an hour and a half. "

She had always been accurate with diagnosing her surroundings, one skill out of many from the assassins guild she possessed. She looked at Jack Carver and smiled.

Is she crazy? Why would she be smiling at a time like this?

" But about two miles from here. I have a ride. " She grinned. Nena was a friends Were Snow Tiger. A large beast that possessed skills of adaptation to the cold.

Either way, if they waited for the storm to pass or not, they had a chance to make it. If they left now, there was a 50 Percent chance they would make it. If they left in the morning, Nena would still be there and fine, but there is a 50 percent chance they wouldn't make the night.

Saranade heard faint howling off in the distant. They were coming.
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 27, 2014 3:11 am

Carver seemed to take her more seriously as she informed him about the forest and this tiger. He believed it, and was willing to go with it as they were both in the same boat. He didn’t feel good about the tiger, at the moment he wouldn’t trust going near a predator that belonged to a potential enemy. The forest wouldn't be much better, all that way just to be trying to find shelter again seemed to be a waste. As for the time the blizzard would show up he figured the same thing, yet although this gave more options, it didn't help them much as of right now.
Looking at the girl she certainly wasn't going to become scared and in need of protection simply due to her fear. The smile he saw on her proved that.
The captain thought about it for a moment.

No matter what they did…They weren't going to getting anywhere the way they were equipped now. With these spirits though…Was it possible that maybe this place could have been abandoned in a hurry despite it being a while ago? It was by luck he found the place, and when he did he realized that this place was likely unmapped. There might have been maybe at least some stuff still lying around here. A place this far out as well would have people intended to stock up and plan for long hours indoors.

The more he thought about it the more likely it seemed like scavenging might be a good idea.

“I think we should-”

“Heeeeeeyy!!! Help me please!! Open the door!” A loud, panicked and shaky voice shouted followed by loud banging on the door
Startled, Carver snapped to action and out of instinct, pulled back the arrow on the wire of his bow and pointed it at the door to the room they were in.
His hands remained steady, and his heart beating normally, he was not scared, nor on edge, this was his element. Perfectly calm, but alert and ready.
He looked towards Saranade and motioned his head towards the door for her to follow him.
“Come on, stay close” He whispered before making a slow and careful walk out of the room and towards the stairs.
From the bottom of the stairs he could see the door that was being shook violently from the man behind the door banging it with his fists.
“Please! Please help me!! There gonna kill me!!” He cried out desperately as he tried shaking the door handle and trying to break in.
“Fucker’s gonna give us away…” He mumbled to Saranade as he made his way down the stairs with his bow fully drawn and ready to ram through whoever was making the noise at any moment.
Once he made his way down the stairs, he’d turned his head to Saranade.
The man continued to bang on the door. He was clearly beyond desperate and panicking, not even trying any other houses, like this was his one and only salvation.
“Listen, I want you to get behind the door and open it, stay behind the door and I’ll check him out” He told her before walking closer to the front of the door and keeping the arrow tip pointed straight at the door and waiting for her to get behind the door.
“Whenever you’re ready”
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 07, 2014 12:03 pm

Her head snapped to the side as there was a loud banging croming from down the stairs. This place had more than pne level? Of course she wouldnt know, its not like she came here conscious. She watched as Carver and her turned the corner and down the stairs.

The door was moving with all his hitting and yelling. She felt sorry for him, he sounded horrified, like a monster was chasing him. She listened to Carver's plan and nodded her head.

Stepping close to the door, Sara opened it slowly and the Yelling man fell into her arms and chest so hard that she actually fell to the ground. Looking outside she seen two pairs of foot prints and a dragged out line. That must have led the man here.

She quickly closed the door with her foot as she heard a howling outside, this one was closer, a straggler, or a scout. Either way she didn't want to be seen or heard.

Sara pushed the man up and off her and held her finger to her lips telling the man to be quiet. If that scout found them, they would be dead within the hour.
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PostSubject: Re: A Simple Convoy   A Simple Convoy - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2014 8:08 pm

The door sprung open quicker then Carver would have expected, the man came tumbling in like a falling avalanche. Saranade hadn’t stayed behind the door when she opened it, however instead of letting the man fall on her. Carver reacted instantly. He saw the uniform on the man’s body, so instead of shooting the arrow and killing him, Carver quickly lunged forward and grabbed the man by the back of his collar before he could fall on Sara and threw the man’s back against the wall, making a low boom that reverberated throughout the wooden walls of the house.
Before the man could make any sort of noise Carver pressed his gloved hand against the freighted man’s mouth, looking him right in his brown eyes.
“Shut up soldier” He ordered him in a whisper.

