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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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PostSubject: Re: Taking Control [OPEN]   Taking Control [OPEN] - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 16, 2013 1:04 pm

"My whole family lives here now actually, in the upper mid-ring, my dad runs a store there. I decided to leave them  not so long ago, I needed some space of my own, plus I'm a getting a little old to be staying at home with mom and dad. Living alone is a good thing, it builds character."

When I heard her saying that, I felt my heart beating faster... "But what do I want really?" I thought trying to calm my self down... Freedom, independance, the ability to choose for my self... That's exactly what Orami had since she was a little child! But I had the exact opposite life. "But now I have what I want!" I told my self and breathed in deeply sighning as I exhaled. I looked down and then turned away and closed my eyes for a little bit to stop tears. I wondered what Doku did now. If he even was alive still, alone in the desert... I remembered Prince Sukita's ugly smile and his hands touching me...So cold, so violent, sending shivers through my spine. I opened my eyes and turned to look at Orami.

"Or at least that's what everyone tells me. I work as a singer, but don't let that fool you, I'm not exactly famous. As it turns out the music business requires quite a bit of money to really get into and become a nationally known artist, the sort of money even my dad with all his connections can't spare. So I'm stuck singing in bars and inns until someone notices me and decides to sponsor me. But I don't mind, music is my passion and I get to survive by doing what I love most, so really I'm not exactly allowed to complain,"

I feel guilty, but I don't know why. I regognised a tone of deep sadness under her constantly cheerful voice. She said she had not enough money... I never lacked of money and I don't think I'll ever do, but that doesn't mean I like them, nor that I need them. I should help her, for that I was sure! But the situation was already messed and I had no chance till now to talk to her widely. I considered how she'd see me through her eyes. A bit odd young girl, but she would never imagine who I really am. I pretended I haven't found any interest in those words and I kept walking the one step after the other feeling a little bit tired, wondering where we would find that healer for the boy.

After a while, we found an awkward man who showed us which way was the healer. Once we got in, I left Orami talk and deal the situation and I looked around the room and the poor old man who was waiting to be cured in a corner. As soon as we got in, we left in hurry. I climbed on Leo's back. Not that it was a great big horse or something, but I trusted Leo and I knew he liked to take me for a ride sometimes. Unlikely to the other pugmy pumas of his kind, he was stronger and faster. He could carry three heavy people for long distancies and he was rarely gettingg tired. I petted him gently on the back of his neck.
-We have to hurry don't we? I asked Orami smiling and nodded her to ride.
He started running and soon we heard a low melody from somewhere. I remembered the streets from now on and guided him carefully. Once we arrived in a big center square with a little fountain in the middle, I knew we were in the right place. I jumped off Leo and ran with Orami and him following me. I opened a small wooden door that creaked a bit and we walked in.

-Finally! I said smiling and sat on the first chair I saw in front of me. Then I turned around and saw a cozzy room made as if it was a huge living room. I felt worry about Orami. The music was coming from a nearby hall and I stood up again immediatly seeing a freaked waiter shiverring in the corner looking Leo with terror in his wide open eyes.

-I better get Leo to the stables I said in a whispering tone.

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PostSubject: Re: Taking Control [OPEN]   Taking Control [OPEN] - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 17, 2013 4:42 pm

Riding a giant cat through a city. She had to admit, that was a first, and a very exhilarating first at that. The large feline was fast and she could feel his muscles moving under her and houses rushed past.

As they neared the inn she heard the sound of music slowly getting louder and louder. At first she couldn't tell who or what it was, but as they entered the plaza where the inn stood she recognised the musical style and the voice, this was the inn's backup band, which meant they were just trying to pass time until she arrived. That wasn't good. It meant they weren't waiting for her.

The plaza just outside the inn was a charming place, it was completely paved in white stone and kept pristine by the Mountain Top inn's cleaning crew. A circular fountain stood in its centre, filled with crystal clear cool water. Neatly trimmed, conical trees stood guard like timeless sentinels around the place. The inn itself was a large four storied storied building, as white and as clean as the rest of the plaza.

Much to Orami's surprise Luna steered her pet (and presently their ride) straight inside the inn, scaring the disapproval right off of a server's face. The inside of the inn was nothing like the coldly beautiful white stone exterior, it was warm and homely and massive. The whole place's floor was wood polished to a shine, the walls were draped with colourful tapestries from all over the world. The stage was to the left of the main entrance all the way against the north wall, elevated roughly five feet off the ground.

On the opposite side of the room was a wooden counter where people were busy going back and forth between the bar and their tables which were set up in half of the room. This divided the place between a large dance floor and a sitting area. A set of stairs just to the right of the door led up to a wooden mezzanine which gave the place's best view of the stage, complete with its own bar. A VIP area if you would. That area was decorated much like the rest of the room, but more sparingly.

Orami noticed the innkeeper in the back, her employer, recognition etched into his ageing features, but he wasn't looking at her, rather he was looking past her at Luna. Only after a couple of seconds did his gaze switch to her, and there was surprise there now and he rushed into the backstage access door.

"I better get Leo to the stables," she only half-heard the girl speak right next to her, and she gave a simple nod. Who was this girl that could provoke such a reaction out of the old innkeeper who had seemed so impassable to her? She pushed the question to the back of her mind, it wasn't important right now, she had her job to save, who this Luna was wasn't any of her business. Still, that incessantly curious part of her didn't let it go.

She heard Luna and Leo shuffle out of the establishment before  she headed off after the innkeeper through the backstage corridors. When she did reach him he was scribbling something furiously on a sheet, which he promptly hid behind his back as he noticed her, but not before she managed to catch a glimpse of it, it was a planner for the artists to which he had been making various corrections before she arrived. Among those edits she'd noticed her name had been crossed out. That was bad. As she reached him she bowed before him.

