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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Noctis Illumiate   Noctis Illumiate I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 1:37 pm

    Name: Noctis Illumiate
    Age: 39
    Birthplace: Dark Nation Capitol
    Current Residence: Light Kingdom Capitol
    Rank: Shadowbender, Light Kingdom Crown Princess (Wife to Luciord Illumiate and Mother of his son Lucien)
    Element: Dark
    Pets: She owns a horse she is very fond of, his Name is Jirah and he is a full-blood from the Dark Nation royal stables. (Will come in an extra pet application)
    Weapons: Noctis has an aversion for violence, she is a pacifist at heart and if it was for her, the world would be at complete peace. Here it is that her opinion and that of her husband battle in the most brutal way possible. He is great at killing people and fighting for what he believes in, whilst she is against any sort of fight and would rather he was a pure politician. Therefor she owns but one weapon, a blade her father gave her as her bridal gift, which is why she would not dare give it away. It is forged thusly, that its handle looks like beautifully manufactured iron hairpin, whilst the small, very thin blade in its sheath actually can be used that way. She wears it in her hair all the time, just like a hairpin, holding her long, carefully braided and pinned-up hair together.
    If one would look at this knife, one would see that it bears very small, almost caligrafic inscriptions on either side of the blade.
    One of them reads "erekess wer whedabra di dartak" (through the darkness of hate), the other one "wiilirk wer mitne di itov" (follow the light of love). Her father believed in the balance of all things, and in her shadow bending lessons, he told her that in all the darkness she created, there would always still be light, because darkness was just defined through the current absence of light, whilst light was defined by the current absence of darkness.

    Birthday: 9th Octobre
    Blood type: B-
    Hobbies: Horseback-riding, reading, writing, strolling through the parcs and feed the animals there, practice her shadowbending
    Quirks: Although she is pretty young, she already started getting the first wrinkles around her mouth, wrinkles that suggest she is not too happy with where she is and whom she is with.

    Hair: She has especially rich, waistlong, thick black hair that is slightly waved. She uses hot metal plates to straighten it out, and then, when it is as smooth as silk, puts it into a large and most of the time very artificial knot on the back of her head, that makes her look very sincere. It is only in her private chambers or at night that one might see it actually open, because although it is extremely beautiful hair, she won't show its full length in public, maybe afraid to risk looking too female, too soft, maybe also just because her always somehow unvariable hairdressing pisses off her mother in law, who is all for fashionable change and variation.
    Eyes: Noctis possesses extremely dark, but also cold, critical eyes with very thick, but not overly long, black lashes. Looking at her face makes one wonder if that woman has laughed in ages, but if one catches her at a private moment, when she is alone or deems herself unwatched and is doing something she particularly enjoys like reading a great book or riding horseback, those eyes suddenly glow up with all the happiness and humour of youth, as if that bitter woman had never existed. But they soon change to the way they were, most of the time, Noctis does not seem to have too much to laugh about.
    Funnily, one of the very few things and almost the only person who can make her laugh is her husband she disagrees with so often. Although they do not seem to be as deeply in love as they were at the beginning of their marriage, they seem to have a deep bonding despite all the unhappiness between them.
    Height: Noctis is a very tall woman, but still not quite as tall as her husband. At 1.78m, she stands over most women, but is still smaller than fully grown, strong fighters or just any man of normal to large stature.
    Clothes: In contrast to her mother in law, Noctis does prefer to wear plain clothing, but her dresses are also high-closed and very tight-laced, and most of the time of dark colours - except when it is an official occasion and she is bound to wear white.
    Body Type: She has more than enough female curves, having once been slim and then gained weight when she gave birth to her son. She manages to lace herself down to an actual slimness, but when she unlaces herself at night, it shows that she her statue is rather baroque.
    Noctis Illumiate Queen_10

    Personality: Noctis is a very passionate, but also very sensitive woman. She is intelligent as well, but her passions often reveil that. She tries so hard to keep everything together that it constantly slips out of her control, most of those occasions have her mother-in-law's handwriting all over them.
    She can't really relate to her son, based on his uppbringing and birth (see history), and she can't love her husband, nor does she really fit into the light nation and the royal family. But she is bound to them by marriage and has arranged herself with the situation, keeping to herself a lot and not reveiling too much of her inner movements and feelings.
    Personal Strengths: Strong character, passionate, shadowbending master, enduring to an almost inhumane limit, loyal to her family despite the lack of true love, very intelligent.
    Personal Weaknesses: Stubborn, easily enraged, very sensitive, afraid of spiders, emotionally unattached, judgment often clouded by passions.
    Personal Hero: She has no personal hero.
    Dreams and Ambitions: She lives from one day to the next, seeing her son grow up to be distant from her. Her one aim is to see him more happy than she has been her enitre life, to prevent him from making the wrong decisions and repeat her mistakes, and most of all, for him to grow up a decent man. Having so little influence on his education, however, has left her son probably a bit spoiled and idiosyncratic, with the tendency to not listen to her in the first place because his father, grandfather and grandmother won't either.

    Likes: horses, peace, open nature, good food, sleeping alone, good books, dark, rich colours that make her look elegant

    Dislikes: nights with her husband, feeling like in a golden cage, white, stiff official clothing that makes her look awfully pale and sick, her mother in law who makes her life a living hell

    Brief History:

    When she was very young, she fell in love with Prince Luciord, who was supposed to be wed to her elder cousin. He felt the same way about her, although she was nine years younger than he, and a child of only fifteen. Her father, a nobleman from a lesser sideline of a noble family from the Dark Nation, was overjoyed to see his daughter making such a fortunate match and therefore did not question her youthful lovingness. Where her husband felt real love, she was still too imature to judge her own feelings. They got wed and moved to the Light Nation Capitol.
    In her wedding night, she was shocked by the fierceness of physical love, and even if she got used to it over time, this shock had cooled off her amourousness quite a bit, making each night spend with her husband an endless agony of shame and pretending she liked him touching her.
    The childbirth only nine months later, when she was still fifteen, was a very hard one. She lay in labour for three days, and thought she would surely die, bleeding and screaming and not being able to get the stubborn child out of her womb. This near-death-experience was burned into her mind, leaving her even more afraid, and she secretly decided she could not get through this terror one more time. She found a semi-legal herbalist, who could help her out and supply her with the assurance, that Lucien would always be her only child.

    Cheating her husband that way, of course, left her full of guilt, not loving him made that feeling only worse. But his constant agreement with his mother on anything that concerned Lucien's uppbringing and education, on the other hand, made the guilt feel less grave.

    She turned bitter, not being able to relate to her son whom she had never wanted and who was constantly being dragged away from her by her mother in law and her husband, even his father, growing lonely and only getting true happiness for some hours, if she could escape the palace and go for a long horseback ride, clearing her mind again for the constant fight with Luciord's mother, who had the instinctively right notion about the marriage that was brought through without her consent and paid off so badly for all parties.

    But she does not hate her husband, nor does he hate her. They are not the happiest of couples, but they found a good way between getting out of each other's way and a loyal companionship, despite the fact they don't love each other any more, not really. Their friendship, that was being forced upon them by marriage, stands and will prevail for the rest of their lives.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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PostSubject: Re: Noctis Illumiate   Noctis Illumiate I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 3:32 pm

Approved (Sorry I didn't know the Approved message didn't send yesterday lol)

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