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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Illyria Illumiate   Illyria Illumiate I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 9:05 am

    Name: Illyria Illumiate
    Age: 68
    Birthplace: Fire Nation Capitol
    Current Residence: Light Kingdom Capitol
    Rank: Non-bender, Light Kingdom Queen (wife to Lucius Illumiate, mother of Luciord and grandmother of Lucien)
    Element: none whatsoever
    Pets: none
    Weapons: none

    Birthday: 13th May
    Blood type: A+
    Hobbies: Stitching and other sorts of needlework, painting, discussing new dresses and styles with her tailors, making her daughter-in-laws life miserable, giving grandous parties at the royal palace, listening to sort string music.
    Quirks: She looks creepily young for her old age, having the perfect upright posture and only few lines around her eyes and the corners of her mouth. Also, despite her old age, she seems to have the perfect hearing, almost like a bat - except for when she did not want to hear something, then she suddenly seems to be affected...

    Hair: Illyria takes special pride in her long, silver hair, that shows the first strands of white in it. She has it groomed very often and likes to have it set up in an elegant and often fashinsetting way.
    Eyes: She once had the most piercing, pale blue eyes, but nowadays they become more cloudy, and also with age their ice seem to melt to warmth and compassion.
    Whilst her hearing is perfect, Illyria's eyes have started to weaken. Her sight is not what it was before, and she can no longer attend to her needlework in the manner she used to when she was a young girl. Actually, she gets tired very quickly and then tends to become short-tempered when the headaches set in.
    Height: She used to be taller, but recently, she came down to 1,7m and will probably shorten with age.
    Clothes: She uses to wear stiff, tight-laced gowns of silk, satin and velvet. She often wears the colour of her country, white, but she also likes darker colours, that make her look even more distinguished. Her gowns are usually high-cut, elegant, richly ordenated, and of perfect taste as she handpicks them herself.
    Skin: Her skin, that she tended to her whole life with a great deal of care, protecting it from cold, heat, sunlight and hard winds, is still very soft, but starts to lose its tightness.
    Body Type: Her once tall and slender figure has started to shrink and despite the fact that she keeps extra care on her slim appearance, she has grown broader, still being slim and graceful for her age, but no longer being the delicate beauty she once was.

    Personality: Illyria once was one of the major beauties of her homeland, the reason why she was wed to the almost twenty years older Lucius Illumiate. She is a very cultivated, but self-centered person, who was always faithful to her husband, loyal to her kingdom, and who never got into any sort of scandal. She is not boring, however, her dry wit and the kindness of her heart, although she does not show them too often, make her a good companion, mother and grandmother.
    One of her greatest strengths, but also major flaws, is the deep love she feels for her son, a love that is more dominant in her life than anything else. She gave birth to six children, but apart from Luciord, none even made it through the first few months, with four of them being born dead. She often fears that her husband blames her for this fact, because she actually does blame herself, feeling that she somehow caused the loss of her children.
    This is why she is so overly protective about her son. She never liked the idea of him being a warrior, but she got no say in the matter. When it was time to look for a wife for him, however, it was she who took the initiative. But Luciord did not obey to her wishes, marrying a woman he fell for instead of the woman she picked for him. As his marriage got worse, she blamed this on her daughter in law, and the envy she had once felt grew into hatred. The two are the obvious mother-/daughter-in-law constellation, mistrusting each other, always sensing a trap and always intriguing against one another for good, battling over the man his mother loves too much and his wife loves too little.
    The battle got even worse when Lucien was born and suddenly, there was also a grandchild to fight over, too. While his mother tried to educate Lucien and give him borders, his grandmother gave him anything he asked her for, maybe even spoiling him a little.
    To her servants and subordinates, she is just and kind, but strict, never allowing them to cross the lines she set beforehand. She is not cruel, however, she just has her priorities and quirks, so if she orders her bath in a certain temperature or her tea at a certain time, she wants them to be delivered exactly the way she intended them to. Most of her servants have worked under her for many years now and never let her down, providing her with the luxury she expects.
    Personal Strengths: Good person memory, she never forgets a face; great hearing, she can hear and understand a whisper over creepily long distances; kindness; selfrestraint; loving mother and grandmother; dedicated wife and queen.
    Personal Weaknesses: With age, her eyesight gets worse. Also she has started to get memory-losses, not very grave ones for now, but they seem to happen more often the older she gets. She hates her daughter in law and would do anything to make that woman miserable.
    Dreams and Ambitions: She has the ambition to be the perfect wife to her husband and provide him with everything he needs in his old age, lifting as much responsibility from his shoulders as possible. She also is a dedicated mother and grandmother, and wishes to see her nation florish in peace.

    Likes: Order, Luxury, parties, cats, her (blood-related) family, to be in control

    Dislikes: her daughter in law, anything that has to do with her; not feeling in control, losing face, being commanded around - she is certainly not used to that! - or openly disagreed with, dogs (she is afraid of them)

    Brief History:
    Illyria was born and raised in the fire nation, she was one of many daughters of General Shang, who was a head advisor for the Fire Lord back then. The Shangs had always been a very influential, wealthy famliy, but being married to a king was a very high honour nevertheless and only explainable in the fact that both her father was that influential and her beauty, that probably catched the eye of the Light King.

    She is Rozan's and Railja's grand aunt, but she and her siblings were never close, so she has no contact whatsoever to her brother's grandchildren. Also, the clan has grown rather large, and she has not had contact to any of them for years now.

    She was married to Lucius in an arranged marriage at the age of 16, he was 35 and thereby more than double her age. When she was 18, she had her first miscarriage, two years later she gave birth to her son Luciord. Four more miscarriages and early died children later, her husband and she lost interest in trying, as she had also gotten too old to have children without risk.

    Her failure as a bearer of children was a hard thing for her to accept. She had really and honestly tried to give her husband what he needed, an heir and as many siblings for that heir as possible.

    That way she became very obsessive about their only child, but also very proud of him.

    She has been a good queen for the nation for several years now, and her lifelong experience in the job as well as her good education serve her even today when she has to deal with delicate affairs or just the everyday life at the palace. She is a very just person and under her severe outward appearances a kind and loving, and also very sensitive, woman.

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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PostSubject: Re: Illyria Illumiate   Illyria Illumiate I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 6:39 pm


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