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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Psykeh Charna    Psykeh Charna  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 9:56 pm

(FYI: She is a dual bender because at the age of 18 if you have gone through great emotional or physical hardship you can learn another element)
• Name: Psykeh Charna (Mind/Dark)
• Age: 24 (But looks 18)
• Birthplace: Dark Nation
• Current Residence: Unknown
• Rank: Bender
• Element: Master Dark/Mind
• Pets: N/A
• Weapons: (Will go in weapons approval area)

• Hair: Psykeh’s hair is fiery red. It is slightly wavy and flows 6 inchs past her collarbone.
• Eyes: Medium, Pale green, intensified by dark shadowy make-up Psykeh wears
• Height: 5’11
• Clothes: Psykeh does not like to flaunt her firey hair so she wears ebony pants, ebony shirt, and a green cloak. The edges of the cloak are embroidered with golden thread. She also holds a green shadow gem/lantern, and wears a necklace that was her sister’s.
• Skin: Very smooth, and rarely rough
• Body Type: Thin, but muscular
• Image: Psykeh Charna  Psykeh10

• Personality: Psykeh has only learned one way to live by mesmerizing another. Her mind bet others to her wimps. She is a secretive person. She has not confided in anyone since her sister’s death. Psykeh has not mesmerized anyone since her sister’s death, and her parents. She will not even let her mind even go into them. Those, those, she can’t even speak. They still are looking for her you know. Psykeh’s trust is hard to gain, but if you have gained this, she will always stand by your side.
• Personal Strengths:
• Bending/Fighting
• Disappearing
• Quick Reaction Time
• Being strong on the outside, while she felt weak
• Mesmerizing
• Personal Weaknesses:
• Seeing her sister in her dreams, Kai
• Nightmares
• Falling off high points (Such as mountain/cliff)
• Personal Hero: Kai, her sister
• Dreams and Ambitions: To kill her parents
• Likes:
• Roses
• Candy
• The shadows
• Kai
• Shadow Gems
• Dislikes:
• Death of someone she loves
• Her parents
• Tulips
• Snarky people
• People who put others down
• Brief History:
Psykeh Charna was born to the well-esteemed Charna family with her twin sister Kai Charna. Her parents were Po and Mei. On the outside it seemed like a family people would model theirs after. This was supposed to be perfect mother and father with two children. Bliss. Each kid wanted a family just to be perfect. No arguing or fighting. No abuse or forced labor. But, sadly this is not the world we live in.

Psykeh Charna was born into a family where her parents were spies. Po was set on creating children to live on his ultimate dream of become head of the organization of spies. Mei wanted her children to be rigorously taught bending till they were masters. They were insane with their methods. Each parent butted heads until a decision was made. The children got Po for 10 hours of mandatory training for being a spy and 10 mandetory hours of bending training with Mei. Which ultimately left four hours of sleep.

First Po set up strict rules for each of his daughters. First he will never treat them like a daughter, but like an apprentice. Each girl can and will receive punishment if, they are late, do not pay attention, do not give 110%, do not learn, and ultimately if they do not pass. Third, each girl can be denied food if they do not succeed in training. Fourth, if they make friends they must use their spy techniques to gain knowledge and know everything about them. Then after the 10 hours of rules the girls went to their mother who gave them the same rules. At this time the girls were only 7, but they were trained as if they were at least 20.

Years went by physical punishment. Po put a knife to Kai’s finger threatening to cut it off, but she sobbed. He stopped and took a spear off the wall, and Kai kept sobbing. Po took the butt of the spear and thrust it into the back of Kai’s head making her pass out. Po then looked at Psykeh “Never show weakness!” He roared this then ordered them both to their cells. Which Mei thought of as a great idea to teach restrain and discipline.

Instead of rooms they were in prison cells the parents made. There were narrow stairways that lead down fifty feet then to the cells. The room was filled with things that blocked chi, so you couldn’t bend. When Kai and Psykeh were down there their father followed them, sword draw. (He felt once they past through the door they were prisoners.) Once down in the cell block there was dirt floors, no windows, ventilation shaft, and chains. Each girl had to put on prison clothes. Now these clothes depended on the season in winter, Po and Mei told them no clothing. In the fall they wore light silk pants and shirts. In the spring they wore winter coats. In the summer, they were in winter hat, pants, jacket, boots, and scarf. They were miserable. Once in the cell, they are each chained by their wrists, ankles and necks to the wall. Depending on Po and Mei’s mood they would them grant them food if they felt kind. If they thought they were not working hard enough they were sent to their cell, chained, and no food.

If Kai and Psykeh were good, they were allowed to sleep outside. If their parents were really happy, they let them sleep in their room, which was five times in total. The two of them were turned into wanting to kill their parents, and they soon found this out. They were sentenced to life into their parent’s cells. Kai and Psykeh were then guarded by a full set of mercenaries. Each girl was chained, gaged, and forced to wear and metal mask, with holes for breathing and eyes. The guards were allowed to treat the two girls how they pleased. The girls were only 18 and the guards 30.

Some days the guards gave them food and water, while others they used them as practice dummies. They would take the girls, tie them to the metal post and wail on them. Psykeh and Kai were on watch 24/7, but then a breakthrough for them. One of the guards started fire bending, and the girls got hope. It was easy defeating the guards. They each trained for 8 years in bending the dark elements. So they were masters at the element.

Psykeh and Kai were leaving the house when Po attacked them. Psykeh hit him temple and he was knocked out. Kai saw Mei coming from behind and attacked her before she could kill Psykeh. Mei and Po were both knocked out and the girls were about to escape when a guard blocked the door screaming. “They planted bombs they are going to explode, run, run, run!!!” He screamed and ran out the door. Psykeh ran but Kai stayed. Kai screamed at Psykeh to run, she screamed it one more time, but Po was grabbing her by the throat and choking her. Psykeh dove into Po’s mind STOP . She screamed this and Kai slipped to the ground clutching the floor, while Po stood motionless. Kai regained her breath and bended a shadow wolf to her side, to protect her from Po. Then all hell broke loose.

A bomb was set off. Not a tiny little cherry bomb, I am talking a few pounds of C-4. The house streamed fire, and Psykeh was barely able to bend a shadow wall to protect herself. The shadowy wall held and kept the flame away. The flames stopped attacking Psykeh, but she remembered what was in that house a mere moment ago. Kai. Psykeh broke down right then and there. She slumped onto the ground and bawled. She cursed her parents and those guards except the one who knew about the bomb. Psykeh tried to go into Kai’s mind, but she was such a novice she just couldn’t do it. Psykeh assuemed she was dead along with her parents. But then fate just doesn’t help. Mei and Po walked up to Psykeh and congratulated her for surviving the bomb. Psykeh just ran, she ran and ran till there was nothing but an ocean. Earlier she heard her parents chasing her screaming, they would find and bring her home.

Still not staying in one place for more than a year, Psykeh has earned good money, mastered Dark bending and is getting close to mastering mind bending, she is planning to avenge her sister’s death.

The Flaming House
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PostSubject: Re: Psykeh Charna    Psykeh Charna  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 10:10 pm

Approved. I love her. Her history is amazing.

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