"Ah miss Mohanori, get ready to get on stage," the first thing that seemed strange to her was the gentle politeness of his voice, a tone she'd only seen him use with opulent clients, certainly not with his employees. The second was that he actually bowed back to her when she bowed in greeting. The third was that she was still employed. A large red line through your name on a schedule wasn't usually a person's way of indicating worth.

"I... I thought you'd told me that if I was late again you'd kick me out so hard that when I landed I wouldn't even be in Ba Sing Se anymore," she pointed out, her words were more than a little hesitant. He seemed to grow pale as she reminded him.

"What? Me say such things? No, of course not!" if her words were hesitant his were downright frantic. "I was just suggesting that perhaps a slightly more punctual arrival could benefit all members of this business relationship," Orami was confused. Very much so. But she was apparently still slated to play. Right now. Which was... good? But then he said something that put all the pieces of the puzzle into place. "Please tell miss Luna we're very happy to have her friend perform here."

It appeared her initial judgement that the girl was low nobility or from a rich merchant family was more than a bit conservative. Low nobility didn't scare this man, he quite literally saw low nobility every day. Even nobles of middling repute had little effect on him. Apparently this Luna was known well enough to make even this sour old man bend over backwards to make sure not to offend her, which was no mean feat.

"T-Thank you sir. I'll make sure to mention it to her. You've been too kind," this was all she could think of saying, for once she'd quite nearly been shocked out of words. Once more she found herself having to push the mysterious girl from her mind, reminding herself that who she was was none of her business. At the same time though a little part of her was hurt, her own merit hadn't been quite enough to save her job, and she hated being indebted to people. She'd have to thank Luna. Somehow. That was all the time she had to think about as she prepared, writing up a quick draft of a track list on a spare piece of paper in the locker, not for her own good, but for the inn's backing band's. They weren't so good when it came to improvising.

When she was finally ready she stepped out, just in time to hear the announcer introduce her with a variety of hyperboles, before meeting her behind the curtain. He was a massive man, towering over her, his greying whiskers reaching down to below his chest.

"I was rooting for you, knock 'em dead girl," he told her, patting her on the back and giving her a wink. She answered with a grateful smile before stepping out onto the stage. As ever the crowd was at its most silent before the music started, dozens of eyes pinned firmly onto her. She passed the track list to the backing band, before stepping up to the front of the stage and picking up her instrument.

"Hi everyone," she said with a small smile. "Today's been quite a day, and I thought I'd start with something to catch our breath before the real show begins," and so she started, her fingers moving deftly on the neck of the stringed instrument. So it began.

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PostSubject: Re: Taking Control [OPEN]   Taking Control [OPEN] - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 7:28 am

Kye Jensan

No doubt there was a firm feeling of tightness within Kye's stomach, not enough to make a man anxious but enough to cause a chain reaction of thoughts featuring bad case scenarios and how everything could go wrong, followed by the mental prompt within the brain that would send an uneasy feeling in his stomach which would thus make him undergo the feeling of "Tension".

Yet a man such as him within this particular situation would be considered crazy to not face such discomfort.
Kye was a father, a Dad, an example, a role model, a reason to go on living, he would become like an idol to his son, following the father's every action, thinking he was the greatest and hoping to become just like him...

An Assassin...

A Killer...

A tool for War and politics...

A man, trained to feel no pain, no pity, no private sense of injustice from his actions, just a powerful shoot first and ask questions later kind of guy.

Kye Jensen, a slightly taller then average man walked through the streets of Ba Sing Sae in a black, Kevlar shouldered and secretly armored trench coat, packed with his simple black combat boots and pants followed by his almost trademark sunglasses that were more like lenses that were attached to his face which covered his eye's rather then just glasses. All this packed with a large variety of weapons all hidden within.

His steps with slow, long, and thought driven. The low tap of his boot to the dirt ground like a heartbeat within his thoughts. Kye Jensan had a lot to think about.
After coming back from a meeting with his commanding officer with Jack Carver, his squad leader, he had to go somewhere to think and relax.
Apart of him thought of the bar, yet those made him anxious, and the music was either too loud, blocking his thoughts, or too quiet, leaving his mind to swarm with them.

No...No he needed someplace with soft music and hard drinks, a place where the drunks were thrown out and sober patrons were welcomed with the temptation of hard liquor. He needed a place where the bar was only a feature of the whole package yet it was good enough to rival any normal club where the bar was all the rage.

The Ba Sing Sae plaza in the more decorative part of town with the Inn that was complimented for it's beautiful singers and reasonable quiet customers. It had well mannered and well dressed waitresses that always deserved a reasonable tip and a bartender that always had a good ear for sob stories.
It was the perfect place for this particular situation.
So Kye turned his feet in that direction. Yet he did so with an odd feeling of misplacement. Almost as though there was something he was not considering thinking of. Something only a trained killer would bring to his own attention during a time of R&R.

Yet he blamed the sensation on his uncontrollable feeling of discomfort due to the little blonde child that haunted his mind.


Yes it was a nice name, Enoch Jensan...It was weird to do that. Help name a baby.
It's the very identity of a human being for the rest of there life, the persons name, the tag they are given in birth, and the tag that is marked in stone when they die. Like it or not you had to relay on your parents to give you a good name, because it's the one you would be stuck with for the rest of your life. It was Kye's childs name now, that and the child of the mother, Akane. He hoped the boy would like it.
Hoped he wouldn't try and change it, or protest that it's not "Cool enough" or "Boring".
Everyone around here now a days had interestings names, rarely would you see a "Bob" or a "Steve" or even a "Jim". Enoch was the only thing Kye and Akane could come up with.

