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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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PostSubject: Raine   Raine I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2012 7:12 pm


    Raine Anime-girl-braids

    Name: Raine Kuri Izael

    Age: 18

    Birthplace: Vermilion Dragon Empire

    Current Residence: Vermilion City

    Rank: Bender/ Martial Artist

    Occupation: Vocal Preformer and Dancer

    Element: Fire


    Birthday: December 12th

    Blood type: Along with Dancing and Singing, Raine is also a vivid
    artist, always finding sometime in her day to sit down and sketch out either small things she sees or her surroundings.

    Quirks: When Raine laughs too hard she will often snort a little bit, she finds it extremely embarrassing and prefers not to in public.

    Family: Jin Izael ( Father ) Mai Izael ( Mother ) Folt Izael ( Older Brother )


    Hair Raine has long, soft silky Blonde hair. It reaches to her lower back, and it is straight for the most part, but has a bit of natural curl behind it. She likes to braid certain pieces out of her face, which wrap around the sides and connect in the back, where she has a very elegant looking silver clip. Her bangs come across the front of her face in a side sweep motion, partially covering one eye.

    Eyes: A very bright, crystal Gray color, almost as if they are silver. They shine in the light and being surrounded by thick black eye lashes alot of people find themselves mesmerized by her eyes,

    Height: 5'7"

    Clothes: Raint typically sticks to short pale colored dresses, her favorite being a pale pink one, that flows around her knees. It is long sleeved, but the sleeves are rather baggy and hang off her arms. Being tight around the waist and chest, the bottom kind of opens up resembling the waves in a flower. The dress is trimmed with silk that shines in the sunlight brilliantly. Her footwear consists of casual pale pink slip on flats.

    Skin: Baby soft, pale pale color, and aside from a few faint freckles on her nose, nearly flawless skin.

    Body Type: Even though she is skinny and petite, Raine doesnt lack in femine features, still being able to be described as curvy.


    Personality: Kind Hearted, Optomistic, Beautifull and Shy. These are traits that you could easilly use to describe Raine. She has a simple different view about the world, being there is a good side to everyone and the world is peacefull. The idea of War and hatred from people evades her. She doesnt prefer fighting at all, but with her martial art skill, and bending, she can handle herself. She is about defense, and refuses to use it when un-needed.

    Raine is the most kind person anyone could ever meet. Always giving to those that need, and always smiling and being happy. She adores children and will often be seen singing or dancing for them or even joining in thier little games.

    Meeting new people is a iffy subject for her, she is rather shy. Yet stage fright, isnt even a thing for her. she loves preforming for people, strangers or not, its just face to face and talking she has a problem with, because of her awkward snort she has.

    Personal Strengths:
    - Martial Art
    - Stanima
    - Diplomatic

    Personal Weaknesses:
    - Useless with Weapons
    - Optomistic/ Naive

    Hamartia: Raine is unbelivably afraid of the Dark.

    Personal Hero: Raine's Older Brother Folt

    Dreams and Ambitions: To Travel to other Lands

    - Sunshine
    - Art
    - Dancing/ Music
    - Bending
    - Giving
    - Swimming

    - War/Fighting
    - The Dark
    - Bullies
    - Feeling like a Burden
    - Blood ( Rather Squeemish around it )

    Brief History: Raine didnt grow up in a broken home, or as a orphan or even as a spoiled royal member. She was born into a normal home with a normal family. A mother and Father and even a Older brother. Folt and Raine are a rough five years apart, and as soon as she was brought into the home, Folt grew that Sibling jealousy. A New baby meant he would get no attention and no spoiling gifts and he couldnt stand that thought.

    But as Raine began to grow older, The two grew closer. Folt would take Raine out into the city to play with other children and they would be inseperable, Folt was her protector and they loved each other. Folt taught Raine how to Bend, and How to protect herself. And Raine taught Folt how to draw with her.

    One day though, they were out playing, and the sun began to go down, so they had to head home, except as they passed a Alley way, they were both kidnapped! Awaking up in the burlap sack in a filthy dusty room, Raine began to cry. It was dark and she wanted to go home. Folt tried to keep her calm, and he cleverly burnt the sack around them. They looked around, and with Folt's Fire they could see they were in a box. He tried to slam against it and break it, but it was no use. So they sat there. Unsure of how long they were in that box, Folt kept positive, saying Mom and Dad were going to come for them.

    And someone did come, however it wasn't thier parents. They were Soilders, who had stopped the cargo movement of the Bandits. Joy and tears came across Raine's face as she saw her home once more. Felt her parents loving arms. But since that day, Raine has been ever so scared of the Dark, and Evil people. So she tries to stay posistive just as her brother Folt had in that situation.

    They both had changed from that day, Raine grew afraid, and Folt grew hatred.

    The two grew up more, into the adults they are now, raine being Naive and Optomisitc, but Folt grew with disgust and hate for everyone. Wanting to lash out at the scum of the world. so he joined the army, hoping to get his chance. Raine cried for days when he left, praying once again he would find the light in his heart.

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PostSubject: Re: Raine   Raine I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 10:24 am


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