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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Broin Beltana   Broin Beltana I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 9:03 am

    Name: Broin Beltana
    Age: 14, soon to be 15
    Birthplace: Ba Sing Se
    Current Residence: On a ship towards the Fire Nation Capitol, where she will be living
    Rank: Non-Bender
    Element: if there were one, it would probably be nature
    Pets: A dog, will get its own thread
    Weapons: none


    • Castiel Beltana (Broin's father), today 58 years of age
    • 1st marriage to Nerra Hortensius, deceased:
      • Horan, today 27 years of age
      • Felim, would today be 25 years of age, deceased three years past
      • Gorim, today 22 years of age

    • 2nd marriage to Elicia Dubois, deceased
      • Broin

    • his mistress, Ana Danrow, today 42 years of age
      • Alan Danrow, today 21 years of age

    Birthday: 23rd July
    Blood type: 0+
    Hobbies: playing the lute and flute, listening to stories, being in the garden, listening to all the sounds of nature, talking and listening to people, she loves music above all things
    Quirks: Her eyes are of a milky grey colour, surrounded by very thick, dark lashes. Also she seems to have formidable hearing, and almost sense if someone is lying to her or not.
    Character Theme: Song for Roma (Brian Crain)

    Hair: She has soft, brown curls that flow down to her shoulders in steady waves. Since she is not vain, she keeps them in good shape, but does not care if they are put up in any nice manner. She actually likes them flowing down, because they can fall over her eyes or at least shadow her face from the side, making it less easy for people to realize she is blind and pity her.
    Eyes: Her eyes are big, surrounded by thick, black lashes, they would be beautiful if they were not of a milky, grey colour with small, punctuated pupilles that suggest she, unlike most people, is blind and can only perceive her surroundings by sound.
    Height: She is very small for her age, which might also be because of the lack of exercise she gets and the lack of appetite she has on base of that. She never was a big eater or sportswoman and therefore did not grow as fast as other girls her age.
    Clothes: She is most of the time wearing some comfortable clothes, preferably dresses, of light material, like silk or linnen. She does not care really about the colour, but her fostress mostly dresses her in the colours of nature - green, sometimes blue, often with some pastell colour as a contrast. In school she wears a little more stiff dresses, that flow around her slim, small figure, and again her fostress pays attention that they look nice to her foster child's hair and complexion.
    Skin: Broin has very fair skin, and almost never any injuries - just the one or other bruise on her legs if she once again stumbled against something. As if nature wanted to play a nasty trick, she is one of the few teenagers who are spared pimples or freckles - and one of the very, very few who actually can't appreciate it because she does not care.
    Body Type: She is very small for her age, slim and fragile, with a cute face, great eyes and small hands and feet. She moves carefully if she moves at all, and very slowly, as long as she does not know her way around someplace. It is obvious she would not be able to defend herself and would not be a threat to anyone.
    Broin Beltana Blind411

    Personality: To strangers, Broin seems to be a dull person, probably even a stupid one, due to her handicap, she often does not talk until she is asked a direct question and then gives very shy, short answers.
    But to anyone who actually gets to know her, she is a fountain of wit, funny, happy, and often very wise for her age. She has a great deal of imagination, and is very creative. She hates being pitied for her fate, since she has lived with it her entire life and does not miss anything. Her only regret is that she is not able to read by herself and therefore requires her nanny to read for her most of the time. Her fostress, however, does not read very lively and therefore the stories are not as great as they could be when Broin listenes to them.

    She adores her family, and is very sad if she sees too little of them. She is especially fond of her elder half-brother Alan, who is a soldier in the Earth Kingdom army and comes to visit her only so often. He is a good lute player and often teaches her new tunes or new songs, some of those he wrote by himself.
    She also likes riddles and games of the mind, since she is very bright, but she is not too fond of jokes that are cheap or even smutty.
    Personal Strengths:
    good listener, wise, clever, musical, witty, creative, imaginative, great hearing
    Personal Weaknesses:
    blind, therefore illiterate, and unable to swim or fight; often unsure in her movements, easily endangered, often not taken seriously or treated like dumb or like a silly little child
    Personal Hero: Her elder half-brother Alan
    Dreams and Ambitions: Find the perfect melody, find a friend, be treated like an adult

    Likes: music, stories, fresh air, sun on her skin, riddles, people who take her serious, any sort of fruit, the sweeter and juicier, the better

    Dislikes: bullies, any kind of jerks, people who pity her, people who treat her unfair or push her aside physically or just in a discussion because blind girl can't have an own, sane opinion, slimy food (like f.e. clams)

    Brief History:
    Broin's history is a very short one. Her father is a well-known merchant from the Earth Kingdom, who not only married two times, but also had quite some mistresses. Broin therefore has four older half-brothers, one of them is the illegitimate of her father's year-long mistress, Ana Danrow - probably the only woman Castiel Beltana ever truly loved.
    The three legitimate half-brothers are sons to her father and his first wife, who died giving birth to the youngest of them - Gorim.
    After mourning his wife for the proper time of three years, her father got married again to a young noblewoman in order to secure his connections in the nobility of the Earth Kingdom. They had but one child, three years later, and that was Broin. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father refrained from getting married a third time, although he now had four orphaned children, one of them a blind baby. His mistress moved in with the family, but due to her inaproppriate offspring Castiel Beltana never married her.

    Broin's eldest brother, Horan, joined his father's business and will take it over when his father dies one day. He has a wive and already two little children, and the family lives in Ba Sing Se, holding the family estate there and thereby also the Earth Kingdom branch of the Beltana merchant cooperation.
    Felim, the second son, died in a shipwreck a few years past, leaving his young wife behind. She has no children of him, and being a beutiful young widow in Ba Sing Se meant for her that she found consolation very easily in the arms of another man, whom the widow got married to soon after. The family has no contact to her whatsoever.
    Gorim, the third legitimate son of Castiel and Nerra, joined the Army when he was seventeen (five years ago), taking the mistress' 16 year old son, Alan with him. The two halfbrothers grew up very close and are best friends, they even got in the same unit and only come home for high occasions. Broin is extremely fond of those two brothers, especially Alan, who is a good narrator and an even better musician.
    She was raised and educated by Ana Danrow, who officially became her fostress, inofficially of course remaining the father's mistress. Soon, Ana had been integrated well enough in the family and for Broin became something very similar to a real mother. Both Ana and Castiel are very protective about "their" daughter, but Castiel has little to no time for her and although Ana tries her best, she can't be both mother and father to a handicaped foster child that just reached puberty and started to rebel against her father and her fostress.

    A year past her father decided to expand his business to the Fire Nation. Since Horan had just gotten married, having a pregnant wife and baby twins at home, Castiel decided to take his business to the Fire Nation Capitol by himself, leaving Horan the main branch of the family business.
    Broin had just gotten into a normal school after years of homeschooling with Ana, and she had just started to find friends. She hated the plans her father had developed and wanted to stay with Horan and his family in Ba Sing Se, in an environment she knew her way around in. But she was not asked, and since Horan's wife had neither time nor strength enough to take the blind halfsister of her husband in, Broin had to move with her father and Ana.

    Now they are on a ship, heading for the estate her father bought in the Fire Nation Capitol. Broin will there be sent to a normal school again, as her parents hope for her to find friends and get on with her life as normally as possible.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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PostSubject: Re: Broin Beltana   Broin Beltana I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 1:06 pm

Approved. I like her.

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