Kye stepped into the plaza, he was welcomed by the smell of pine tree's from the inn, yet masked over by grease and chicken being cooked in a small diner within the plaza.
Although the chicken was indeed somewhat inviting he-

"Watch it buddy!" A man forcefully said as he accidentally hit his shoulder against Kye's as the man walked slightly faster then Kye.
Kye's eye's turned to the man as he looked towards Kye for a brief second, as anyone would before causally turning back and continuing on there own path.
The man was wearing all black, similar to Kye's clothes except the man's were more made of black cotton rather then hard leather and Kevlar like Kye's attire.
Although he didn't think much of it his eye's did instinctively spend a little extra time on the man's backpack. It was heavy, and oddly long.
Kye's half obsessed mind pictured bladed weapons and armor. Yet he knew he thought about these things too much.

He turned towards the Inn and took only a few steps before opening the doors and walking inside. It was as he expected, soft music, a bar in the distance with several drinks that could put a man to sleep for a week. This followed by the tables, the dance floor, the stage and the overall...Posh...Fashion of the place.
It didn't have the stench of alcohol, it was maintained and cleaned as much as possible, there was even a fountain dead center of the place. Only thing the place needed to be true luxury would be if the fountain itself was flowing with wine rather then water.  

He looked towards the bar and saw it was fairly packed yet certainly not uncontrollable.
He found an open stool and moved towards it before sitting himself down. The bartender took just a whole minute before coming up to him and saying:

"What'll it be?"
To which Kye replied
"Just a beer in the bottle"
The bartender nodded his head and began to tend to some of the other drinks before getting to the simple cold glass bottle and popping off the cap.
Kye turned to the stage, he saw a band playing some simple, easy listening music, not anything you'd turn your head to but something to set the mood right.
He noticed a sign saying

"Featuring Orami Mohanori"
Followed by a picture of a bright blue eye'd young woman with long brunette hair.

"Hear ya go, enjoy" The bartender said as he placed the open bottle on the counter.
Kye took the bottle and placed the tip to his lips and let the once bitter yet now refreshing taste of the lager surround his mouth and go into his throat.
He wasn't going to get drunk, he just wanted the taste of alcohol on his tongue as he pondered the mysteries and difficulties of parenting.

Yet his eye's were not a civilian, but of a lion.

He scanned as much of the Inn as he could, noting in his mind all the entrance's of the building, all of the suspicious people, and gauging the over all tone of the place. He was an Assassin trained as a Ninja trained as a spirit, if that made any sense. His sense's heightened, both by his extensive training and by the time he spent training in the spirit world. A long story in it of itself.
He saw hundreds of ways to sneak into backstage or in the door marked, "Employee's only" beside the bathrooms. He knew though all he'd be doing here though is just trying to relax, have a drink, and listen to some music and he let his tension run it's course through his thoughts.

The biggest thing that plagued his mind was his job, and he his son would react to it all.
Kye would do all he could to be there, yet his job on his own and with the squad required to him leave for weeks, sometime's months. He and the squad he was apart of were International soldiers, sent all around the world to perform what could sometimes be high risk, top secret missions for the earth nation, some life threatening, some just fairly simple. Yet regardless the boy would have to satisfy the urge to see his father in family photo's and stories of how daddy is making bad people go away. As laughable as the last part was he knew it's what would be told to protect the boy's innocence.

As his mind wandered though, he noticed that same man that bumped into in him earlier, the same black clothes and large backpack. However this time the man had a friend with him, also dressed in the same clothes.
It caused a little bit of a reaction from Kye, enough for him to narrow his eye's at the two for a moment. Yet he turned his attention away when he saw a girl walking up on stage as the band stopped playing their chill tune.
The girl was in fact just that, a girl, barely out of her teens and fresh into adulthood, a girl trying to make her mark in the world, still carrying heavy ambitions of fame and fortune. It was the two things singers worked for, that and the personal sense of fulfillment. She was young, still inexperienced in the world, she also seemed new to this, although Kye could not judge a singer nor what it's like to be one. He was never in the spot light, never on stage, always in the shadows, in the dark, letting those in the spotlight be his decoy, and the darkness his ally.

Yet he was now in the spotlight, just for one little boy. He waited for the performance to start, as he knew he would began the play for his child called "Father"
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PostSubject: Re: Taking Control [OPEN]   Taking Control [OPEN] - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 20, 2013 3:57 pm

The Mountain Top inn was revered as a prime example of what every establishment of its kind aspired to be. It was clean, it was spacious, it had a pleasant atmosphere, charming (and beautiful) servers and it had a strict no drunks or vagrants policy which kept the clientèle in check. None of that concerned Senjiin. What did concern him was the heavy security at the place. It wasn't uncommon for the inn to welcome high-profile guests travelling incognito, more often than not those were powerful nobles on trysts with less than reputable companions. That meant a lot of high-quality loot all over the place, and to protect those and the life of its noble patrons the Mountain Top inn's defences were nothing short of impressive. Every one of the servers were trained in hand-to-hand combat, and there were dozens of guards on the premises, out of sight of the patrons though. It had taken months to plan this, they had people on the inside disguised as both clients and staff, they had gear ready and he had personally pored over the blueprints of the damn place enough times to feel like the map of the place had been burnt into his retinas, he could see the damn thing when he closed his eyes. He and his comrades would never have dared attack the Mountain Top inn under normal circumstances, but they had recently received the job from a mysterious benefactor and he had given them plenty of gear to pull this of. Uniforms, masks, various chemicals to neutralise their opposition and explosives. He'd even greased some palms to make this easier.

He was so deep in thought he didn't notice the man in front of him until it was too late, his shoulder smashed into the the other guys'.

