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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Alan Danrow   Alan Danrow I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 4:38 pm

    Name: Alan Danrow
    Age: 21
    Birthplace: Ba Sing Se
    Current Residence: Ba Sing Se
    Rank: Lieutenant in the Earth Kingdom Army, in General Liu Jun's division. Alan is the best messenger that division currently has and is therefore often used to deliver important messages to other divisions. His missions are often dangerous and (in times of war) lead him through hostile territory.
    Element: none (if he could bend, it would probably be water)
    Pets: Alan owns a racehorse that he is particularly fond of, it will get an own thread.
    Weapons: Alan fights with a two finely carved, long knives that are rather short swords than knives. He had them made by the Earth Kingdom army's finest blacksmith and his brother Gorim, who is a metalbender, carved some very fine engravings into them. Alan also has a short bow which he can shoot from horseback. It is nothing special, but he is a quite good shot.


    • Castiel Beltana (Alan's father), today 58 years of age
    • 1st marriage to Nerra Hortensius, deceased:
      • Horan, today 27 years of age
      • Felim, would today be 25 years of age, deceased three years past
      • Gorim, today 22 years of age

    • 2nd marriage to Elicia Dubois, deceased
      • Broin, almost 15 years of age

    • his mistress, Ana Danrow, today 42 years of age
      • Alan Danrow, today 21 years of age

    Birthday: 16th January
    Blood type: AB+
    Hobbies: Making music - even composing new songs, spending as much time with his little halfsister Broin as possible, writing her very long letters when he can't, playing paj sho against Gorim (although he loses most of the time), long horseback rides just for fun, swordpractice, shootingpractice
    Quirks: Alan, like his brother Gorim, has a scar on his face. But Alan's scar is finer, and far smaller, only running along his left cheekbone for a few inches. Since it makes his juvenile, pretty face look less pretty and more manly, he does not mind having it.
    Character Theme: ((coming as soon as I decided on one))

    Hair: Alan, as the only one of the siblings, has straight, very dark brown hair that flows way past his shoulders. In his spare time he often wears it open, but when he is on duty, it is bound back in a low ponytail and sometimes he even wraps leather strings around that ponytail in order to keep his hair from getting caught somewhere.
    Eyes: Alan has deep, dark blue eyes that are almost womanly soft and surrrounded by beautiful, long and black lashes just like the ones his sister has. He is often made fun of by the other recruits because he looks so pretty and girls fall for him quite easily.
    Height: Alan is a smaller man than his halfbrother, only 178cm tall, which makes him less than average height. But this littleness is to his own benefit, because he weighs less and can ride faster.
    Clothes: Like his halfbrother Gorim, Alan wears the Earth Kingdom army uniform (with the badges of a lieutenant, of course). Only if he has to ride through hostile territory will he switch to civil, dark brown leather clothing that will disguise him as a messenger.
    In his spare time, however, if he is not training, Alan enjoys wearing civil clothing, preferably in different colours than the green and yellow that all soldiers of the Earth Kingdom have to wear. His favourite colour is blue. He has the clothes of an Earth Kingdom middle class man, slightly less distinguished than Gorim's, but of good quality and always carefully mended.
    Skin: Alan has surprisingly fair skin, and a soft, clear teint. He looks young and pretty as if he was a girl and many men make fun of him because of that. His hands, however, tell a different story: The one of a dedicated young swordsman and rider - rough, tough skin especially on the palms of his hands shows he is very capable of taking care as well of himself as of his horse.
    Body Type: Alan is not a skinny whimp, but among the elite troups of his unit, he might as well be. He is shorter than they are, and also less broadly shouldered and of a rather slim figure. Of course, he is quicker like most of them, using their raw strength against them in training combats. He manages well enough, but he is a better shot than close combattant and a far better rider than any of the others, many of whom are earthbenders and prefer to stick closely to their element anyway.
    Alan Danrow Angel_10

    To the outside, Alan is a not half as sincere person as his halfbrother Gorim. He seems to tend to take things likely, happy to live in the day and enjoy every moment.
    He is a very creative, and sensitive, young man who probably should not have joined the army but rather should have become an artist. But due to his friendship with Gorim, he came to the Army and became a soldier. As a messenger, Alan is mostly not fighting, but rather rushing from one point to the other swiftly, trying to be as quick and as stealthy as humanly possible. Thanks to his creativity, he is often successfull with this, even if he comes into dangerous situations. If not on messenger duty, he is often used as a scout, using the same abilities again.
    Alan is very fond of his brother Gorim and his smaller sister Broin, whom he tries to visit as often as he can. He is very upset that she had to move to the fire nation and holds it against his oldest brother, Horan, who could have taken her in.

