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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Rozan Shang    Rozan Shang  I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 5:52 am

    Name: Rozan Shang
    Age: 24
    Birthplace: South Pole, during a visit at his grandparent's house
    Current Residence: Fire Nation Capital
    Rank: Bender, Fire Nation Nobility, Fire Lord's personal guard
    Zorzan Shang, General, firebending master, Fire Nation nobleman and member of the Fire Lord's personal guards (now deceased)
    Eleynja Shang, born in the Southern Water Tribe as daughter of a nobleman, waterbending master (today 51 years old)
    Terzan, firebender and Fire Nation nobleman (today 35 years old)
    Katena, married to a Fire Nation nobleman (today 33 years old)
    Goralia, firebender, married to an Earth Kingdom nobleman (today 31 years old)
    Nuran, waterbender (today 30 years old)
    Verrail, firebender (today 28 years old)
    Railja, waterbending apprentice (today 18 years old)

    Element: Firebender, almost a master
    Had a dog, who a few weeks ago passed away of old age. Is currently thinking about getting a new puppy, if his duty allows him to spend as much time on a pet as he wishes to.
    Doubleswords, very expensive weapons that his mother presented him with, so they are from the southern water tribe. There are no gems or gold inlayed in the blades or the hilts, actually, sheathed (in one sheath) the weapons look just like any other sword, apart from the sheath of quite expensive, but also unordinated leather. But drawn, they show the finest silver inlay on the blades, grained lines and circles that are woven to the most amazing tribal patterns. His mother bended the fluent silver into the hot steel to make those patterns, her being a fully grown water bending master. The sword's names are ice and snow, in honour of his mother's culture(also see: History)

    A dagger, very expensive piece with a huge red gem at the top of the hilt and golden inlays, far too tacky for his personal taste, but he inherited it from his father and therefore cherises it. He only wears it to high occasions
    though, that need him to be there in full ordenate.

    A small knife, very plain, but high quality steel, that his little sister gave him. It bears no ordenate whatsoever, just the way he himself prefers it, therefore making it possible to carry this knife with him at all times and still pass for a peasant if he wishes.

    Birthday: 15th November
    Blood type: AB-
    Training of sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat (formerly) playing with his dog, training animals, getting drunk in the local tavern and lay some girl he won't remember the name of the next day, having endless not-conversations with his closest friends (sitting next to each other in complete quiet, everyone rattling about their current problem if they want to, the others answering that with complete nonrelated other problems -> usually all coming to their own conclusions doing so and then returning to silence), brawling in a tavern if no pretty girl is
    around and he is in one of his bad moods, making fun of new recruits, going to a long and also silent swim
    A massive burning scar that reaches over half his back and his right upper arm, creeping over his right hip in the front, making his skin look awful and destroyed, it seems a wonder he did not die or lose his limbs in that accident.
    Theme Song: Welcome to my life (Sunrise Avenue), most of all when it comes to his relationship with Railja

    Military short, black hair and some stubbles that show that he either does not care for people's opinion or is just too lazy to shave every three days, on high occasions no beard, if he had a week holiday a light, black beard because he did not shave whatsoever.
    Almond-shaped, small eyes, with dense, but short black lashes. The most appealing thing about his eyes is that they both are the colour of amber, with a neverdying fire in it - burning, discomfortingly straightforward eyes that are able to show all his passions, glow with hatred, shine with
    lust, melt in the process of flirting.
    He is a very tall young man, 1.95m, probably towering over most other people, especially as he has a military posture, keeping his back straight and his head up.
    In training and also on duty, he of course is usually seen with the typical crimson-and-gold attire of a Fire Lord's personal guard. But when he is off duty, he can be seen in
    more or less expensive clothes of wool (or linen in summer) and leather.
    If he would go to visit his family, he would also attire some elegant, ornated clothing, while everytime he goes out to brawl with some friends in a tavern he of course would not seem to be different from any peasant, wearing rough clothes that sometimes aren't even mended properly and still show the results of the last fight he was in.
    Body Type:
    He is a strong, but not too heavy, tall man. While he is well aware of his body strength, he managed to combine it with quite some agility and quick reactions.
    His moves have a certain self-centerness to them, he seems to be very self-confident and easygoing, but also a lady's man - all of which shows in his body.
    Rozan Shang  20100923140540-719c9395

    Rozan is a very passionate young man, but he is also very troubled, something he tries to cover up by being a complete jerk. He has a petrifying fear of fire, resulting in the stupid agni kai he witnessed and was injured in by accident when he was 14 years old and which left his body scared for life. His mother, a master water bender, used her healing powers to safe his life, and if she had not been there, he would be dead by now.
    But thanks to her help, he has no disabilites resulting from that accident, just the major scar to always remind him of the danger of fire. Before his accident, he was a strong and fierce young boy, eager to tread in his father's and brothers' footsteps and become some high rank in the military, but after the agni kai, that his brother lost, Rozan somehow lost that interest, being too scared of his own bending to ever want to bend again. Of course, when he is raged to the brink of selfdestruction, he will firebend and show that his skills are actually really good ones and that with fourteen, he was already on the brink of becoming a master of his element - maybe on of the reasons why his
    paralyzing fear of himself is so selfdestructive.