"Watch it buddy," Senjiin growled as he pushed past the man without even giving him a second look, simply shifting the pack on his back into a more comfortable and secure position. It wouldn't do to drop it and spill its contents. That wouldn't do at all.

The inside of the inn was, as always, quite crowded. That was good. More loot to snatch. He noticed one of their contacts dressed as a patron subtly signalling, and he gave a practically imperceptible nod in answer. Apparently the coast was clear for him. He moved with a purpose, reaching the staff entrance he waited no more than a second before the door opened, revealing the face of another accomplice.

"You're three seconds late," he hissed as he let him in. Senjiin entered the staff area, which was little less than a corridor connecting together several rooms such as the kitchens, and headed straight for the men's locker rooms without replying. There was no need to, he was two seconds late after all.

The lockers were deserted right now. The next act on stage was a girl and she'd be in the female changing rooms on the other side of the staff corridor. As he got in he dropped his large, heavy bag down onto one of the benches and opened it, revealing several uniforms, beaked masks and a variety of weapons. This was the gear for all the crew embedded in the staff. Those among the patrons already had their masks, and that was all they'd need.

Slowly all of his accomplices made their way in, each locking the door behind them before beginning to change. Soon enough all of them were in full gear, their hoods up, faces protected by the beaked masks which would also protect them from the various chemicals they would unleash upon the patrons.

"We go over the plan one last time," the boss ordered, stretching a copy of the blueprints of the inn on the bench. "Senjiin goes on stage, takes the performer hostage. That's step one. The guards should respond in seconds. Team two strikes then, inundate the place in sleep gas. Ignore the VIP area, no guards are allowed up there and the nobles will be pushovers. Team three will put the tear gas down next, to take care of anyone or anything too stubborn to go to sleep. Senjiin keeps the hostage conscious with his spare mask," that part of the plan Senjiin wasn't fond of. Sure carrying a body would slow them down, but dealing with a conscious hostage could be a problem. It was not his place to speak though.

"Team four loots the bodies. Team five hits the safe, team six accompanies them and takes care of whatever resistance is left, which should be either none or minimal. I go assassinate the owner as per our sponsor's request," the boss slid his fingers along the routes teams five and six could take to get to the safe, before folding the blueprints. "Team seven will blow open a way to the cellar from which we run to the sewers. We keep the hostage until we either run out of opposition or she runs out of usefulness. Gentlemen, good luck and may the spirits watch over us," they all nodded. It was show time.

Senjiin exited the locker first after being told the coast was clear. He made his way silently to the backstage. Only a single giant of a man was behind the curtain, Senjiin approached, silent as a ghost and delivered a single savage blow to the back of the man's neck, a surgical strike which rendered the giant unconscious. He dragged the body out of sight and peeked from behind the curtain. The backing band was in his way, but he was prepared, he tossed a pellet in their direction, which released sleep gas. By the time it hit the ground he'd already rushed out of cover, vaulted over them and thrown out a smoke pellet to hide his approach. When the first pellet erupted, rendering the band unconscious he had passed an arm around the girl's neck, which she reacted to by gasping in surprise, he didn't give her time to scream before he had his dagger at her throat.

"Everybody be cool this is a robbery," he declared in a calm, loud voice. The last word wasn't out of his mouth before a real army of guards poured in from various secret passages in the floors and walls. He allowed himself a small smile. Just as planned.

Pellets dropped from all side, releasing their sleep-inducing contents into the crowd. The first reaction was mass panic, screaming and flailing, and then the gas started taking effect and the noise died down, except the screaming and flailing from the mezzanine. A second wave of pellets hit, the tear gas flooded the room. Senjiin pressed a mask to the girl's face.

"Stay calm, breath normally, and no sudden moves and I won't have to make this any more uncomfortable than it already is for you," he told her gently. He was nearly feeling bad for her. They'd just ruined her night, and it was about to get a lot worse.

The screams from the mezzanine had been reduced to simple whimpering as team four entered the foyer, beginning their collection. They had only a few minutes before authorities arrived. Teams five and six were probably at the safe already. The boss' knife had undoubtedly spilled the owner's life blood by now.

"I am perfectly calm."


Things had been going well enough. The crowd hadn't complained that she sucked, at least not openly, and that was something. Hecklers were usually drunk and thus kicked out of the establishment, which was part of why she liked performing here.

She was halfway through a song of her own making when everything went downhill. Fast. She didn't hear the soft hiss as the sleep gas was unleashed on the backing band, but she did feel an arm clamp down around her neck and the cold steel of a knife against her throat.

"Everybody be cool this is a robbery," her assailant shouted out calmly as he pushed a mask over her face. "Stay calm, breath normally, and no sudden moves and I won't have to make this any more uncomfortable than it already is for you,"

"I am perfectly calm," she replied coldly.

She noticed with some disappointment that the mask he'd given her had no openings for her to see anything. She was blind, but she could hear the screaming and the thudding as people feel to the ground. Were they unconscious or dead. And why was the place being attacked? There were plenty of reasons, but a single one rushed to her mind. Luna. They were here to kill Luna. She was sure of it, it made sense to her. She had to warn her.

Orami blindly kicked back, and she felt the ball of her foot strike something satisfyingly soft, she felt the grip around her neck loosen and she took the opportunity, rushing away, but before she could go very far, or even take off the makes blinding her, she felt her left leg give out and she lost balance, falling down hard. As she fell she registered an intense burning pain in her left thigh and screamed, and she felt something warm drip down her leg.


Her leg connected with his nether regions, and it was not a pleasant feeling. He didn't reel, but his grip did loosen from the pain, and he saw her rush away, but before she could do anything stupid he threw his knife, the blade embedding itself all  the way to the guard into her left leg. She collapsed and he sprung into action, pushing his knee into the back of her neck while at the same time pulling her hair in order to tilt her face up.

