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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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PostSubject: Lahija Zekarion   Lahija Zekarion I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 11:31 am

    Name: Lahija Zekarion
    Age: 23 years
    Birthplace: Fire Nation Capital
    Current Residence: After training in the military, she has just returned to her home city, the Fire Nation Capital, for her father's burial
    Rank: Bender
    Element: Fire. Not being a protegee though, she has found it necessary to develop some skill with a bow and sword as well as her mediocre fire bending.
    Pets: Lahija does yet not own a pet.
    Weapons: She owns a slightly curved broadsword, that was her elder brother's before it became hers. Her father gave it to her brother when he joined the army, it is a light, swift weapon with a fine inscription on the crossbar: "Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest." - Her family's motto.

    Her second weapon is a small bow, carved from a stoneoaktree. It has nothing special about it, but it is clean, with a fine string, and has obviously been taken good care of.

    Her last weapon is a dagger on her belt, a sharp, fine blade she got when she entered the army. She is particularly fond of it, but does not use it too often, only in cases when her broadsword would just be too large.

    Birthday: Lahija was born seven days before the autumn equinox - on the 16th september 683 (or 684, I am not quite sure if you are already past 16th september in your current plot or still before that).
    Blood type: AB-
    Hobbies: reading (which she is made fun of by the other recruts eventually), climbing, carving wood, juggling (which her father told her and her twin brother when they were both seven years old, just for fun, she still does it some times but is not exceptionally good at it), swimming (strangely, as water is the opposite of her natural element, but she enjoys it very much).
    Quirks: Lahija has a strange way of smiling more on the right side than on the left, something she herself does not notice, and which is only eye-catching when she smiles broadly or even grins. Appart from that, she has the strange hobby of swimming - strange for a fire nation girl - but she says it calms her down and sooths her. She was a very funny, easygoing girl, but after the death of her twin brother when training in the Fire Nation Army, she lost that happiness and became more adult and brooding. She also tends to listen to people rather than giving long speaches, sometimes her commanders have to remind her to give an answer that is more than a short nod or a shrug. She is not disrespectful, though, in fact she proved to be the perfect obedient soldier, discretee, effective, and above all, loyal.
    Theme Song:A river flows in you (Yiruma); Lahija the woman
    One of us (Heather Dale); Lahija the soldier

    Hair: Her short, black hair almost reaches her shoulder at the back, while shorter, wild strands fall into her eyes front. When she wears a helmet, it is not visible, but when she puts the helmet off, the hair falls out and frames her thin, pale, earnest face like a second helmet of black silk.
    Eyes: Her eyes are almond shaped, with great expression, probably the most beautiful thing about her. Deep grey, they are framed by very dark, long eyelashes, so expressfull that they could make anyone melt. However, Lahija does not seem to have noticed that power yet, most of the time the eyes stay focused on what they are supposed to do - her job in the army.
    Height: At 1,67m, she is neither exceptionally tall nor exceptionally small. What she lacks in height, she makes up in agility.
    Clothes: Lahija wears the armor of the Fire Nation army, most of the time, but when she is in civil clothing, she might wear soft leather pants and a blue-and-green tunic, made of smooth silk and cotton, or even a simple dress made of dark blue cloth, darkening her grey eyes to dark, stormy seas.
    Skin: As a normal young woman, she has smooth, very pale skin, what is maybe a little odd since she spends so much time outdoors. Under her skin one can make out the fine curved muscles of a trained young recrute.
    Body Type: Lahija is a dainty, agile young woman of normal height. When she moves, anybody who knows of these things can tell that she knows how to take care of herself, but she does not make the impression of a bully, being more of a dancer than of a weight lifter.
    Lahija Zekarion 20100920171645-0913f981

    Personality: Lahija is a strong character, but a very silent one. She tends to brood rather than brawl, and to read rather than chat. But her friends would tell about her kindness as well, about that when she finally opens her mouth, her thoughts are expressed well funded and stable. She is not likely to form an opinion on a first impression, she might rather wait to long with that. Losing her respect once, on the other hand, might mean losing it for a very long time, maybe even forever.
    Her parents and the friends from her childhood can tell she was not always like this. She used to be a very funny, eager child that got into trouble far too often, always goofind around with her twin brother. But when Lee left to train in the Fire Nation Army and got killed in a training accident, Lahija changed completely. She became a different, darker person, fixed on replacing her brother and taking over his duties, fixed on making their parents proud as they could no longer be of Lee. This is a lot of pressure she put on herself, but she carries it with honour and courage - maybe two of her main attributes. Her family motto is "Stand fierce, bow deep, live honest" and Lahija seems to be the incarnation of that motto. Any sort of betrayal would be intolerable in her eyes, maybe this is one of her major strengths and her greatest flaw at the same time.
    Personal Strengths: Couragious, strong, intelligent, honourable, kind
    Personal Weaknesses: Unforgiving, demanding too much of herself, brooding, slightly depressed when reminded of Lee.
    Personal Hero: ((Might put in someone in the future, not decided yet. Want to link it to the world you guys already created - but someone honourable, strong, dedicated, who gave his life in service for the Fire Nation or at least gave it a great deal of dedication)
    Dreams and Ambitions: Become part of the Fire Lord's personal guard ((please tell me that exists Very Happy))

    Likes: Her family and friends, a good book, a decent wall to climb up, a smooth, long swim, to take on responsibility and fullfill a task with honour

    Dislikes: betrayal, prejudices, weak people, untidyness in her room (neat freak), the smell of smoking and unwashed clothes

    Brief History:
    Lahija was born in the Fire Nation Capital as daughter of the soldier and fire bender Errez and his wife Lohaja Zekarion. She had a twin brother, but no other siblings, so their parents were very protective about them. Soon it showed that her twin brother Lee was going to be a soldier when he grew up, he was a fire bending protegee and the source of all her parents pride. For Lahija, there was no such plan, her parents basically left her to do what she wanted to do - be it marriage or training, or even a combination of both. The result was that she spend as much time with her twin as possible, even if she did not have the same talent as he did. She had to achieve anything he got with a turn of hand by long, hard training, but his example put her to expect very much of herself.
    Then Lee entered the Fire Nation Army and got killed in a tragic training accident. Lahija first could not believe the news, then she would not, her world had broken to pieces. Her parents for some time were afraid she would lose her mind, and she was damn close to do so. But instead, she found her inner strength, and started to take her brother's place in order to make the loss lighter on her parents... regardless on the fact if such a path would make the loss lighter on herself. So she developed into a dark, brooding person with quite some potential and endurance and slowly started to work her way up in the chain of command, joining the forces of the Fire Nation Army. Her greatest wish is to bring honour to her brother's memory and thereby also to her family.

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PostSubject: Re: Lahija Zekarion   Lahija Zekarion I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 6:30 pm


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