    This fear of bending, the fear of who he really is, is the source of his obsession with his swords, that his mother gave to him after his recovery in order to give him a way to express himself without bending and maybe even in an attempt to heal his soul, that had suffered even more than his skin had. It also is the reason for him to get in this much trouble and his constant wish to prove himself,no matter in what fight. He needs to fight, in order to get all the stowed up energy out of his body, that is only in there because he refuses to bend.

    His brother Verrail fought the agni kai in order to win a woman, who then chose his brother's opponent over him. Rozan that day did not only see his brother lose a fight on life and death and thereby a piece of his honour, he also saw him lose the love of his life. This incident shaped his picture of women, whom he sees as objects rather than people, and whom (besides his sisters and mother) he would never truly trust. He has the opinion that women are as changeable as an airbender, and he is completely focused on never falling in love or having a serious relationsship, because he fails to see the benefits of such a relationship. He takes his women for one night, and then even forgets their faces, let alone their names.

    Personal Strengths:
    Strong fire bender, good swordsman and close-combat-fighter, loyal to his fire lord and country, intelligent and despite his jerkish attitude a kind person if you know him (which only his friends and family really do because he refuses to let anyone else in).
    Personal Weaknesses:
    paralizing fear of fire and his own bending, resulting of which an overdose of energy that has to go somewhere, lack of respect towards females, being a jerk so fiercely that it sometimes takes over, a bit self-centred from time to time, gets in trouble all the time because of tavern brawls, unforgiving after acts of disloyalty or dishonour.
    Personal Hero
    His father, General Zorzan Shang (now deceased), who was head of the Fire Lord's personal guard and also fire nation nobility
    Dreams and Ambitions:
    Actually, Rozan is to fixed on getting from one day to the other and on enjoying himself as much as possible to have any real aims. Of course, he is dedicated to his work at the royal palace, and thinks about getting a new dog since his old one deceased, but up to now, he has no real aims or goals. ((OOC: I as a player, however, wish to develop him into someone who dares to dream again and who will actually have a deep sense of purpose. I think it will be an interesting journey)).

    A good fight, good food (MEAT!!!), dogs and other animals - especially rough-tough buddy-kind of animals; his family and friends, his blades, a long swim with extralong diving because the coolness of water gets rid of the burning sensation he still has on his skin when he has a nightmare and wakes up, bathed in his own sweat, afraid that he might come in contact with fire again

    FIRE, females - especially the ones who say they want a dedicated relationship, fire bending training - he most of the time manages to skip that, dishonesty and disloyalty which he is never able to forgive, making it so hard for him to find a relationship.

    Brief History:
    Rozan grew up in a loving and very big family. He has three elder brothers, two elder sister and one baby sister, who is his personal favourite concerning his siblings. His father was a General and commander of the Fire Lord's personal guard, but he was also a Fire nation noble. His mother was the daughter of a southern water tribe noble, and both his parents were great benders, having been taught by the best. Resulting in this, the benders in his family are very gifted, making it easy for them to learn, but they are also troubled with the strange combination of water and fire in their bloodlines. The oldest sister, Katena, is a non-bender, and was married off young to a fire nation noble, whereas the firebending Goralia was married off to an earth kingdom noble, both of them forming important political connections for the family.

    Growing up with six siblings made him much of a team player, and as their parents lacked neither will nor money, the benders among the children were trained with special care in order to one day become masters. When Rozan was fourteen, his brother Verrail, being four years his elder, was in deep love to a girl of noble heritage from the earth kingdom. But he was not her only suitor, a fire bending master and nobleman was Verrails rival and the two of them agreed on an agni kai in order to solve the matter. Their whole families witnessed, Verrails parents were furious that he had beeen foolish enough to take on a master, being not yet fully a master himself, but it was too late to stop the agni kai and save Verrails honour.
    Verrail lost the fight but was left alive to shame him even further. The duel had taken quite some time and had been very ferocious since Verrail was a good bender himself and not about to give up so easily, and when a bolt of fire was distracted by the opponents, it went of in the crowd, hitting young Rozan and maiming him for life. Rozans mother used all her healing abilities in order to restore his health, and besides the big scar that was left over, she managed to get him recovered.

    From this day onward, Rozan had both a constant fear of fire and the pain it could cause, and the strong belief that you can't trust the love of a woman, since she will go off eventually with the fitter or more able man, regardless of the feelings of the lesser rival.

    After this accident, the dream of Rozan and his parents of him becoming part of the Fire Nation Army seemed to be destroyed. But Rozan's mother, a wise woman, gave her son two swords, and he started practicing anew, training and training until he was almost able to take on a bender without him using his bending abilities. With this and quite some influence of his highborn father, Rozan came into the Fire Lord's personal guard, which you usually are not expelled from if you are once in it.

    But he was a troublesome young man, always looking for a new confrontation, always on the move, and therefore gets in a lot of trouble, that is only dessolved because he has highly influential relatives - formerly his father, and now, after his father was deceased, his elder brother Terzan, who inherited their father's title.

I hope I made up enough weaknesses in order to make good for his many good sides - wealth, power, good looking, strong bender AND fighter, and even in a good position. If not, I am open to discussions on the matter ^^))

Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest.

Zexenuma j'nah, vaex bekiw, waph vis.

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