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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Toran Dorkeen   Toran Dorkeen I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 3:09 pm

    Name: Toran Dorkeen
    Age: 15
    Birthplace: The Fire Nation Capitol
    Current Residence: His father's residence in the Fire Nation Capitol
    Rank: bending apprentice
    Element: fire
    Zozan Dorkeen, his father, an important merchant of the fire nation
    Gowena Dorkeen, born Mahika. She is sister to Katsumi Mahika's father.

    Toran always hoped for siblings, but his parents are very distant, and since Toran was the male heir his father required, his parents had the perfect excuse to stop sleeping in the same bed. So Toran has no siblings, unfortunatelly, and he grew up very lonely, much like his cousin Katsumi, acutally.

    Birthday: 15th September
    Blood type: A-
    • Toran reads a lot and he enjoys playing the sungi horn, therefore when he is at school, he has a hard time trying to find his place with the cool kids, despite his bending abilities.
    • He also likes playing pai sho, which he is pretty good at.
    • A lot of his time is spent in his room, brooding over some thought or the other.
    • He actually likes some ball games, but is not so good at playing them. He is quick, but his aim is not the best and he is not as strong as most other boys his age, a fact that is bad for his self-confidence.

    Quirks: none

    Hair: Halflong brown hair, that often falls into his eyes and is most of the time a bit rumpled up, he does never seem to manage getting them tidy and straight.
    Eyes: He has warm, nutbrown eyes that curiously and briskly look at his surroundings. If he is defiant or angry, they get a bit darker towards black, but when he is happy or excited, they tend to turn almost golden, glowing alert, friendly and sometimes also a bit mischievous.
    Height: the average height of a teenage boy who is still growing, (concrete measure will follow)
    Clothes: He likes light, lose clothing (f.e. see in the picture) in the colours of the fire nation: all possible shades of red. He prefers them to be plain, but quite often he gets them with a lot of ornaments or stitchings on them, since his parents like to show off their money and their only son has to look accordingly.
    Skin: He has the usual teenage problems with pimples and since he has very light skin, he tends to get a sunburn if he is not careful. Besides that, he has the young skin of any boy his age.
    Body Type: He is rather skinny, but his bending training gave him some muscles, so that he is no complete wimp. Calling him a trained warrior, however, would be preposterous, he might even get in trouble if he fights someone his own age that is slightly more developed or grown up than he is. Also, he tends to solve problems peacefully, as long as his temper does not run wild with him.

    Toran Dorkeen Firebe10

    Character Theme: Rebell (Die Ärzte)

    songtext with translation into English Wink:

    Toran is a dreamer and a romantic, two things that can give a teenage boy a pretty hard time. He tries to stand up to bullies in school, mostly tending to use verbal arguments before physical ones. But when he is teased too gravely, he can snap and get into a real fight, that he usually loses. Nevertheless, he believes in fighting for what is right and in standing up for your beliefs.

    He enjoys art, music and history a lot and hates mathematics and anything that has to do with his father's obligations (being a merchant), that he is supposed to occupy one day. All the books and records of his father bore him to death and he would much rather go out for adventures or become a poet, a musician, or even a soldier - anything to get away from home.
    Personal Strengths: honesty, loyalty, creativity, great imaginative power, gentle heart with the urge to protect all that are weaker than himself
    Personal Weaknesses: He is a late-comer when it comes to firebending and has a lot of trouble to fuel his fire since he lacks the normal sources, like hate or anger on the one hand as well as harmony/peace of mind on the other hand.
    He is all in all a pretty troubled kid, since he has no real friends, no siblings, and, plainly, nobody whom he really talks to.
    Toran is a dreamer, and thereby naiv and easily fooled. He is not stupid, but far too trusting in the world.
    He sometimes lacks the wisdom to retreat when he cannot win in a fight, his false pride then leads him to being beaten up.
    Personal Hero:
    He has a lot of those, basically any hero of the Fire Nation could be called his hero. He has a special passion for the tales of Fire Lord Zuko though, whom he admires a lot for his struggles.
    Dreams and Ambitions:
    He wishes and dreams about doing with his life what he pleases, getting away from his twisted home and finally sensing the freedom.

    • Silence, time for himself
    • Tales of noble and honourable heroes
    • music and art, good books
    • fair people
    • he is just figuring out his interest in the opposite sex.

    • being pushed around
    • having his life planned by others
    • unfair behaviour or punishments
    • bullies at school
    • training to be a merchant

    Brief History:

    Toran, like his cousin Katsumi, grew up in a rich, but unhappy home. He had any material thing he could ask for his entire life, and a mother who loved him on top of that.
    But it seems the Mahika's are not too blessed with their spouses which they gain from arranged marriages. Katsumi's mother had a lot of affairs, and so had Toran's father, much to the pain of Toran's mum, who is neither really pretty nor exceptionally interesting on another level.
    Toran actually adores his mother, but she is a weak person, often sick or at least sickly, making up excuses why her troubled son or her strict husband are too much for her right now. Her husband felt neglected in this kind of marriage and flees into the arms of several mistresses, who change every now and then, being replaced by younger ones.
    Since he was old enough to understand that his father was cheating on his mother, Toran started to hate his old man for destroying his weak, but beloved mom. He does not see the double edged blade that is the destruction of his parent's marriage. His mother tends to use psychological warfare to gain what she wants, and she most of the time gets it. After she had given birth to Toran - an easy birth, but she hated it nevertheless - she decided that she never wanted to have a child again, and so she got her own bedroom and spend as much time separated from her husband as possible. To her defence one should add, that her husband had never really cared to make her feel cherished or adored. They have a mutual understanding to spend as little time in each other's presence as possible, most of the time even eating in separated rooms.

    Therefore, Toran never had a real family life, all he has are two people who live in the same house as he does - one of them bullying him to become something he does not care to be, and one neglecting him because of more or less real sicknesses and turning him against his father while doing so.

    On top of that, Toran is no good bender and in half of his classes a rather mediocre student. Every new bending move, even the pure basics, comes hard for him and takes him a lot of practice. Toran's father is often very disappointed with his only son, who is no good at bending or any skill that might make a good merchant out of the boy. His constant, not in the least concealed discontent with Toran strains their relationsship additionally.

    Toran struggles to break out of his unlucky home, but he has no idea whatsoever what would await him if he actually ran away from home and lived in the streets. At the moment, his frustration and the fear of leaving home are in an even balance, and so he remains where he is. But this could easily change one way or the other, depending on what happens to him.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

List of Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Toran Dorkeen   Toran Dorkeen I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 11:01 pm


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