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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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Tekonwenaharake Ojitsah, Waneek of the North and South
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PostSubject: Raion Tatakau   Raion Tatakau I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 12:10 am

Name: Raion Tatakau
Age: 14
Birthplace: Western Fire Nation
Current Residence: He is currently seeking peace and quiet in the Elemental Kingdom Fire Nation District, however he is not finding it,
Element: Fire
Pets: He has a small snakelike dragon named Skalldra. He is 1 foot long and 1 centimeter wide at the exact center he has red scales, and a fin that spikes up just behind his head, with small spikes leading all the way down to the tip of his tail where a longer spike sticks out at the end of his tail filled with venom. He has no wings, and no feet, but does have small swells on his neck where hot air is contained, allowing him to float in the air, although he somehow has the ability to whip through the air like a snake. He can also blow out an unusually large amount of piping hot blue flame, that is almost always accompanied by a thick cloud of smoke.
Weapons: He carries a longbow about 5 to 6 feet long from tip to tip, with a quiver full of arrows tipped with silver arrow heads each tipped with a blue crystal edge, that is very sharp, and twin daggers with leather bound handles and intricately made blades on which are engraved his grandfathers name Kilohn, and his Grandmothers Shiloh. He usually wields these dually and is somewhat good at using them as he forged them himself.

Birthday: August 18th
Blood type: O positive.
Hobbies: He is an excellent writer, and is unmatched in his skills of story telling, he has journals full of all types of junk, along with a few entries and story ideas. He loves archery, and is almost always found shooting targets in an Archery Range. He is also incredibly interested in astronomy, and at nights is seen watching the movements of the stars, which he studies with his telescope. For another thing he is interested in cartography, and maps, and even has his own on which are copied some of his best shortcuts, and hiking trails. And last but not least, if he is not doing anything else he is testing out strange and eccentric experiments with what equipment he has.
Quirks: He is eccentric at times, and sometimes acts a little manic if you could call it that, and is very sensitive about anyone messing up his experiments unless it is for an important reason, and dislikes anyone attempting to get involved with those experiments whatsoever. Finally, he has the strange and unnatural ability to read people well by carefully examining their clothes and skin, and has gotten so good at it that he has been able to do it from a distance, strangely enough this allows him to be able to anticipate something before it happens.
Characters Theme The Police- King of Pain


Hair: He has short slightly long hair, that is usually shaggy and somewhat messy, however he knows to keep it that way because of how much of a hassle it is to try and comb it. It is a dark brown though many people mistake it for being black.
Eyes: They are almond shaped, big, and brown like his hair.
Height: 5' 9"
Clothes: He has a splotched sleeveless cotton shirt that he wears underneath everything, however it's hidden beneath a thick velveteen red vest, ( which is usually kept buttoned up), and above that a navy blue jacket with brass buttons, also buttoned up, with somewhat wrinkled sleeves. He wears black trousers that stretch down to his ankles, and Dark Red Leather Boots that are usually tied quite tight.
Skin: He has somewhat rough skin because of growing up as a blacksmith with his uncle after his father died. It is a slight tan color, probably from all of his days out in the sun.
Body Type: He is somewhat scrawny but has an about average amount of muscle in his arms, although he is not extremely buff.
Altogether he is pretty well-built.


Personality: Raion is strong-willed, determined, and never willing to give up, (something he learned from his uncle.) An excellent leader, though sometimes doubting his own abilities, and worried about making mistakes. As he is very outgoing and extroverted he makes friends fast, although this sometimes gets him into trouble with those who would not like to be acquainted with him, often however he learns how to cheer them up. He has the uncanny ability to almost always know what to say right when it needs to be said, for better or for worse.
Personal Strengths: An outgoing speaker, never has stage-fright, and is never afraid to go out and speak his mind in any situation. He is also an excellent bowman.
Personal Weaknesses: Talking incessantly to people who don't want to have anything to do with him has caused himself and others some grief, and his smart, and witty remarks which he often makes punctually get him into heaps of trouble. He also worries slightly too much about things, (an attribute he gained from his aunt) and is sometimes overconfident about himself, especially during battle, which causes his defeat at times.
Personal Hero: His grandfather, who inspired him to begin writing, and was there for him until he died.
Dreams and Ambitions: Raion has a very strong ambition to live out a life of adventures, (which he is currently doing) and settle down to write about his adventures afterwards back home.

Likes: Raion enjoys the most writing in his small journals and diaries after a hard day of work, and hiking. He also particularly enjoys playing a flute, although it is not exactly a hobby it is something he enjoys doing, He loves playing a board game now and then, and finds tranquility in a morning walk by a stream in the sunshine. But most of all he enjoys his practice in archery, which he has become incredibly efficient with.

Dislikes: War is at the top list of the things he hates, he holds a firm belief that war is what has ruined the Fire Nation, and that if more war were to corrupt his land it would send it hurtling down to it's end. He also dislikes ice, and extremely cold water, and dislikes being in the presence of Earth Benders for reasons that not even he himself can explain.

Brief History:
He was born in the countryside of the Western Fire Nation, however his father and his mother died of an unexplainable sickness, and his 14 year old elder brother Thomas was forced to take him into his care as an infant, and travel across the wilderness to the Fire Nation Capital, asking for directions along the way he became sick, but had to go on to deliver his brother to his grandparents, he rushed in to their house in the early morning coughing a spluttering helplessly, they laid his brother in bed, and on his dying breath his words were, "Take care of the child, he is your grandson." Later they learned that the brother had died of a very uncommon but deadly flu, however they did not realize who he was until they saw the birthmark on the right side of his neck. There Raion was raised by his grandparents until his Uncle Sintoh and Aunt Rachel took him as their son, for Rachel could not bare a child. He continued to grow in his uncle's care in a small town outside the Fire Nation Capital, raised by his Uncle, visited often by his grandfather, and learning to master the arts of firebending through his aunt. His Uncle was a blacksmith, and so took Raion as his apprentice, however when his uncle found he was not a natural at blacksmithing, he began to scorn him about it, until when he was twelve he forged a pair of blades out of a few of his uncles finest silver rings, which Raion smelted and hammered into sharp blades out of anger at how his uncle wanted him always to be a perfect blacksmith when all he wanted to be was a chronicler. When his uncle saw these he was in a fit of surprise, and anger all at once, because those rings had taken a month to forge, not to mention how expensive the silver was, and how they had already been auctioned on just the day before Raion had reforged them into blades, and yelled at him until his voice was hoarse, of course Raion had yelled back at him the whole time, and so Sintoh broke the blades in two with a hammer, and became so infuriated he set fire to his blacksmith burning a gaping hole through the wall and roof before he could put it out, then yelled at the boy again, beat him with a rod, and sent him home to bed with the words "GET OUT!". In his anger Raion awoke in the middle of the night jumped out the window, entered his uncles workshop, and using what was left of the blades, and gathering what metals he could he forged the blades again into somewhat sloppily made daggers, which he would improve on later, then placing them in a sack, along with some food, he began to walk away from his uncle's house, but not before sending a fireball hurtling from his hand to what was left of the blacksmith. Turning to run, he heard his uncle yell out in rage, and hearing this he began to run faster. He wandered his way to the Elemental Kingdom, after years of traveling, and has been wandering in the Kingdom Capital ever since.

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