Any move from her would be too painful for her to dare do anything, plus she couldn't strike him from this position, not efficiently anyway. He pulled the knife out of her leg more roughly than was entirely necessary, he felt her shiver and scream from the pain. As it got quiet again he could hear her sobbing quietly, probably also from the pain. He couldn't blame her, but his aching groin didn't let him pity her. He gently placed the blade against her throat again.

"Now be a good girl and don't give me any reason to hurt you more," he hissed dangerously. On the floor his comrades were searching the unconscious patrons and guards for money and jewels. A few of them had stopped when they'd heard the scream but had gone back to work as they saw things were under control, but Senjiin knew he'd get some crap for having been bested by a girl.

((OOC: Interested in how 'dem assassin uniforms be looking like matey? Here be a pic: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130315143306/dishonoredvideogame/images/d/d8/Dishonored_11_by_ced66-d5hohuk.jpg ))

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I was about to get out of the stables, when Leo snarled and the hair on the back of his neck went up.

-What is it boy? I whispered and tried to hide the anxious tone of my voice. He looked nervous, as if something was wrong, as if it was irritating him. I petted him softly on the back to show him everything is okay but all of a sudden he ran away. I rushed behind him worried and tried to catch up but he was way too fast.

-Leokonda!! Leoooo!!!! COME BACK! I yelled but he didn't hear me. I followed him breathless. He got in the Inn. Now, I felt really embarrassed. I thought about Orami, he would destroy her performance! When we got closer to the inn I heard screams and cries. I couldn't understand what was going on till I saw smoke coming from the Inn's inside. Leo is standing just outside the door ready to attack bellowing.

-You stay here! I tell him imperatively.

I take out my katana and see the steel shining under the moon's light for a moment. Today, I will use everything I learnt from my master. I'll prove my self skilled and make my master's spirit proud of me, or I'll die trying. I have to save Orami! I have to save them all! I get in and cover my nose with my sleeve feeling suddenly weak. I fight the feeling and blame the smoke covering everything around me making me unable to see but to be seen as well. I hear voices and hisses.

Most of the people are unconcious and I feel as if I'm going into the wolf's mouth. I try to walk silently passing over the unconcious people's bodies. I don't know the situation well yet, but surely this is all about an attack for money. It was sharply organised from the tiniest detail to be perfect.  Probably killers and in particular, thieves. First they organised the place were they would break into. Then they made sure very important persons were included in the venue listings and then they attacked.  

Assasnins like them...emerging from the shadows to complete their task and then disappear.They were working for the one who offers the most money and do what he says. I can't stop my slef from wondering who was this person as I feel deeply the desire to kill it! They have logically kept someone hostage by now to steal everything they want from the rest people. I wish deeply inside me that Orami isn't the one to be in this position! It might be the owner I think to calm myself down.

They must be fully equiped and wearing masks. I see one of them. Not clearly, just a shadow...The lights are off and I can't be sure with who's part this person is. I decide to wait for them outside as they have advantage here and I'm gonna faint if I stay in for longer. Just a step from the door though, I hear a slight hiss cross my ear and I see a knife pinned on the wall. They saw me!

I open the door and run as fast as I can outside, tears builting up into my eyes. Orami... she might be gone till now... I forbite my self to think like that and turn to see the one's coming. My heart's beating so fast I can almost hear it. Leo's gone and I can only hope he's alright. I'm so worried about him and Lucinda. I wish they ran away...With my imagination I can alsmot see Lucinda's shadowed figure flying on the dark blue sky...But I know the truth..."Everything is gonna be okay! " I tell my self but I know I'm lying. I listen carefully to the steps that are closing in and then a figure emerges through the shadows...

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If you had told Kye moments ago that he was about to be dead center in the fray of a robbery, he wouldn't have believed you.
This Inn while nice, was unremarkable, it had no special VIP's, no large sums of cash that he was aware of, the owner seemed to be fairly simple man. Although as per usual a true soldier of Kye's caliber would never let his guard down no matter where he was, yet one would always be free suspect when a crime or tragedy may or may not take place.
In other words, while Kye would not be taken by surprise by the coming events, he certainly did not see it coming.

Right about the time the two men he saw earlier both walked in the direction of the bathroom together. Kye looked towards the performance as the music started playing.
The girl was a singer, an up and coming start with a voice like shade darker then gold. Not perfect, but the raw materials for a voice that could be trained to be the voice a superstar in the music industry.
Kye enjoyed the tune, he didn't fully focus on it but he let it be the background music for his thoughts.

His combination of worry and fear still gripped him.
He recalled Akane, the mother of his son, telling that this fear was what made him a good father. He found that hard to believe. To him a true father should be someone that has made there own lives the best they could for themselves physically, mentally and spiritually before taking in the life of another. A man should become a father until they themselves have learned the lessons they are trying to teach their children. How can teacher possibly teach a class they know nothing about? So with that in mind, how could Kye teach a child the right way to live life, when he had no idea, or even done it himself.
He was an Assassin for a squad that travels the world, killing people because people behind desks tell him to without asking questions as to why. He never even thought of the one's he killed, he had blocked them out completely.
His personal life consisted of moderate to heavy drinking, smoking, no friends other then the squad, a shut in when not at work, no drive to succeed in life, an ex-girlfriend whom he impregnated and now forced to continue to associate with her. In addition to all this, the biggest problem at all when it came to being a dad.

Kye did not care about being a good person...

