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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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 Noriaki (finished)

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PostSubject: Noriaki (finished)   Noriaki (finished) I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 11:46 am

        - Meaning: "bright law"

        - Norie: a common nickname of his, especially in his earlier years.

        0 - undetermined age of death

        Fire Nation :: Fire Palace

        Current Residence
        None; deceased

        LightBender, Hero


        A dragon named Solena. Fastidious and graceful, Solena is loyal to her master. Due to her erratic nature, Solena often disobeys Noriaki's wishes. She does, however, never fail to come to his aid when he is in danger. Noriaki had owned Solena since she was a baby, and she'd stayed by his side her entire life.

        - A wand was given to him at the age of five to help him begin his lightbending training. Once Noriaki grew quite adept at the art, he was granted a baton-like wand. Thicker and longer. This baton absorbed even more light than his wand had.

        - When Noriaki turned twenty-five, he upgraded his weapon once more. He acquired a special staff to channel his light beams, waves, and other types of frequencies. The diamond tip absorbs special, subatomic particles. If Noriaki were to channel significant amounts of UV light, the effect of his beams can be both instantaneous and deadly.

        - Being of the highest order has its advantages. Noriaki's jewel-encrusted sword, mischievously dubbed "Betty", helps him to fight.

        April 2, several freaking years before now. Count like, 4 generations ago

        Blood type

        - Fencing
        - Parkour
        - Anything remotely combative

        - He and Sable are constantly side-by-side. Noriaki was so used to his brother's presence he could immediately sense when Sable has strayed too far or has fallen in battle.

        - Generally appears to be the more intense of the twins, but he is actually extremely cheerful and laid-back.

        - Constantly got lost. If it were not for Sable, he would've wandered to the ends of the earth.

        Favorite Color

        Tekara, 17-37 (aunt; died when he was six), nonbender
        Kiari, 0 - 104 (father), waterbender
        Haru (mother), firebender

        Tsukaia, 0-21 (cousin; betrayed her entire family to the new Spirit King, Sasuno'o), firebender

        Sable, 0 - undetermined age of death (brother), waterbender
        Kiharu, 0 - undetermined age of death (sister), waterbender

        Valian, 18 - UAoD (nephew), earthbender
        Dianne, 17 - UAoD (daughter), nonbender
        Renn, 5 - UAoD (son), naturebender

        King Anuktiluk (grandson)

        Prince Castiel (great grandson), waterbender
        Prince Cassian (great grandson), waterbender
        Princess Kihana, 10 (great granddaughter), nonbender
        Roman, 6 (great grandson), naturebender/waterbender

        Character Theme

        He has a huge ass ego.

        Almost entirely black. Long, and braided entirely from the nape of his neck. Noriaki inherited the color from his mother, Haru. Nori is rarely ever seen without the braid intact, much unlike his brother, and does very little in regards to caring for it.

        Narrow, reddish brown eyes

        3'7 - 6'0

        Being a Fire Nation general, Noriaki almost exclusively wears his more combative Fire Navy outfits. In his leisure time, Noriaki abandons his armor and opts for a more streamlined look. He can be seen in a variety of wear in his teenage days, however, in particular his school uniform.

        Peach-colored, smooth

        Body Type
        Lean, lithe. Possesses far more muscle than his father, Kiari.

        Noriaki (finished) Noriak10

        Noriaki and Sable are two halves of one whole. With Noriaki being the cheerful, optimistic side of the two, it is extremely hard to let him down or offend him. Sable, being more rational but less emphatic, acts as his brother's keeper. Unfortunately for Sable, along with Noriaki's joyful nature there comes extreme naivete. It is difficult for Noriaki to discern foe from friend. He lacks must intellectual capacity or direction, and is swift to dive headfirst into a dangerous situation. Noriaki quite often allows his emotions to get the best of him. Sometimes even the voice of reason (which sounds suspiciously like Sable all the time) could stop him.

        However, even with all the negative aspects of Noriaki's character, it is easy to see him as the compassionate, humorous devil anyone can grow to love. In his youth, his days consisted of playing practical jokes on his elder cousin, Tekara, and attempting to bribe his matrons to teach him to fight early on. He and Sable did not become joined at the hip until they were forced to collaborate, their instructors realizing they would attain far more victories if they were to work together. Teaching Noriaki strategy, reason, and stealth was nigh impossible. Sable handled those aspects of their missions. It was with these small missions that their sibling comradeship formed.

        Personal Strengths
        - Hardy and extremely resilient
        - Extremely skilled in combative arts
        - Not easily offended
        - Optimistic, cheerful
        - Physically strong
        - A fast learner
        - Courageous; daring. Will not back down from a challenge
        - Performs his duty to his best possible ability

        Personal Weaknesses
        - Has the tendency to be a dumbass.
        - Has trouble predicting his opponent's next move (offset by Sable)
        - Reckless; without Sable, he's as good as dead against a tough opponent
        - Lacks strategy. Again, needs Sable for that
        - Lacks direction and coordination, unless he is with his brother
        - Once you finally get him riled, or in some cases, separated from Sable, the battle is won

        - His brother
        - Fighting
        - Nature as it was meant to be
        - The sun
        - Sweets, candies and cakes
        - Women

        - Bitter foods and beverages (excluding tea)
        - Coldness
        - Haughty people
        - Sasuno'o, Kagutsuchi
        - Hurtful comments and people

        Because Noriaki was born in the Fire Nation, in the Fire Nation Palace no less, he is granted nobility and a particularly close connection with the king. He remembers his aunt Tekara quite fondly; his father was crazy about her. She used to take care of him and his little brother quite often. He was not present at the time of her death, nor did he fully understand the events happening around him, but he held some clarity the extreme depression his father felt, and was sad he could do little to ease his pain. But he cried too, and he cried often.

