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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Airo Yan   Airo Yan I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 6:30 pm

Name: Airo Yan
Age: 23
Birthplace: Fire Nation
Current Residence: Fire Nation
Rank: General of the Fire Nation Royal Guard/Noble
Element: Fire
Pets: N/A
Weapons: N/A

Birthday: January 17th
Blood type: O
Character Theme:

Hair: Black hair that has been tied up into a traditional fire nation bun at the top of his head, it has a silky texture to it.
Eyes: Hazel brown
Height: 5'10"
Clothes: On his free time, he wears a traditional fire nation outfit, made out of soft cotton and laced with silk. Around the collar of the shirt is a golden pattern resembling a dragon.
Skin: Slightly tan, smooth as a baby's butt, except for a scar or two.
Body Type: He is somewhat muscular, thanks to all his training. Not overly bulk, but it's evident that he has been in training for quite along time.
Image:Airo Yan Tsuruga+ren(Face)

Personality: He is serious when it comes to work, not the one to crack jokes, or laugh, even smile. He's pretty much as cold as a rock when it comes to anything work related. However, once the uniform drops to the ground, he's usually cheery, allows himself to laugh and joke around a little bit, however, he tries to not become too goofy, and maintain a bit of his work attitude outside work. He often finds himself trying to restrain his behaviours around Naina, as on several occasions it appeared as if it had been bothering her. He strives to see her happy, heck, even smile, and although most of the things he tries to do in order to be funny, they end up annoying her.
Personal Strengths: Talented Firebender, Ability to keep calm, Professionalism towards work, His ability to not take work home with him.
Personal Weaknesses: Lack of much experience seeing as he advanced in the ranks so quickly, goofyness, patience
Personal Hero: His father, Tsuru Yan
Dreams and Ambitions: To be happy, one way or an other.

Likes: Cracking jokes, laughing, Making a special someone smile, a bit of a challenge, Art

Dislikes: Untidy people, swearing

Brief History:
Airo grew up around the royal family, his father training them in the arts of battle. He was close childhood friends with Naina, the princess, often finding himself hanging around whenever she and his father were going to train. They were about the same age, he was two years older. At occasions his father would train them both at the same time, and he grew even more attached to Naina, and constantly tried to make her laugh or smile by acting all goofy around her.
He turned ten, and suddenly Naina grew annoyed with him, the things he had done before that amused them both had now turned into an annoyance. He couldn't see why she had turned so hostile towards him all of a sudden, and thus backed away a bit, still trying to be there for her, supporting her, only to get yelled at for messing up, or doing something she deemed foolish.
Taking his distance again, he became more focused with his training. When she suddenly moved away when he was sixteen, he was shocked, he hadn't seen it comming. He really didn't know what to do, she had been his best friend, the one he had entrusted with so many things, and now she had suddenly just moved away. He was crushed.
Years passed, and he had submerged himself in his training and work. He had joined the army at one point, was moved to the royal guard and had quickly advanced in the ranks. At this point, she had returned back. However, not long after her return, he was sent off to the light nation to help fend of a rebellion against the light king.

Teru Lei Sarang- Retired Fire Nation Lieutenant
Aileen Rukon- 7 year old water bender
Ciel Anuko- Earth Kingdom Noble/Archer
Airo Yan- General of the Royal Guard/Fire Nation Noble
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