Although everything else was a problem, it was that single that was the one biggest problem of all.
A man is not a true man until that man follow's a purpose. The kind of man you choose to be with that purpose is up to you.
Kye had no purpose, so then he was not a true man. If not a true man, how he could he raise a child to be one?
In a way it was fitting though, a dark bender with darkness in his hear, made for a good combination.
This was what scared him. He knew deep down he had goodness, no evil man would be this tortured about raising a child right.

But there was just so much he did not have to offer...So much he was not...So little of a soul to give...

It was at this time that Kye saw a single man covered in all black with a bird like mask on his face.
Kye's many, many years of training spoke to him instantly and told him that based on the man's gear, he was not alone and he was not stupid. This was going to be a robbery with a crew, all planned and coordinated. To what purpose, scale, or plan they had was unknown, but Kye could only deduce that now he was in a situation that he was not going to be walking away from and that he would have to do something.
The odds however were not in his favor, he wasn't going to even think about doing any sort of fighting.
So, he reached both hands behind his back, gripping the hood of his jacket and throwing it over his head. He then took one more drink of his beer before he placed it on the counter and stepped off the stool. Right as his feet hit the ground the man grabbed Orami and declared this was a robbery.

He walked through the crowd, not even looking towards the man on stage.
Small pellets began to litter the floor, Kye turned his head slightly to a few he heard click onto the floor before then all made small poof sounds and smoke had followed.
The mass panic of crowd would cover him well enough for the robber's to be simply too busy to follow a single man who to them should be just another guy.

"Sleeping gas?" He mumbled to himself with slight curiosity.
These men were so...Helpful!

The sleeping gas would let Kye do his work happily knowing that there would be no witnesses to see him...

Reaching his destination he casually placed his gloved hand on the doorknob of the "Employees Only" door and let his dark bending do it's work.
each door has a specific mechanism in their locks with pins in the key hole that would allow the door to open upon them all pushed up in a certain order. Although unseen he bending very small shadows into the lock and used very small spike like shadows to rapidly push the pins in random order's. Kye had dealt with so many locked door's in his time that he almost had entire archive in his brain of every single possible order for these pins. Of course it was complete as it took Kye a total of 2 seconds to make the door click and unlock.
He then walked inside.
The Assassin has been in countless buildings, houses, home's, constructions and blue prints of many varieties that he almost knew instantly where the fueling room was.

Of course he was not infallible when it came to these things, in fact the first door he opened ended up being the janitor's closet. It was the second door that ended up being the fueling room.

The fueling room, in modern time's it would be known as the generator room, or mechanical room. Yet since electricity was not used futuristic manner, there was instead a fueling room. It was like a more delicate version of a pump room.
The Inn was not lit by light bulbs, but by bright oil lanterns. These lanterns were all connected by rows of wiring, that wired was hollow with oil running through it to continuously fuel the lanterns. In addition to all the other lights which were also connected to this pump room.

Kye needed his ally, his friend, the one true thing that never failed him.

He needed Darkness.

Grabbing hold of the master switch Kye pulled it back, forcing the machine to come to a halt as all the pumps stopped in place.
From the outside, it would take only a few seconds but the all the lights in the entire Inn would dim very quickly before the entire place would fall under complete darkness.

Undoubtedly this would halt these men's plans, while he wouldn't doubt they had some source's of light. He knew this would slow them down. Trying to perform a perfectly planned robbery would be tough to perform when surrounded in complete darkness.
Now that the entire Inn was pitch black, Kye knew he had a little time, but not much.
He rushed back towards the door in tremendous speed, and when the word tremendous is used we mean "TREMENDOUS"
Kye had three trump cards above all other's in the fields. His speed was one of those trump card. His time in the spirit world caused his training to build his speed to beyond human levels. his quickness and reflexes are just naturally like a blur to the eye, top that off with his Ninjutsu training and experience as an Assassin, you have yourself a bullet of a man.
It took only a second for him to reach the door.
He opened it with some haste, the hinges were well oiled and there was not a single squeak as it opened.

However he had to quickly hold his breath and his mouth and nose with his sleeve as got a face full of both tear gas and sleeping gas.
He could feel trace amounts of the sleep inducing particles entering his nostrils. He had to move fast.
Using his insane speed and his ninja like stealth he ran towards the wall before making a small jump then running along side it like a spider, letting him pass by the robber's that would still be busy trying to put the still panicking crowd to rest the darkness would make them panic further and give the robbers a harder time. The chance's they would see him was small, but he let his quickness take away as much of the chance they could see him as possible. The momentum let him take enough steps to get close enough to the door to where the boss's office would be in the back stage area.

Now while he could not fully confirm this, this robbery appeared to be a front for something bigger. Trained men of this caliber would go through such a plan just to raid the wallets of customer's. The money would be far too little for such a risky operation. These men's gear was also too high for this, it was like they were suited for a bank robbery. So this had to narrowed down to two options. Either this was a front for an assassination of some sort, or their was really something valuable here in which case hostage and crowd robbing was just a bonus for the real reward they would be getting.
Either way, Kye figured that if these men wanted to really control this crowd and keep the security guards in check, they would need the boss as a hostage as well.

So, using the darkness to his advantage Kye slipped into the backstage and only had to move a short distance before he found the Boss's office was wide open.
How could he see this in complete darkness though? Well that was where Kye's second trump card came in.

He was a complete master of dark bending.

Trained to fully navigate through pitch black with the greatest of ease and bend the darkness in such a way that he could see what was in front of him but keep the dark in a state where other's would stay blind.
If the boss of this whole attack on the was still in the owner's office and didn't somehow flee from the office upon the darkness hitting the Inn. Kye would simply walk up casually to the boss followed by raised his hand up and tapping him on the shoulder.
"Excuse me sir" He would speak with a slightly alerted tone as though he was one of the assassin's.

