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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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PostSubject: Katsumi   Katsumi I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 7:31 am

Okay before starting this I need to say something: I do not in any way wish to criticize, maim, destroy or crucially change RINNA's character that she was so very nice to hand over to me. Not at all.

All I realized was that there was no real character template for that character, all there was was the shorter version for the *mating* section of this forum.

In order to take the character over, I (more for myself than anyone else) needed to get into that character and give her some depth that I am sure was there, and maybe in a different way, but I can't really see into RINNA's head and therefore had to nail it down for myself. I based all the additions as much as I could on the RP *Heart Beat* and hope I did it in RINNA's best interest.

If any of the two of you, Kouzai or RINNA, might you read this despite your absence, are NOT okay with any of my changes, you can tell me and I will change them back. I will also mark them with two different colours:

Additions and Changes.

Also I wanted to get a new picture, just for me so that I could bond with the character better. I hope that is okay. I got several pics, actually, so Kouzai (and maybe RINNA) get to pick one they like best Wink

Everyone else: Just let me do this, it is hard enough to make up your own characters, it is not as easy as it looks to take over a foreign one and make it your own Razz I am doing the best I can and hope no one gets offended about it, it was certainly not meant in any evil or offending way!

    Name: Katsumi "Kat" Mahika
    Age: 24
    Birthplace: Fire Nation
    Current Residence: Some small village in the Fire Nation Colonies, but she normally lives in the Fire Nation Capitol. Soon: The Fire Lord's Palace.
    Rank: non-bender, upper class, but not noble family background
    Element: non, but if she could bend one, it would be nature
    Pets: she has no pets, but really loves animals, and may one day consider having a bird or even something fluffy with a lot of fur
    Weapons: none, non-fighter

    Birthday: April 7th
    Blood type: A-
    Hobbies: Kat is a really active bird watcher, and beast tamer. She has a thing about animals and enjoys to have them in her company. She likes to sing, and is a avid artist, always seeming to keep herself busy with this.
    Quirks: Kat has a very deep visible scar on her lower back. She is also overly trusting to people, which makes her a bit naive, but she is not stupid. She just is a very good person and thinks because of that, thal all the rest of the world would have the same good intentions she has.
    Theme Song: I see you (Leona Lewis), for her relationship with Owlan

    Hair: Kat has a bright crimson red color of hair. It shines with the color of the fire that benders preform with. Its long, and straight, and curled just at the ends. Certain parts she will keep braided with a black ribbon tied on the end. She spends quite some time every day tending to it, giving it a long brushing, washing it often, and loving to wear it as her most beautiful, natural ornament.
    Eyes: Kat has the biggest and brightest deep blue eyes anyone would ever see; they are rich in color, and surrounded by black, thick, long eyelashes, able to distract any man in a heartbeat and as deep and dark as the polar seas.
    Height: 5'7 (or, european: 1.73m)
    Clothes: Kat is always really classy about her apparel, usually wearing long nice dresses and gowns. She feels that her appearance needs to be always well kept, based on her upper class education and a deep sense of style. The dress she usually wears is a deep blue, that almost matches the color of her eyes. Its has white lace and lining around it, and a slit from the floor length bottom to her upper thigh. She likes to wear black flats, or even just go around barefoot.
    Skin: She has baby soft skin, that is pale, and when she gets excited about something, she blushes beautifully, even if she is made this blush makes her look rather cute than dangerous.
    Body Type: Kat isn’t muscular at all, she doesn’t have a reason to be. She isn’t a fighter, or a bender. She isnt fat though, keeping a well maintained body still. She has well developed feministic qualities. She isnt very tall, being rather dainty and graceful, but she isn't completely short.
    Katsumi Kazumi12

    Personality: Even though Kat may appear somewhat helpless in cases, she doesnt see herself that way, She is really dependant, and strong. She is determined, and strong willed. Not to mention intelligent and very wise. She hasn’t experienced very much in life, yet she always seems to know how handle a situation easily and effectively. She is extremely kind, always helping those that need it, and always smiling. People always recognize her, for her cheery additude towards the world.

