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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Kaede Hotaru [DONE]   Kaede Hotaru [DONE] I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 9:45 pm

    Name: Kaede Hotaru, also known as one-half of the mischief.
    Age: Seventeen
    Birthplace: Vermillion Dragon Empire Colonies of the Fire Nation
    Current Residence: Vermillion City, Vermilion Dragon Empire
    Rank: Bender, Elemental Warrior of Fire (along with his twin sister.)
    Occupation: None currently; previous informant (information broker).
    Element: Fire
    Pets: Kagura, his trusted Fire Ferret. Holding a high and mighty persona, the ferret appears to be quite regal in appearance and attitude, due to her being heavily spoiled by her master. Acting as if it she is superior compared to others, she does display a sense of arrogance. No matter, she proves to be a fitting companion to the rebellious teen and a worthy accomplice to his previous line of work.
    Weapons: None, for Kaede heavily depends on either his bending ability, hand-to-hand combat, or shear wit.

    Birthday: February 18th
    Blood type: B-
    Hobbies: Observing people and their tendencies, eating noodles of all varieties, embracing his youth, and wreaking complete havoc with his sister, Lydia.

      Kaede is quite an easily frightened soul. Jumping at the slightest creak of a sound, or raising an eyebrow at the subtlest of shadows, unless he know exactly what is the cause of the disturbance, his heart isn't at rest. Feeling goosebumps and shivers shoot up his spine fairly quickly, he developed the tendency to dress more towards the heavier side in hopes of concealing any hint of his irrational fears.
      Kaede withholds a thorough understanding of human tendencies and behavior due to excessive amount of observation. A deep lover of humanity, in his past time, he likes to determine people's thoughts and attempt to predict their reactions with a mildly high accuracy rate. He has an odd obsession with people, although he doesn't make it obvious.

    Aruko Hoturu; Father (Firebender)
    Sharon Hotaru, 'nee Kishitani; Mother (Non-bender)
    Lydia Hotaru; Twin-sister (Firebender)
    Character Theme: Castle Walls by T.I. Ft. Christina Aguilera, or even I Can Do Anything- 3OH!3, Everybody Loves Me by OneRepublic.

    Hair: A natural, golden-type blonde with a medium-lengthen cut, Kaede's hair is, well, all over the place. Having strands of his naturally straight locks extending outwardly in loose layers throughout his head and especially in the sides, it's actually quite a surprise that it remains lustrous and soft given his unstable living conditions.
    Eyes: Baring bright and luminous, emerald eyes, they contain faint flicks of dark green when shown in bright lights.
    Height: 5'9"
    Clothes: His garments change frequently because of his excessive amount of traveling to different locations with his sister, but a vibrant red scarf wrapped loosely around his neck, accompanied by faded green above-the-knee-length overalls seem to never miss the cut. Fond of flamboyant and unusual arrangements, it's quite a surprise as to how Kaede manages to blend into the crowds so easily with is sibling. Wearing a variety attires, he tends to lean more towards pink's, red's, and yellow's, all accompanied by some form of faded color to match.
    Skin: Toughen, tan skin makes up majority of the blonde's body. His hands and feet are also marked with callouses and subtle scars from running and climbing since he first embarked on his journey to run away from his mother with his sister.
    Body Type: Neither skinny to the bone, or built like a military general, Kaede is somewhere in between the two body types. He's fairly strong and muscular, though not the fittest in the world.

    Personality: Kaede has the characteristics and expression of a bender whom is extremely confident and crafty, which are attributes he lives up to, similar to his sister's free spirit. Undoubtedly attractive, he embraces that aspect of himself, resulting him to be arrogant to a certain extent. To briefly summarize him, the blonde is cunning, charming, mocking/happy, and is overall an observer. In fact, the latter is what he's best known for - simply watching nameless faces as they wander through his path and developing impeccable person's skills because of it.

    You see, he has an inexplicable love for humanity, and finds pleasure in noting their every reaction, from chaotic, to joyous, to even miserable. This extrovert oftentimes even manipulates others in order to receive some sort of response out of mere curiosity of seeing if his assumptions are correct or not, which is what undoubtedly lead to him being an informant. However, in his scheming and mischief, he always tells the truth, in order to maintain some sort of respect. He also battles on both sides of any game, so he'll have an advantage.

    In his younger days, before he became an informant, Kaede was oftentimes mistaken to be a loner. Embracing his surroundings in silence, he never cared to associate with others, or form any type of tangible relationships. Quiet and reserved, he was undoubtedly distant - withdrawn from the activities around him as he drew his attention onto people of his world. Trivial conversations and connections caused him to be easily disinterested, and so he made himself his only companion. He didn't actually display any characteristic of his true self until he became an informant, where interaction was a necessities in his line of work.
    Personal Strengths:

      + Attentive
      + Focused comprehension
      + People's person
      + Skilled observation
      + Optimistic

    Personal Weaknesses:

      - Manipulating
      - Obsessive
      - Loud/Harsh
      - Inability to love
      - Mildly Chaotic/Demented

    Hamartia: Kaede's one fatal flawless is how he feels as if emotional attachments are nonexistent in his personal dictionary. He guards his heart with a heavy lock, believing he's not capable of loving anything - be it a human, or not. While he tells himself if humanity is able to appreciate him, then everything else will suffice, he has moments of unsurety and loneliness that strike him hard to the core.
    Personal Hero: None.
    Dreams and Ambitions: Kaede doesn't have many ambitions, or dreams, other than making sure Lydia remains out of harms' way.