Hopefully the Boss would turn his back to see who it was, in which case Kye would knock his lights out with a strong and quick punch to the jaw which would be enough to put most men out cold.
Hoping that would be out of the way Kye would then proceed to deal with everyone else.

(OOC: Sorry for the length, but now I've gotta respond to Luna's post, lemme know if it's too long I can probably shorten it or make room for responding to any retaliation the Boss that Kye attacked might have)

Kye had an idea for what he would do for the rest of the assassin's. No doubt they were still trying to navigate through the darkness with possible light sources.
He quickly and quietly stepped out of the backstage and took a different route towards the stage when he suddenly heard a scream. He turned towards the source of the noise and saw the entrance of the Inn, which just ahead was a woman with a sword.
Kye could see the fear in her movements. He knew he didn't have time for her though.


He felt somehow compelled to go. With that sword she would be seen as hostile and likely get killed. He knew he didn't have to worry about the crowd in the Inn getting killed, however this woman was a different story.
He could do it...Yeah he'd be able to manage it. He could see there was just one man hiding in the darkness.
Kye used his dark bending to shroud himself in complete darkness like a blanket, making him completely invisible in the dark. He passed through towards the entrance and let the darkness be his ally as he would pass through the door and move behind the man hiding in the dark.
The woman looked scared but ready to fight, she seemed like an able bodied warrior. Maybe she could help him...

From Luna's perspective, she would see the dark figure she had just encountered, however, a black hand would suddenly come around the man's jaw just underneath his mas an grip his chin before turning his head violently to the side and snapping it. The chances of the man stopped or retaliating this were very low but possible.
If nothing was done though, as the man would fall Kye would take hold of the man's mask and let it come off him.
Kye would then let the darkness blanket him again so that he could quick step towards Luna's back with the robber's mask in hand.
Back to back with Luna he turned his head to towards her.

"You have two choices here" He whispered.
"You can get out of here, find the authorities and tell them about what is happening here, or you can take this mask" He dropped the mask on the floor for her to notice.
"And wait for my signal to put that sword to use" He referred to the blade she was wielding.
After that he would let the darkness continue to keep him hidden and move back inside the Inn.

(OOC: Once again sorry for the length, next posts will be shorter and easier to follow.)

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Left through a red wooden door, then right up a flight of stairs and into another room. His footsteps were as loud as a ghost's, but the utter silence of his movements was not necessary. He didn't pass a single person on his way to the target. That was good, it would mean an easier, cleaner escape.

The room he was looking for was at the end of a long corridor, a single green dot at the end of a dark wooden tunnel. He caressed the door open, the wooden barrier yielding before him with nary a sigh to give away his position. The target was in front of him, bent over a handsome wooden desk. His back was to the door, and to the assassin. The man in the mask tapped the wooden door twice. It was a custom of his, he liked to see his mark's face as he bore down on them, you could tell a lot about how a man handled his last moments as death bore down on him.

The ageing owner of the Mountain Top spun around at the noise, his hazy gaze focused on the man, there was a moment of confusion in his ancient eyes, and then recognition as he realised what the mask and the drawn blade meant. He tried to back away from the hired knife, but his back hit the desk.

"Guards!" he called, his voice trembling in fear. "GUARDS!!!"

"You're all alone Xei Shun. My men have eliminated yours," the assassin replied coolly, twirling his blade between his fingers deftly. "When the Gods are gone and the Devils take hold, who will have mercy on your soul," the words were taken from an old folk song his father had been fond of, each of his assassination marks had heard at least a sentence form it before dying.

"Puh-Please. I-I'll give you anything! Anything at all! Gold. Women. Golden women, just name your price. Anything," by now Xei was on his knees. Behind the mask the assassin was grimacing in disgust. Wasting his last moment begging? A bad use of one's final seconds.

"No wealth, no ruin, no silver no gold, nothing satisfies me but your soul," he replied. He was towering over the kneeling elder. He held his weapon in a reverse grip and before the inn's owner could utter another word his blade plunged downwards, the metal edge biting into the bade of the man's neck, killing him instantly.

His job completed he was about to exit when suddenly darkness fell over the room. That was not part of the plan. He knew his men well enough to know they wouldn't deviate form his instructions. Something was very wrong. For an unknown attacker to make it to the fuelling room he or she would have had to bypass or defeat his men. This wasn't an opponent to take lightly. This room would be ideal to await this opponent in, he could prepare here. Prepare and wait for the fool to stumble into his snare.

He calmly sheathed his weapon, held his hands out in front of him and performed a series of complex gestures and the old man's corpse began to rise. It had only a tiny amount of consciousness, just barely enough to allow it to look alive and walk around, but not even close to enough to fight or even move at anything more vigorous than a slow walk. The assassin took off his coat and mask, placing them on his zombie.

The room's door opened inwards and he placed himself behind it. The plan was simple. Anyoe coming in would see the zombie with the coat and mask and would not see the assassin himself who would be hidden by the opened door. The assailant would attack the zombie, leaving the assassin to stab him in the back. The outlaw leader allowed himself a brief smile as he waited for the wannabe hero to barge in, readying his blade.


As the lights went out Senjiin blanched a little under his mask. This was not going according to the plan. This was bad. Had the boss taken out the mark? Probably. Would he be okay? Again, probably. He was a tough nut to crack. Still, he couldn't help but shake a bad feeling about this whole thing. For some reason he had a hunch that this was not going to end well. For anyone.