    Although he is such a seemingly carefree person, he tends to worry quite a bit inside his pretty head, thinking things through and planning his own actions ahead more than he would admit.
    Flirting and women come easily for him, due to his great looks he gets a companion for the night as often as he wishes. But Alan is still waiting for real love to get him, he never was in love and since he never spends much time in one place, he has yet not had the possibility to slowly fall for a woman.
    Personal Strengths:
    stealth, agility, good rider, great appearance, creativity (most of all, musical), humourous, caring for weaker ones
    Personal Weaknesses:
    rather sensitive, not half as strong as the rest of the unit and can therefore be tired systematically with hard hits, shallow (for now) when it comes to love, often impatient/always on the move, talks rather too much than too little, expects stronger people to manage by themselves and is too surprised to help them if they don't
    Personal Hero: Gorim Beltana
    Dreams and Ambitions: none for now, he has some priorities, but no real plans or dreams for the future

    Likes: His friends (he has quite a few) and family, his horse, being outdoors, music, good tasty food and wine
    Dislikes: snobs that look down on him because he is a B*stard, mean people that take pleasure in hurting others, anyone who looks down on Broin, snappy comments

    Brief History:
    Alan's father is a well-known merchant from the Earth Kingdom, who not only married two times, but also had quite some mistresses. Alan therefore had three older halfbrothers, one of them died in a shipwreck some years past, the oldest is in his father's merchant business, and the youngest of those, Gorim, is his best friend.
    He also has one younger half-sister, Broin, who is the blind daughter of his father's second wife and currently moving to the fire nation with his father. Alan Danrow, unlike any of them, is the illegitimate son of his father's year-long mistress, Ana Danrow - probably the only woman Castiel Beltana ever truly loved. His mother passed on her dashing looks to her son, making it easy for him to attract others that are shallow enough to fall for just the appearance of a person.
    Alan's eldest halfbrother, Horan, joined his father's business and will take it over when his father dies one day. He has a wive and already two little children, and the family lives in Ba Sing Se, holding the family estate there and thereby also the Earth Kingdom branch of the Beltana merchant cooperation.
    Felim, the second son, died in a shipwreck a few years past, leaving his young wife behind. She has no children of him, and being a beutiful young widow in Ba Sing Se meant for her that she found consolation very easily in the arms of another man, whom the widow got married to soon after. The family has no contact to her whatsoever.
    Gorim, the third legitimate son of Castiel and Nerra, never had any ambition whatsoever to become a merchant. So, he joined the Army when he was seventeen (five years ago), taking the mistress' 16 year old son, Alan with him. He did not ask his father's opinion before he did this and for a few months, during the boys' basic training, they heard nothing from home. But eventually, they reconciled with each other, and since then, the two soldiers in the family have been visiting on all the high occasions, always welcomed guests in their father's estate.

    When he was a young lad, Alan got his sister Broin a puppy and trained it to become a guide dog - with some help, of course, but even then it became obvious that he has quite the knack for working with animals.
    Broin up to today is his favourite person in all the way, although he has a strong bond with his halfbrother Gorim, Broin always was his little favourite. He composed music just for her, taught her how to play the lute and sing, and made up a millions of stories just so that she could rejoice in them. She admires him deeply, but she has no idea just how much he loves her, too. He would die for her without a second thought, and it hurts him that she has no eyesight, although he would never tell her this. He hates people talking down to her because they regard her less of a person due to her handicap, and he treats her like he would treat any other normal girl, never making fun of her, but also not pitying her either.

    The two halfbrothers, Alan and Gorim, grew up very close and are best friends, they even got in the same division after their basic training on special request, that was granted to them. But while Gorim moved up the ladder very quickly, and is today the personal adjutant of General Liu Jun, head of the 3rd division of the Earth Kingdom Army, his brother Alan became a messenger, showing a lot of talent in the field and moving up to be promoted Lieutenant at an also very young age, due to his service as the most promising rider of the division.
    Alan had a lot of trouble in basic training and also later on in the army, since he was never born to be a soldier. He is smaller and lighter than most of the other recruits and he did at first not rejoice in fighting like they did. But he worked his way through, somehow, and became a skilled swordsman, using his opponents' strength against them and relying on stealth and agility rather than raw power.
    Other than Gorim, he is no bender, but he makes up for that with bow and arrow and his two swords, moving quicker than most on horseback.
    Alan's father presented Alan with his first horse when he heard of his illegitimate son's talent regarding animals and expecially horses. Alan is very grateful to his father for this gift.
    He got his scar on his first assignment when he was still breaking in his new horse, but was adamant to do the mission on its back, nevertheless. They came into a storm and although Alan was a good rider even back then, he got thrown off when his horse panicked, fell down a steep hillside, through some bushes, and cut himself deeply on a sharp piece of rock.

    The injury got stitched up, but due to him riding with the open wound for hours after the accident, it got infected and healed of only slowly, leaving a scar in his otherwise almost feminine pretty face.

    Today, Alan has advanced to being a Lieutenant in the third division, and one of only ten messengers on horseback. Although he is the youngest in his squadron, he is the fastest one and his officers rely on him a lot for the most dangerous and deadly missions.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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approve please!

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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