    Kat isn’t one to have her status run her life. She is considered to be rather wealthy, and has a rich family, but she never let that get in the way. She didn’t judge people by what the wore, or how they acted. Sure she likes to dress appropriately, yet she isn’t afraid to confer with lower class.
    Personal Strengths: intelligence, kindness, a warm heart and an open mind, making it possible for her to be a great listener, wisdom despite her young age, very cheerful attitude, good taste, wealth
    Personal Weaknesses: neither fighter nor bender, and therefore very helpless if attacked, also very trusting in people, making her an easy target, she never learned how to swim, but is not afraid of water, making her maybe a little less cautious than she ought to be, she herself always tends to see the good in people and is a bit ignorant of their dark sides, so she could easily be hurt in an emotional as well as physical way.
    Personal Hero: She has not really a hero in that sense, as she is neither fighter nor in any way ambitious to do great deeds. However, she admires people who are able to keep peace and to maintain balance, so it would be Gandhi in our world and is most likely, if anything, the Avatar in her world
    Dreams and Ambitions: She did not have any special ambitions, but meeting Owlan, the love of her life, she will get the new dream of making a good life with him, always make him happy, ease his bad days and be the partner he deserves. He will be her whole world, her whole purpose, and if they ever have children, she will be a very good and caring mother, trying to shield them from anything bad as long as possible.

    Likes: animals, music, tea, the warmth of the sun, and the feeling of nature around her, kind generous people, and soon above all: Owlan and her new family.
    Dislikes: bullies, thieves, in general people that take advantage of others, water (she cant swim and will therefore panic if thrown into deep water, but she likes to bathe in her bathtub, when it is safe and she can't drown), too spicy food, people that lecture her or don't trust her intelligence - giving her the feeling they don't take her seriously - because of her rather pretty, cute appearance

    Brief History:

    Katsumi was born into a wealthy family, a normal wealthy family. Her father is an important merchant whose ships sail between the Fire Nation adn the Dark Nation, assuring supplies and also transmitting information between the two now linked states.
    Katsumi had everything she would ever hope for, servants, fine clothing, fresh food, she had everything one could dream about. Except a loving family. Her parents would always bicker and fight, never about finances, but mainly about her fathers drunken habits - the difficult situation with supply routes failing, ships sinking or other merchants he was in competion with as well as his unhappy family life drove him to drown all his sorrows in alcohol and since then, Katsumi is not really prepared to be tolerant about regular drinking, being very sensitive on the matter - and her mom’s nasty sexual fantasies with other men, that did not always stay fantasies, since her marriage was very unhappy, being ignored and often neglected by her husband, she seeked to find love and passion elsewhere, not really caring about her or her family's reputation.

    In the house it was even rumoured that Kat wasn't her father's natural daughter, because she had hair as red as the molten core of the earth, while her parents’ hair was of an ash black colour, dark as coal.
    This insensitive rumour killed the small girl inside, shaking her whole world upside down and leaving her without so much as a fix point. The result was, that for days and weeks she would lock herself away in her room, playing with the servants and maids, never wishing to look upon her parents again.

    One day, when Kat was ten, she fell off the back tier out from her bedroom, and landed in a rose bush. She broke her wrist, and had several sratches and scrapes, but her worst injury was a long cut, where part of the bush went through her skin. This is where she obtained her large pink scar. The sadest thing about that tragic accident was not visible to the naked eye though, as it was a scar in her soul rather than her body. Her parents up till today don't know of the event, they were told by one of the servants, but didn't pay hardly any attention to it at all, didn't even notice that their child was severly hurt.
    The servants and maids were the ones that healed and took care of the poor child. She from then on considered them as her family.

    After a couple of years, at the age of eightteen, when she was finally a grown up woman, Kat left her home. She went into the city and lived on her own, taking her dowry as a financial security with her. She finally felt free, after everything that had happened, all the stress, she was rid of it. And to her, her parents could fight all they wanted, she wouldn't look back. Kat didn't even say goodbye as she left. The only one she bid farewell was to the older servant, Omo. He had been her favorite playmate, and felt almost like a grandfather to her, the emotional replacement for her otherwise terrible family.

    Kat now lives in a fancy abode in the deeper city, she is out and about quite often, sitting under a tree, deep in thought or enojying a good reading. She has lots of things to do, to fill out her day.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

List of Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Katsumi   Katsumi I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 11:22 am

Approved, the changes are fine lol. And I'll think on a pic k?

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