Hao Kahn's job was simple and the promised pay was hard to ignore. He had been hired by these outlaws to help them gather up loot. He wasn't actually part of their association, hell he was usually an upstanding law abiding citizen with a wife and a kid on the way. He'd never harmed so much as a beetle fly in his life and he'd certainly never stolen from anyone, up until today that is. As a matter of fact he'd never had any intentions to ever break any laws, but life had a habit of throwing curve balls at you and you had to react appropriately. He had lost his job and he desperately needed the money, he refused to even think about raising his son in poverty.

The plan was that he would pat down the unconscious bodies, gathering up any riches and valuables he could find on them, then he and other hired hands would follow the assassins out and they'd give over what they'd collected and then they'd get paid. It was simple and without risk (said lack of risk had been mentioned multiple times when the job was explained). The lights shutting off had not been part of the plan, and if that had changed maybe the promised lack of risk had too.

As the lights had gone out Hao had found himself with enough cash and stolen jewellery in his arms to set himself and his family up for a long time in his arms, certainly more than these thieves would ever pay him, if they even survived. He'd made a rash, panic-induced decision, not stopping to think of how he'd fence the stolen goods, only thinking about how happy he could make his family. He held the loot close to his chest and ran out, taking advantage of the smoke to go undetected. But as he made his way out of the smoke and out of the building into the open air he found himself facing a young woman, he also notices she's armed, and not wearing a mask. Police? Law enforcement? Vigilante? Panic takes over his mind completely. He draws the dagger he always carries at his belt, raising it up shakily.

"Out of my way!" Hao tries to scream but it comes out more as a pathetic little squeak, as he rushes at the girl, weapon held high. If he has to sacrifice one person to protect his family he'll gladly pay that price.

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I shiver in fear as a man comes out of the shadows. I hold my sword tight and stand still, determined. He is a man with harsh attributes. From the ones you don't easily forget. He seems scared as much as I am in the thought of killing. He's not a thief, even though his pockets look filled up with stolen properties. He is paid to do that and  he might have a family and kids...I wonder what made him fall that low into his family's eyes...It doesn't matter any more...I walk a few steps ahead to look at him closer.

-Who are you? I yell at him but he draws his dagger and shouts at me "Out of my way!". His voice is trembling just like mine's. Very well, I wonder. I have to fight him! I swing my sword once and cut his pockets with agility. I don't want to hurt him really, but I hardly avoid one of his attacks that makes me fall down. He's ready to hit me, but I know he can't. In a moment of hesitation, I kick him off me and throw him down. I stab him on the arm and step back.

-Stop! I yell but he throws his dagger and stabs me on the leg. I groan and loose my balance. I fall down and tears built into my eyes. In normal circumstances I would handle this, but it was too much for a night. I decided I had to use my power even if I promised to be equal. I saw him closing in and he managed to stab me on the chest, when I grabb his hand before he does so and with my other hand earthbend the ground around him to create four walls around him and trap him this way. He yelled, but I didn't paid any attention to him no longer. I was bleeding and my vision blured for using so much energy. I picked up my katana and decided I should head in there and do my best. I make a small opening to the trap of the man, and I hit him gently on the back of the neck. He instantly falls uncocious and I take his mask and dagger.

I walk in slowly and carefully. For some reason, the lights are off but it's even darker than that it should be normally. I take off my shoes and feel the cold floor under my feet. Feeling the vibrations is something few and chosen earthbenders can only do, such as Great Toph. I can feel everything around, but I can't see clearly. I have my weapons ready even though the invadors will probably think am one of them. I feel one of them heading close to me and by the way he walks, I realise he knows. I kick him and attempt to push him to the side with earthbending, when I realise the only thing made of soil in this place is steel. I feel shocked. I can't bend that...I'm not ready, and I never learnt how. But in a way that it's impossible for me to describe, I feel the door tremble slightly as I concentrate on defeating the enemy and I know I can do it!

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Although Kye opened the door itself rather quietly, for an assassin, it was like barging in.
Yet Kye had his wits about him, in complete darkness like this, he saw everything.
Kye was a master of dark bending, he knew everything there was to know, the scope of his dark bending ability was as high as it could be for a human being. So here they were all now, a pitch black Inn with only a few small lights here and there, just enough to not be hitting walls. In darkness like this, for Kye it was like being a water bender and being underwater with several men inside. To fight a water bender while swimming in water yourself was suicide, so when it came to being surrounded in darkness...

Walking into the office and opening the door, he very subtly bended the darkness around to make it just a little thicker, similar to what it would be like to walk in thick smoke. This helped him feel the area around him.
Yet right as he walked in, he saw some odd person in front of him, yet the moment he saw him, he saw the blood on his throat and dripping his neck. Kye had killed so many men in his life that the instant he saw the man, and saw no one in front of him, he knew this man was dead, and there was only one place the assassin who did this would be, and since this dead body was on it's feet and likely being controlled in some fashion, there was only one option.

Not even needing to turn around, in the instant he walked in Kye would completely solidify the darkness around the mans body, since he was shrouded in darkness regardless of if he was behind the door still or trying to lunge forward for the attack. The man's presence would be felt by Kye if the assassin moved, in which case the same result would follow. Just like a water bender turning the water around a man underwater into ice, Kye would begin freeze this man in place in the instant Kye walked in the door. The whole process would take less then half a second, the blink of an eye as the old saying went.
Although to a normal human this all would take maybe a couple seconds to execute, it was one of Kye's trump cards, his speed, his reflexes, and his reaction time. His quickness was not matched by any normal human being. While he had his flaws like everyone else in the world, this game of smoke and mirrors was not one of them. The sneak attack would have fared better had the man been in the light, yet he was trained to use darkness as his ally. Every good assassin was.

Yet why would Kye need darkness as his ally, when he was it's master...?
The moment those lights turned off, every single person in the Inn would not be leaving here. Even if they did, the sun was setting...

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Taking Control [OPEN]
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