The man was, by some miracle, a survivor of what happened. His face was white and almost blue from the cold, frostbite on his cheeks and accumulated snow on his eyelashes and short, spiky hair. His eyes looked like they were almost frozen as well as they remained wide open, looking at Carver in fear.
He trusted Saranade to close to the door. Regardless of what was out there, leaving the door open was not going make things easier. It was likely a spirit had followed this man, and now they would be found out shortly.
The man’s clothes were in tatters, rips and tears all over them, claw marks and bleeding wounds all over him, frozen over by the outside cold. This guy seemed almost minutes from freezing to death. Yet he seemed coherent enough not to struggle once Carver pinned him against the wall. Indicating that the man might have known who he was.

The Captain looking to Saranade for a moment, followed by the almost frozen soldier doing the same, he looked the man back in his eyes.
“Who are you?” Carver asked in a low voice that came with a low timbre.
The soldier’s eyes darted between the woman and the man. Still with fear in his heart as Carver slowly let go of his mouth.
“M…My-my n-name is…Fr-Frank…Private Frank…Fleming” The soldier barely pushed out through a shuddering voice and chattering teeth.
Carver recognized the name and relaxed a little in front of him, putting an arm around him and pulling the freezing Frank close to him to warm him up with body heat.
“You’re…C-Carver right?” The soldier asked as he welcomed the captains embrace and put one arm around the Captain as well, letting himself warm up as much as he could.
“Yeah, don’t worry Private, your safe now” He told him reassuringly, his arm around the man with his hand on his shoulder, rubbing Franks shoulder with his gloved hand.
Franks eyes turn to Saranade with a look of confusion, yet looking more like he just accepted her presence rather than questioning it.
“Is it just you two?” Frank asked in a more composed voice, to which Carver narrowed his eyes at. The man musta been tough to have been recovering from the cold so quickly.
Frank stood up more on his feet, taking his own weight, yet keeping one arm around Carver still so that they were touching chests.
“Yeah, you don’t worry about her” Carver responded, getting ready to step back from the man now that he was standing on his own feet normally.
Carver turned a little so he could lead the man upstairs, taking a step forward.
“Now come upstairs, you need to-”

He felt resistance as Frank was firm in his footing.
Carver’s eye’s narrowed.
“Hm?” Was all that came out of the Captains throat as he turned his head to face Frank whose eyes were now pure white and his grip tightened around Carver’s back and somehow was…Stretching.

Carver’s eyes narrowed as he understood what was going on.

Franks arm suddenly stretched like a tentacle and wrapped around Carver’s back, pulling him in as Frank opened his mouth wide and the cornered of his mouth split apart, his jaw dislocating and small blue glowing tongues reaching out to Carver’s face.
“Ahhhhh” A long exhale came out of Franks mouth as his tentacle tightened around Carver’s body, wrapping around him following by the other hands fingers stretched out into long, thin claws.
“Son of a bitch!” Carver growled as he snuck his hand underneath Franks chin and pushed his throat back with great strength, overpowering the man that was no man, but a spirit in disguise. Carver pushed the man’s neck so hard his felt the man’s spinal cord on the back on his neck. This normally would kill a man, but this spirit only tightened its grip on Carver’s body, forcing him to arch his back and lose leverage, letting Franks mouth close closer. Carver was stronger then this thing was, by far, however it's body was like rubber, it was flexible, able to contort to the Captains body.
Franks other hand that was now a stump with claws, tried to stab Carver’s face, yet he dropped his bow and arrow on the floor and caught the wrist and stopped it dead in its tracks.
Frank pushed his body against Carver, letting his rib cage slowly pierce through his chest in an attempt to further damage Carver so it could bite into him and perhaps eat him.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ,ahhhhhh” Fast breathing noises were all that Frank made as his mouth slowly inched closer to Carver’s face.
This was bad, he was losing leverage and Franks mouth was getting closer, not to mention his spine could be crushed by the tentacle at this rate, and Franks rib cage that was slowly contorting itself to pierce Carver’s body.
Private Frank Fleming probably was once a real man, yet these spirits took his body and used it as their own, as bait to find the two that got away. Now with a hold on Carver, could he get away? Maybe, but not without getting some injuries, and not without help.

Carver growled as he pushed his hand into Frank’s throat and his other hand forcing the claws back. The pain was bearable, but his time was short.
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A Simple Convoy
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