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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

Kaniehtí:io "Ziio" Aarushi

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Emperor Nobunaga Ezofuji
Tekonwenaharake Ojitsah, Waneek of the North and South
Roland Hirahara, King of the Four Winds
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Dark Lord Pan Daiyu


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NAME: Tsukara Sato
AGE: 25
BIRTHPLACE: Rural Dark Nation ― the outskirts
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom
RANK: Bender
OCCUPATION: Information Broker, Leader of Bloodgarde (任何人―ANYONE)


NAME: Lantern
AGE: Three-years-old
PICTURE: Unfortunately, there's no accurate depiction of "Lantern" considering he is a shadow that Tsukara solidified and animated, continually changing in appearance depending on the situation at hand and what Tsukara will bend. However, it's always black, "shadowy;" continually moving in wisps with a dark aura.
PERSONALITY: While it is typically an obedient creature, Lantern has a knack for mischievousness. He enjoys playing games with its master while he's bending. When Tsukara is in a pickle, and wants his creatures to morph into a wolf, at times, it will turn into a rabbit, instead. Whether that speaks more about Tsukara's bending ability than Lantern is unknown.
BRIEF HISTORY: As an ironic joke, Tsukara used his dark bending to create a shadowy lantern. However, he realized rather than simply manifesting an ordinary structure, a creature came to life, instead. The lantern proved to be able to turn into whatever his master wanted it to be, from light post to a pencil (that doesn't write, of course) with the same personality intact. (Perhaps, he is bending his creature to have the same characteristics every time it's re-created, but he prefers to think otherwise.) Presently, it is partial to a small wipsy fox that lays upon Tsukara's shoulders.


BIRTHDAY: 01 01 395 AO
HOBBIES: Out of all of Tsukara's hobbies, which range from sword-fighting to bar-hopping to designing armor, astronomy has to be the greatest. He's entranced with the idea of cosmic exploration, and naming the stars; discovering what's out there. He could stare at each pattern and constellation for hours, feeling an unceasing peace, as though the infinite of space makes the reality of earth much easier. It makes him feel smaller, and more in-tune; thoughtful and in-check. Give him a sky map of a sailor, and he could guide you home.
Tsukara doesn't know how to cook. If he were to try, surely, he could become capable, but as of late, he's settled for eating out on the regular. While he's got change to spare, it's a distasteful habit. Restaurants, bars, and food stalls have come to know his name, and while that's useful for his line of work, his pockets can't say the same.
Tsukara is rarely at his home. While you wouldn't suspect it, with many considering him to be nomadic, he does have a place to call his own in a boarding house. It's a small, dingy room, but his. There's a bed, a wardrobe, and a chest for all his knick-knacks and memorabilia, accompanied by a small window overlooking the city. However, while he pays for his stay, he can't bring himself to linger for anymore than he needs to should he have the opportunity to leave. In all honesty, he hates to be alone. Perhaps, that's why joined in during the founding of Bloodgarde.
Tsukara doesn't believe in the idea of true love. To him, it's a social construct; it's something humans trick themselves into believing for the sake of reproduction, and to feel something; to fill in the empty hole yearning for affection and to be understood. To him, there's no such thing as "the one," or truly loving someone, because you're technically always settling what's around you. In a world where there are thousands of people, you're settling for your small, inner-circle. How do you know what else is out there? Isn't there always going to be someone better? So, aren't you technically convincing yourself to fall in love with the person before you? Because they're there? Available? Good enough? It's a hard idea to properly wrap around, but because of it, he doesn't indulge in the notion.
FAMILY: While out and about, Tsukara stumbled across a crying wastebasket, covered with blankets. He knew what could have been inside, and so, he instinctively picked up the weave, searching throughout the alleys to see if the mother was still close. After hours, with his efforts in vain, he finally brought the basket home, appalled by the thought of a child being abandoned so close to winter. When he finally mustered up the courage to look inside, he named the baby "Kazuma," and has kept him ever since.




HAIR: Tsukara has silvery, white hair that goes just down to the nape of his neck, layered outwardly in all directions. His fringe -- cut by him, himself -- goes just along the bridge of his nose.
EYES: Because of an accident when he was sixteen, Tsukara's right eye was gauged out from its socket. Otherwise, his eyes are light shade of blue, with glints of turquoise.
HEIGHT: 6'3"
CLOTHES: Tsukara never leaves anywhere without his blue cloak that descends far beyond his back. To accompany this ensemble, he also dons a leather shoulder pad that stretches across his chest and onto his left shoulder, and stripped tunics beneath to match. With his gear being designed by him, himself, metal chains and emblems are attached to his garb as accessories, and he finishes his attire with a black long-sleeve and thigh-boots. His style is likened to that of a casual knight, or perhaps, a distant traveler.
SKIN: Tanned and rough from sun exposure, Tsukara's skin has seen better days, especially his hands -- calloused and worn.
BODY TYPE: Because of his extensive amount of travel in his early days, Tsukara's body is quite muscular. He isn't a thick as a soldier, but he's toned in his arms and legs.





