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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Wezan Alryk   Wezan Alryk I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 7:11 pm

    Name: Wezan Alryk
    Age: 26
    Birthplace: The Fire Nation Colony of Yu Dao
    Current Residence: Fire Nation Capitol
    Rank: Bender, royal guard of the Fire Lord
    Element: Earth, Metal
    Pets: none
    Weapons: Wezan owns a huge fighting staff that is as massive and tall as he is. It is made out of black oak, and not ornated. Most of the time though, he sticks to his bending.

    Birthday: 25th February
    Blood type: O-
    Hobbies: practicing his bending, enjoying nice views, spending time with his many friends, any game that acquires the use of physical strengths
    Quirks: A mole the form of a hammer on his right thigh. Also he tends to get very tanned very quickly, when he stays out in the sun for too long.
    Theme Song: Unstoppable (E.S. Posthumus) - self-explanatory ^^, he is a force of nature

    Hair: Wezan has very short, curly brown hair that he wears ina military attire.
    Eyes: He has deep, green eyes full of warmth and compassion, exuding calmth.
    Height: 186 cm, that is pretty tall even for a man, but quite common amongst the royal guards. Here, Wezan is one among many tall guys, by far not the tallest, but definitely one of the broader built ones.
    Clothes: Most of the time, he wears the official uniform of the royal guard. But when he is off duty, he likes to wear lose, comfortable clothing that allows him to train and relax in it at the same time - dark breeches and a light shirt that mostly is a bit open at the front, and no shoes or socks. All of his clothes are of rugged material and of earthy colours like brown and green.
    Skin: Wezan tanns very likely when he gets into the sun, which he does quite often due to his work. The skin at his hands is rough, showing that he can grasp firmly if need be. His feet are horny, and often dirty, since he prefers to walk barefoot in his spare time.
    Body Type: Wezan has very broad shoulders and neck, he is basically a hulk, what can frighten some people at first sight, especially when he wears his uniform. But he is a very gentle soul and once people get to know him, they tend to be very fond of him.
    Wezan Alryk 20100920170831-8e5e6c32

    Personality: Wezan is a very calm, but determined young man. Once set in an opinion, he will keep it. If he gets an idea in his head he will pursue it until the end or until he gets stopped by force, he is very tenacious that way.
    But what his friends love about him the most is his warmth and compassion. He has always an open ear and mind and does not judge others lightly. He tends to solve problems the straight way, going right for the confrontation. But he is not the one to just rush with his head through a wall without thinking. Quietly, he thinks things through and then decides his straight course of acction and goes right for it; intrigues and very complex plans can therefore be rather confusion for him or distract him from what really matters. Wezan is not stupid, though, he just has a very simple, straight way of logic thinking and following orders.
    Wezan also has a tendency to help new recruits find their way around and he makes friends easily. His favourite people are children, whom he has a good rapport with.
    Personal Strengths:
    • Astonishingly, a very far approached Earthbender who quickly figured out metalbending, but has some weaknesses in the raw basics due to a lack of training in young years. Therefore, he trains his basics endlessly and perfectionistly, for several hours every day.
    • good rapport with children
    • calm, even in hurried situations or moments of panic
    • good listener, can take a lot of things in and knows which questions to ask
    • very loyal and trustworthy, does not even consider betraying others or giving out a secret. When his word is once given, there is probably nothing or not much that would ever force him to break that word.

    Personal Weaknesses:
    • straightforward way of thinking, can get confused if plans are too complex or messages too subtle
    • can't swim and is therefore extremely afraid of water deeper than his shoulder, almost drowned a year ago.
    • once set in an oppinion, he tends to stay that way, and won't let himself be convinced otherwise, not even by common sense.
    • lack of basic practice in his element, has spend too much time learning the advanced sets and now has to get back to the basics
    • sometimes too compassionate, can be fooled especially by people of weaker physical appearance and children.

    Personal Hero: His father, who was a simple baker first in the Colony and later on in the Capitol; his uncle whom he never met, but heard a lot of stories about.
    Dreams and Ambitions: He once wished to just become a baker like his father and live a happy, unharmed life. But then he found himself fascinated by his aunt's stories about his uncle's adventures and started to dream about becoming a soldier. His new ambition was to travel the world, stand in the front line of the fire nation army, and do good by being a strong fighter, preferably an accomplished marksman. As his bending abilities were discovered, he lost that future as well, and started focussing on his natural talent. Today, his dreams and ambitions are to get from one day to the next, and one day have enough money to found his own little shop in the Capitol or somewhere in the countryside, find a nice loving wife and have a huge bunch of kids.

    • His friends
    • children
    • strawberries
    • honourable opponents
    • a good challenge
    • any game involving physical strength

    Dislikes: (Again, about 5)
    • water!!!
    • unfair or dishonest behaviour
    • rash judgement
    • plans too complex - he gets confused and then things get too risky for his taste
    • people who harm children or weaker ones
    • people who play mean tricks on others

    Brief History:
    Wezan was born in one of the Fire Nation Colonies in the Earth Kingdom. His mother was a simple fire nation girl and his father an Earth Kingdom citizen who owned a bakery. When Wezan was five years old, the young family moved to the Fire Nation Capitol to support his mother's sister, who had just lost her husband - he had been a fire nation soldier. Wezan was very fond of his still very young aunt who helped bring up the children and he listened to her stories about her husband with great interest.
    Since Wezan was the second born, he learned how to be a baker, but it was clear that his elder brother would inherit their dad's bakery one day, so Wezan fulfilled his second childhood dream and became a soldier like his uncle had once been.
    In the Fire Nation Army, his earth bending skills were discovered. This was very surprising since no one else in his family was a bender. Since Earthbenders in the Fire Nation Army are extremely rare, he came back to the Earth Kingdom Fire Colonies in order to train his abilities there. But his talents had been missed for a very long time and so he had quite some lack in practice compared to benders his own age.

    He learned quickly how to bend Earth though and soon expanded his skills to metalbending, but in the military's haste to make a good bender out of the young recruit, his Earth bending basics had been neglected.
    After a few years of servie, Wezan had gotten quite the reputation as loyal and resourceful soldier. When he advanced to the rank of Lieutenant, he was assigned to the Fire Nation royal guard. There, he easily fit in, making lots of friends and improving his fighting skills. He even befriended his roommate, Rozan Shang, who had the reputation of being a troublemaker and a drunkard, after Shang had saved his life once when Wezan was training near a small lake and fell in by accident. Unable to swim, he had been petrified by his panic and almost drowned.
    Funnily, Rozan has a comparable fear of fire, his bending element, a fact that made the two bond even closer than the rescue might have. Today, they might be considered to be best friends, although their personalities and their backgrounds are anything but comparable.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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