      People (Humanity)
      Lydia (In a sibling manner - she's one of the few
      people he can genuinely tolerate.)
      Listening into conversation
      BONUS: Trolling


      When he loses an argument;
      though he doesn't get into them to often
      Losing anything, really
      Talkative people
      Surprises of all varieties (People's actions, events, etc.)
      His father

    Brief History: Born to a previous peasant of a mother from the colonies, and to a father who cared more about his younger twin sister by exactly two minutes, Kaede wasn't sure where he stood as he grew up. As he aged, it seemed as if his mother always yearned for more than what they withheld, and that he was never even remotely near of worth to his father, whom only brought his attention to either his work, or Lydia. Needless to say, the young blonde felt like the oddball in his selective family - not that he minded, though. No, our future warrior, in fact, loved the silence that was brought onto him by being the Hotaru's outcast. He admired the calm just before dawn, or the quiet just as a storm ended. He believed each moment of serenity was different, yet all very beautiful if you listened carefully. His comprehension of his surroundings was an aspect he treasured.

    It wasn't until Kaede reached his elementary years had he actually been noticed by his family. Distant and withdrawn, when Lydia discovered she could firebend at the age of seven, unlike himself, the boy became the light of his mother's eyes due to her disdain of such God-given abilities. Rather than centering her world around his twin, the elder Hotaru began to recognize she actually had a son in her arms, and he soon developed into his mother's favorite. Whether he disliked the new-found attention or not, he'd never say aloud, but for all we know, it didn't have any effect on his somewhat reclusive persona. Maybe, he was awaiting his father to portray the same love - that he needed the figure to come into his life to openly display more warmth. Who really knows, though, besides Kaede, himself?

    Moving onward, past his father, Lydia, and his strained relationship with the duo, Kaede began to find pleasure and happiness in other way as he admire his silence, and when he wasn't performing chores for his mother. When he was eleven, he discovered his knack for observation; his ability to see everyone's little ticks, fidgets, hesitations, and et cetera. That was when he discovered he wasn't just a good listener, or immaculate observer, but a lover of people; of all humanity itself.

    It was inexplicable to him, from that moment on. He wasn't sure if it was due to the lack of love he received as a child, or not, but for certain he knew he loved humanity. He felt as if he could never love romantically people, no, but could cherish them from his distance. From their nervous twitches, to the blatant tension in their furrowed eyebrows - every characteristic and attribute about them gave Kaede satisfaction, as if simply watching their actions made his life complete. However, as the years progressed, rather than simply observing society as a past time in his easily brought on boredom, he began to become obsessive with the notion of humanity. He wanted to see not only people smile, but people in tears. He wanted to witness every emotion and every reaction that maybe he even could cause.

    At the age of twelve, he had his chance, or rather, made an opportunity himself. Kaede became the youngest information broker within the small colony he resided in out of mere curiosity to see if his predictions would come true, initially. It wasn't hard, no, to learn information about his neighbors. After all, he grew up with these people, and knew every little nook and cranny of each residency. Of course, people were skeptical when they heard of him and his business, unknown to his family. He was only twelve, barely even a teenager, and here he was aware of more about people than they knew about themselves as he read them like a book. It was a genuine talent; his secret power of sorts as he liked to say, especially given his portrayal. He even believed it was greater than any bending ability he were to receive, having none at that time.

    However, his sister, Lydia, altered his plans, whether they be for the better or worse, he has yet to have decided. When she turned thirteen, and their mother learned of her firebending practices with their father, the elderly Hotaru woman had enough. His twin wanted to run away from home because of a harsh rampage brought on by their mother, but what would Kaede do? His relationship with his sibling was strained - almost nonexistent. He saw her as an unwarranted female clone that had no purpose. Why would she bother coming to him for help, after barely even giving her a second glance at the dinner table? He would've declined her request for aid if it hadn't been the desperation in her eyes. Although he hardly associated with Lydia during their youth, she was the only one in their family that he remotely tolerated, and an idea also sparked. He wanted to play another game.

    Kaede had already become dreary and disinterested around this time with their colony. He was already labeled the loner informant (which he detested mind you, after loathing nicknames), and knew everything about everyone in his calm, society. Think of how many people would he could meet in the other nations if he were to guide his sister through the forest and onward to freedom, or how many people he could terrorize -- erhm -- speak with as they merely stumbled across his path? All the possible prediction, and new faces.. The notion was exactly what he was waiting for - a fresh taste into a humanity that was different from what he was used to. While he despised surprises, he believed this one would have been an exception for the greater possibilities.

    And, so, without hesitation, the scheming, thirteen-year-old Kaede left with Lydia, escaping from their detached family and headed into the woods behind their abode. He discovered his firebending accidentally when trying to cover their tracks. The duo has been running through sporadic residencies, terrain, and cities ever since.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaede Hotaru [DONE]   Kaede Hotaru [DONE] I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 5:29 pm

Finished and ready for approval, my brethren!

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PostSubject: Re: Kaede Hotaru [DONE]   Kaede Hotaru [DONE] I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 5:50 pm

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Kaede Hotaru [DONE]
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