PERSONALITY: Tsukara is complex, to say the least. He paints himself as a liar, a victim, a leader; he's a man with more layers than one could count on their hand, which is why he's rarely understood. Because of that, while he's a social butterfly because of profession, when it comes to his personal life, he keeps himself at a distance, especially when it comes to Bloodgarde. Rarely does he talk about himself, or his ambitions; he portrays himself as though he's simply a side-character to everyone else's story, and that's the way he likes it. He doesn't try to intervene, but doesn't necessarily pull entirely away. He has mixed feelings, and he's more often confused, although always calculating. Intuitive and witty, but emotional and reserved.
Quick-thinking, able to act fast in dire situations
Protective and loyal, trusting those who have earned his respect
Noble and valiant, willing to make the sacrifices needed, even if that was himself
Kazuma, fearing for the child's life at times because of his position
His uncertainty with himself, and the ability he possess; his low self-esteem
His ability to become too attached, or not at all -- there's no middle ground
HAMARTIA: He doesn't believe in himself.
DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: Aside from giving Kazuma a good life, he hopes to be able to discover what his dreams truly are along the way. While he's the leader of a massive organization, he doesn't quite know what his ambitions are yet.

Socks, especially knee-highs
Ramen with hard-boiled eggs
Metal collections, but not coins
Going on walks with Kazuma strapped on his back
People watching from rooftops and trees
Stargazing, and making up names for constellations


Crying babies, which is unfortunate because Kazuma is the biggest crier of all
Sword-fighting with a baby strapped on his back
Internal conflict within his group, Bloodgarde
Vantage Tactical Solutions, and everything it stands for
The notion of Bloodgarde interfering with his personal life
Changing diapers and gossiping mothers


Did you know you can see a galaxy a couple million of light-years away with just your eyes? That you can see dozens of clusters, and nebulae, and stars, with just one look at a winter's sky? There are countless wonders on any clear night, and yet . . . why is it so easy to feel alone?

Because his parents were working to make end's meet, Tsukara was left to his own devices in a home far too big for a single child. While this helped him to nurture his independence, he lost an attachment with others; he became either too close, hoping for one to never leave, or not close at all, detaching the moment they showed signs that they would. However, in the long-run, this upbringing worked in his favor. It taught him how to listen, and observe; keep to the shadows, and unravel information that one would wish to best keep secret. As he became of age, he went from farm-boy to informant, exchanging knowledge as a business and source of entertainment.

Naturally, this led him to earn a name for himself outside of the Dark Nation's outskirts, and he became embarking on excursions across the lands. He would use his knowledge to help others, reuniting lost family members and solving untold mysteries; giving people clues and whereabouts to crime and other rendezvous. If you needed to know something, he was your guy, which is how he met Himeko.

After promising to help her search for her mother, Tsukara was too young; he was too controlled by his emotions to know any better than to fall in love with a fantasy. There were many leads in the beginning, and he could tell you know that he earnestly wanted to know the truth behind her mother's disappearance.. but as time went on, all roads became empty, and he was desperate for more time -- time with her. Consequently, as they traveled under the guise of suspicions and evidence, he was secretly taking up other jobs to keep their time together going, hoping to appeal to her sense of adventure long enough for her to want to stay.

When Himeko discovered the truth, that he was simply stalling and taking her on a pointless journey, she left him without a second thought. All the "love" they had together, every moment, was a figment of his imagination. He was left aimless, and wondering what to do wit himself. He wanted nothing more than to feel as though he belonged.

This is how Bloodgarde began.

After rumors of a clandestine organization appeared throughout the heart of Ba Sing Se, Tsukara leaped at the opportunity to learn about its secrets. It was a neutral group of individuals banded together simply by a name. It was an organization that anyone and everyone, young or old, could join strictly through invitation by word of mouth. There were no rules, no restrictions, and no chain of command. While he initially wanted to simply gather information, he was driven by his urge to not feel alone, and joined as one of its longest founding members. Because of that, he eventually became it's unofficial "leader."

However, no one knows this -- not even the members of the group. Considering there is no chain of command, the identity of Bloodgarde's leader remained anonymous -- people simply knew he existed. With time, Tsukara also took no leadership over any subdivisions, or his group as a whole. He's essentially took it with ease, taking no active role or stance due to the nature of the group and its density. He didn't believe himself to be a leader, and told himself that it was simply a group to sustain his loneliness. Considering there were no rules, why not let the people do what they pleased, anyway?

Currently, his focus is on remaining an informant, and taking care of Kazuma, a baby he found abandoned in the streets. For the first time in his life, he's been feeling as though he was on the verge of something; on the verge of discovering his "purpose."

What did he want to do?

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