        When the Seven Nation Summit was attacked by Sasuno'o several months later, Noriaki could very vividly describe the terror everyone felt. He had been unable to comprehend the exact reason, for his mother and father shielded him from the brunt of the affair, but his mother had been seething. Kiari and Haru could do nothing, however, as a statue fell on his arm, breaking it. He sobbed softly until his father could numb and wrap it. It was a day the seven-year-old could never forget.

        When Noriaki was fourteen, he and Sable were organized into a partnership. Noriaki hadn't spent much time with his brother prior to that because Sable was so taciturn and never wanted to play. Even so, Noriaki had loved his brother very much. He couldn't very well see how they were expected to collaborate when they never thought on the same wavelength. However, the purpose of their unit was so the two can benefit from each other. What Noriaki lacked in tactics, Sable made up for, and what Sable lacked in strength, Noriaki supplied. They were sent on constant espionage missions, exploration training missions, and were not even permitted to have separate bedrooms. The constant meshing together did its job; by the time Noriaki was eighteen and Sable was seventeen, the fought so seamlessly it was like they were one.

        Sable and Noriaki's communication was almost considered telepathic. In all truth, the two grew so accustomed to one another that mere gesture or facial expression could determine what the other desired. In battle, the two parry back and forth. Sable 'speaks' to Noriaki used a system of well-coordinated taps. For instance, if Sable touched Noriaki on his side, the other boy would know when and how low he should duck. Sable has also been known to forcefully nudge Noriaki's body with own, be it gently or roughly, to him out of harms way. Noriaki would always bounce back.

        People were so impressed with the brother's collaboration, they were soon known throughout the entire Fire Nation. Being royal guards, Noriaki and Sable were not permitted to leave the palace unless they received express permission. At the time of peace, the brothers vacationed often.

        Well into their twenties, the two made residence in the Elemental Kingdom. Noriaki eloped with a beautiful, young madam that already had several children, and encompassed her with a daughter, Dianne. Several years later, another child, Renn was born. Because of Noriaki's imperial duties, he was never home often. Dianne rarely saw her father, and Renn was too young to remember him at all.

        After their mother was killed in a bakery explosion, Noriaki personally escorted his children to go live with the mother of Sable's child, Valian. From there, he disappeared. Noriaki had many enemies, and it would not do good for them to realize he had a family. 'Abandoning' his children scarred Noriaki emotionally, and he confided this to Sable. Unsurprisingly, Sable was torn as well.

        After Dianne and Valian took matters into their own hands, parading around he land to make it to the Fire Nation in order to see their fathers, Noriaki tried to use all his power to turn them back around. It did not work, however, and soon Dianne, Valian and Renn were temporarily living in the Fire Nation Palace. Realizing the budding relationship between Dianne and the son of Kagutsuchi, Raiden, Noriaki strongly disapproved.

        Fate took a turn for the worse when Dianne, on an excursion to some inn with Valian and Renn, was kidnapped along with a prince and held for ransom. In the fray, Renn goes missing and Valian is gravely injured. Noriaki is sidled with the task of finding Renn as soon as possible. However, when he never finds his child even after Dianne is recovered, Noriaki falls into a deep depression. Renn, being only eight-years-old, was likely to die out in the world alone.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't f*ck with this." - Awesome Kurapika AMV


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Pictured above (from left to right) are Kurapika, Bakura, and Kurama. These three are the reason why my forum name has been 'LadyKura' from day one. Cute, excellent strategists with a dark side and extremely hard edges, all of these characters are very similar in one way or another. In fact, the longer I think, the more things I can come up with these guys have in common.[/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Noriaki (finished)   Noriaki (finished) I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 12:00 pm

Approved obviously XD


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"You don't need parents to have a real family, sometimes a family is a group of people that you love and that make you happy."

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Posts : 1291
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PostSubject: Re: Noriaki (finished)   Noriaki (finished) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 11:45 am

lol Kyoko

"No matter how hard you try, you can't f*ck with this." - Awesome Kurapika AMV


[center]Noriaki (finished) Collag13
Pictured above (from left to right) are Kurapika, Bakura, and Kurama. These three are the reason why my forum name has been 'LadyKura' from day one. Cute, excellent strategists with a dark side and extremely hard edges, all of these characters are very similar in one way or another. In fact, the longer I think, the more things I can come up with these guys have in common.[/center]
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PostSubject: Re: Noriaki (finished)   Noriaki (finished) I_icon_minitime

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Noriaki (finished)
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